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  1. Do you know which links makes the Xbox detect an HD cable? Someone said to desolder pin 17 ? I have a 1.6A Xbox running a Super Aladdin Live modchip, so I could switch to NTSC, it would still play my PAL disks being modded right ?
  2. Hi there, I've made one of these cables and it displays the image and sound, but when I check the Microsoft dashboard it's not detecting it's now a component cable, so I don't have the options to turn on 480p, 720p or 1080i video outputs How do I trick/tell the xbox it's a component cable now? Cheers
  3. Hi there, Noob that just join this community for some solid advice/direction for my upgrade, I have a working 1.6A xbox with a Super Aladdin Live modchip running XBMC on a 80 Gb IDE HDD My aim is to upgrade the HDD to a 500 Gb Sata HDD (I know I could go bigger) and also upgrade to Rocky 5 instead.... I currently have: - The 80 wire/40 pin IDE cable (ATA 100/133) - IDE to Sata converter - 500Gb Sata HDD What are my options? Do I have to hot swap the HDD with the disk drive with a program running on the xbox ? Thanks in advance for any help or links for guides/programs to help me !!

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