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  1. FTP off the xbmc.log and old xbmc.log when the script fails and you will see at the end the reason why. Or else it is the updater log. There should be a folder in UDATA also that has the logs. It's called 'Rocky5 needs these logs or something like that' Can you check these logs and add specifics like what version you are on and how you are updating. If you are using the downloader or if you are using the extras disc and what version of the xtras disc
  2. Use the patched Ind bios from the extras disc. Then the Dashloader customiser application has a toggle to unmount the iso on in game reset.
  3. We are in the process of remaking all of the videos and screenshots and they will be available in the future, at the moment no but if you find some older already available ones and you can add them to your resources folder if you like and then they will be available for playback on the synopsis menu. The new videos will still take a little more time
  4. Cheers, great diagram. Should clear up some confusion. I also have to add details here from Tony Kuberka regarding sound options, toslink etc. I will try do that soon. I'll add into the tutorial and might just add that diagram in there too at that stage
  5. The website freaked out there and started quoting things that are nothing to do with this also and I can't delete the quotes so ignore that
  6. Your games should be in F/Games and G/Games. So F/Games/Halo/default.xbe. So don't put nested folders into the Games folder if that's what you have done? So in the games folder I am assuming you put another folder called R-Z for example?
  7. You won't need to pay someone for this but always nice to donate to Rocky5, the xbmc4gamers creator on his GitHub. Don't worry anyway, it is very fixable. First at the bottom of the screen does it have a button prompt to log out. Essentially when you make a new profile you are in a 'manage profiles' profile and you have to log out of it and back in to your new one you created. If this works go to skin settings and enable auto login so this doesn't happen again. You can actually take xbmc4gamers out of edit mode so your kid can't mess anything, the person who sold you the Xbox should be ab
  8. You need to update to the test build on the Downloader menu. The 'stable' is no longer supported and the test will be the only version soon when Rocky5 gets time to finish up some things. Search the Ogxbox Facebook group for the xbmc4gamers guide pdf
  9. The Xbox artwork installer is just that, Xbox. It doesn't install anything else due to the nature of the way it is coded by John. It looks in your game folders for default.xbe files and looks inside the xbe for the unique titleid numbers (which are the numbers your games saves are I'm UDATA). So apps do not have consistent titleids and many would have all zero's so the installer can't. For Emulators you can manually put the artwork on from GitHub. John may add these to the installer Application so you can use the manual install but not sure if he plans to do that or not. Unfortunately nobody h
  10. I am glad you are happy. Component is what the Xbox gives out, Wii2hdmi are essentially component adapters so at best would be the same. The 360 cable quality is really nice, the individual and overall shielding is really nice.
  11. It's infinitely better than a cheap Chinese cable (as outlined at the start of the tutorial) and is just as good as an official OEM cable. It is a fully Microsoft cable once you follow the guide and use an official 360 component cable that will be individually and overall shielded. No question about quality on this one.
  12. Hi, yes there is if course an option. Please translate the excel spreadsheet though and not the individual files. It would be a lot easier. However, Rocky5 tends to incorporate things that are complete and this is a huge task so I wish you luck with it. Other languages would be a nice addition as an option. Here is where you'll find the synopsis excel spreadsheet. https://github.com/jazzycian/XBMC4Gamers-Synopsis-Information
  13. Hi, I have been talking to Rocky5 just now about this when I saw the email notification. So basically your guisettings.xml is corrupt due to you either turning off the console as it was writing to the file or you starting a game as it was writing to the file. You should be able to FTP in from there. If not grab your favourite disk that will allow FTP, his extras disk for example. Remove the guisettings.xml and it will be replaced. Or overwrite it with the guisettings.xml from the prebuilt xbmc4gamers on his GitHub. Or hold Y+White when booting to force recovery mode. All the best
  14. There is now 37 homebrew games on the downloader with full artwork, videos and synopsis. We can look at the MS DOS and Commodore 32 CD perhaps

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