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  1. There isn't a lot of information about your install. Did you use the prebuilt xbmc4gamers from the GitHub or did you build it yourself with the batch tools? Also did you have an old version of xbmc4gamers and merge the new into the old one? Did you merge this into xbmc4xbox? Is it just a folder on E called xbmc4gamers?. The reason I ask all this is I am very sure it's a problem with something you did while installing as this is all tested a lot.
  2. If there is no issues on xbmc or playing games it's not an issue with the cable I'd say. Do some more testing on xbmc, maybe play some different music for example and see can it be recreated. Also maybe try a different UX build in case there is something weird with that one. You'll get the latest build off Rocky5's GitHub if you dig into his softmodding tools extras disc files and look for dashboards. He has patched this version for an FTP issue so you're as well use this anyway. Or just use Xbmc4gamers and ditch the old UX
  3. No problem, best value thing you can do for your Xbox. What you get for the money and some of your time is excellent.
  4. Yes, Googlei is your friend. It's on Rocky5s GitHub. It's come a long way since you were looking at it I think. Download the prebuilt. Do not build yourself. https://github.com/Rocky5/XBMC4Gamers/blob/master/README.md Here's some instructions. (This is also valid for xbmc-emustation) So to set it all up FTP the pre built xbmc4gamers folder to the root of E. Don't build it yourself, that's only really for expert users that want to change source and recompile. Have all your xbox games in F/Games and/or G/Games. That's where the artwork install script looks for games. Press the black button and go to settings and downloader, you might need to update the downloader under the update tab. Run the cache formatter from the downloader first (good practice). Download the artwork installer. You'll need 500mb free on E for it to download and extract. Go to skin settings and run the artwork installer script. Let it overwrite existing artwork when asked. The first time the dash boots it could take about 5 minutes or more to scan your games in, this only happens the first time. It's not frozen so just leave it. If you want to make it your default dash (Hard mod/TSOP): Use John Conns dashloader. Take this default.xbe and name it evoxdash.xbe and replace your existing evoxdash.xbe on the root of C. I suggest naming your existing to something else to back it up just in case and then delete after you get xbmc4gamers to boot. https://github.com/Rocky5/Xbox-Softmodding-Tool/raw/master/C Partition/nkpatcher/dashloader/default.xbe Bear in mind that any game with the same default.xbe will get the same artwork. So go through your games and make sure they are all good. This happens with some games that are usually special editions and people just dump a load of games from a big download on. Need for speed underground and underground black edition, midnight club dub edition and dub edition remix are two examples. These are the same game so you would not need both anyway but they would take the same art. You can manually fix any of these by navigating to xbmc4gamers/system/ scripts/Xbox artwork installer via file explorer on the left side and on the right side of file explorer navigate to the game with incorrect artwork and copy the right one over. All artwork is downloaded to that path. Also check out the artwork link on the he GitHub. It has emulator artwork and some special edition Xbox game covers. Steel books etc. Jade empire alt cover is nice.
  5. You'll be happy you did the cable so. Just remember you need to switch the console to NTSC. And enable 480p and 720p from the MS Dash.
  6. The difference is literally the reason I made the tutorial. Would be no point if there was no difference. Chinese cables have zero shielding and thin cross sectional area. Generally cheap shit. With this cable you will get the max picture quality possible. If you consider HDMI options available these are all just component convertors so at best will be the same as this but they won't really. Component is the best you'll get. I'm in PAL land and we can't get cheap component cables here as we never had HD resolutions so we never had the cables, that's the main reason this makes big sense over here. In the states you might pick up official HD packs in thrift stores etc. In PAL land we need to switch our Xboxs to NTSC and enable the HD settings in the MS Dash. You can use a cheap Chinese cable connector but it is just that, cheap. So up to you, my advice is to use an official AV connector and then you have a fully Microsoft cable.
  7. Do you have a PAL Xbox,? If so you need to switch to NTSC with enigmah switcher and enable the he HD resolutions from the MS dash first.
  8. Yeah people don't know it is here a lot of times as it was posted in another section and is now buried. Hopefully it's of use to you.
  9. If you want a full set of artwork with many views all consistent you can use the xbmc4gamers / xbmc-emustation. Or just use one of those dashboards and use the artwork installer. There are new wide banners created that are the spine view of the game covers. This is complete for every released game. The first and only complete set. You can grab the manual artwork download from Rocky5's GitHub. If you decide to use one of the dashboards instead then there is an artwork downloader and installer for you to use. We named the folders as per the arcade punks set for the manual download for easy merging. https://github.com/Rocky5/XBMC4Gamers/blob/master/README.md
  10. Wondering if perhaps my DIY 360 component cable tutorial should be moved to the official tutorial section as it has more views than all of the official tutorials combined. I posted it in the hardware mods section originally.
  11. Yeah Psykos took the synopsis and put it in that synopsis pack. That's obsolete now. Loke way obsolete, I had loads of mistakes in that version and the latest version is correct, it has had a few versions since this was posted but it lives with the artwork on the Rocky5 GitHub now The synopsis text posted here was created before the new 1072 pack with the built in artwork installer was created. I need to maybe update the synopsis here so that it's the latest. Ignore anything you see about resources packs elsewhere and just use the pack on Rocky5's GitHub, preferable get it through the xbmc4gamers and xbmc-emustation artwork download on the downloader in settings. So in a nutshell ignore all that other stuff and get the pack from the built in downloader or from the xbmc4gamers GitHub. Downloader is the easiest.
  12. You should have no issues once you take your time. What you will end up with is a fully Microsoft cable for less than ten dollars. Best of luck with it. Let us know how you get on.
  13. I advise to just use the Xbox oem av cable. Even the pin connector will be better quality. It's not like you are going to ever use it again once you make the component. Defeats the purpose to me to not to use the OEM. I literally throw them out.
  14. I have had no issues with hum on the audio with component. If you really want to do optical audio get the part number off the toslink module in the 360 cable and Google for the data sheet. Also Google 'original Xbox toslink' and you will get info. There's a forum post on xbmc4xbox with some info. I would advise to look into adding a toslink' port to the Xbox itself, any way of adding it to the cable is just not going to look clean. Best thing to do is just follow the tutorial and make a quality component cable instead of jumping in too deep straight out of the gate. If you feel you still need toslink' look into it after. Also read the entire tutorial first, there's some notes at the bottom worth knowing first.

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