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  1. The Xbox artwork installer is just that, Xbox. It doesn't install anything else due to the nature of the way it is coded by John. It looks in your game folders for default.xbe files and looks inside the xbe for the unique titleid numbers (which are the numbers your games saves are I'm UDATA). So apps do not have consistent titleids and many would have all zero's so the installer can't. For Emulators you can manually put the artwork on from GitHub. John may add these to the installer Application so you can use the manual install but not sure if he plans to do that or not. Unfortunately nobody has made application artwork really but if someone makes some good ones I am sure John can add them. At the very least they would need to provide a front and back scan image. Or you can use his artwork tools which you'll find on his YouTube.
  2. I am glad you are happy. Component is what the Xbox gives out, Wii2hdmi are essentially component adapters so at best would be the same. The 360 cable quality is really nice, the individual and overall shielding is really nice.
  3. It's infinitely better than a cheap Chinese cable (as outlined at the start of the tutorial) and is just as good as an official OEM cable. It is a fully Microsoft cable once you follow the guide and use an official 360 component cable that will be individually and overall shielded. No question about quality on this one.
  4. Hi, yes there is if course an option. Please translate the excel spreadsheet though and not the individual files. It would be a lot easier. However, Rocky5 tends to incorporate things that are complete and this is a huge task so I wish you luck with it. Other languages would be a nice addition as an option. Here is where you'll find the synopsis excel spreadsheet. https://github.com/jazzycian/XBMC4Gamers-Synopsis-Information
  5. Hi, I have been talking to Rocky5 just now about this when I saw the email notification. So basically your guisettings.xml is corrupt due to you either turning off the console as it was writing to the file or you starting a game as it was writing to the file. You should be able to FTP in from there. If not grab your favourite disk that will allow FTP, his extras disk for example. Remove the guisettings.xml and it will be replaced. Or overwrite it with the guisettings.xml from the prebuilt xbmc4gamers on his GitHub. Or hold Y+White when booting to force recovery mode. All the best
  6. There is now 37 homebrew games on the downloader with full artwork, videos and synopsis. We can look at the MS DOS and Commodore 32 CD perhaps
  7. You don't ever enable 1080i with xbmc4gamers. The dash is extremely finely balanced by Rocky5 between the artwork eating ram and the performance. He tweaked the xbmc source to release ram efficiently. 1080i is a huge ram hog for allowing you to play about 5 games in 1080i. The matrix, a baseball game, a few motocross games and maybe one other. So it isn't a big loss at all.The dash will usually crash due to running of ram while extracting the artwork also because of 1080i. Install the ms dash from the download menu within the dash, boot it and disable 1080i. Only enable 480p and 720p and you will have no issues. If you want to see this happening enable debug logging and see it run out of ram at the top of your screen. I am sure a 128mb ram upgrade will allow you to use 1080i. I have this and still don't enable it.
  8. The synopsis is now installed via the artwork installer script within Rocky5s xbmc4gamers and xbmc-emustation. It will also work in origins. I just updated the github link with the most recent version of everything with all excel spreadsheets, xml files that get exported from excel and Rocky5s custom made tools to rip the xml into individual synopsis files. The PDF instructions are old but still mostly correct, made a few amendments to the readme on github. Updated this for the future, just in case anyone googles it and finds it and uses the old version 1 of the synopsis. This is version 3 (at least). It has been updated with player numbers, system link information, custom soundtracks, metacritic ratings among other things. I also included one combined Excel spreadsheet that is hands down the most complete source of information available. It is easily filtered and sorted to find good/bad games, which games are system link etc. This is very accurate and complete as I looked at the back of the game covers for most of this information. Included is also some Homebrew synopsis and Emulator synopsis text (Thanks to James Reed for working together on these). If anyone wants to translate the synopsis please preferably use the excel spreadsheets for each region and only change the details, don't change the folder names. If anyone takes on a translation project it can then be added when complete. I am sure Rocky5 would incorporate it too. Be aware, something like that will take months to do. https://github.com/jazzycian/XBMC4Gamers-Synopsis-Information/blob/master/README.md
  9. Rocky5 has them in individual default.xml. I wrote all of the synopsis in Excel. I could look at a way to batch translate them or just Google translate them but that would be a really bad translation job I am sure. If you go to the Facebook group in the files section I uploaded the excel spreadsheet there. That's your best place to start from my point of view. Then translate that spreadsheet. If you can finish translating that send it to me and I'm sure I can get it batched out to the same folder structure as the artwork installer. You could then drop it in on top of the installer in the xbmc4gamers build where it's downloaded and it would install for you. It's a huge task to translate them all, there's probably 1000 synopsis in the spreadsheet. Maybe Rocky5 would have a better idea but I think that's your best place to start and would keep it consistent and ensure you have them all.
  10. If you want to make artwork watch the video above and use John's tools so it generates all the artwork needed for the dash with all the views. If you don't use it and make it yourself I'll say it will probably make your dash run out of ram and stop loading covers and crash. (Also don't enable 1080i in the ms dash for the same reason) The artwork provided is heavily optimized for the dash so if you use the tools he released to create artwork it will be good. Also there is a homebrew pack in the works by one of the guys so if I were you I'd hold off for a couple of weeks before you spend any more time on it. Then if there is stuff missing after that pack is out then you could spend your energy better filling in those gaps. Give that video a watch and do it that way and you'll be good. You basically need to make a front and back cover scan and put it into his template and his tools generate all the views. Don't forget to share also
  11. Also the image for the bottom is called fog.jpg and is basically the fanart resized down to a very small image, look in an existing one for it. If you used Rocky5's artwork building tools to generate your artwork these would be there but again, there isn't any artwork missing so probably no need to have made them. Look at this video if you want to make artwork for xbmc4gamers or xbmc-emustation. https://youtu.be/OjekV3VtXWo
  12. What games are these? There are no games missing. Perhaps what you are seeing is this. The artwork installer looks in F/Games and G/Games for default.xbe files. It has the titleids from the xbes hard coded and this is how it identifies what game you have in your folder. If artwork doesn't populate then the script perhaps found an xbe we didn't have when John wrote the script. The xbe titleids that are there are the complete NTSC set and a couple of PAL. We didn't have every pal game to rip the xbes out. Look in xbmc4gamers/system/scripts/Xbox artwork installer. If the script found an xbe it didn't recognize it makes a file here called missing_games.zip or something similar. If you have one of those send it on and we will get them included. I'm very sure if there are any they will be PAL ones. If artwork didn't populate you can copy it manually from the same location in file explorer. List the games you say have no artwork here please? Over a year's work went into ensuring there were none missing
  13. When it fails to load give it a minute or two and FTP in to the system folder and grab the xbmc.log. Open it in a text editor and look down at the end of it. It should tell you what's up most likely. Again for me the easiest thing if you've definitely confirmed your network is good is to take the prebuilt xbmc4gamers folder and drop it on top of your existing one you have now. Before you do delete the profiles.xml from the prebuilt so it doesn't overwrite your existing one. It is possible something has gotten corrupted somehow and this will fix it for you. Then you'll be able to update through the Downloader. If you click the 'download xbmc4gamers' link on the GitHub you'll find it. Don't build it yourself. (Your folder structure tells me you are on the current folder structure and not the really old one, no idea where you got a trainers folder but other than that it's normal. Install your trainers off the Downloader then just go to the games list and hit white and select update trainer list, Pretty sure the Downloader doesn't make that folder) https://github.com/Rocky5/XBMC4Gamers/blob/master/README.md
  14. It is all still active. Do you have internet connection, you are set to DHCP and have an IP address assigned? Also did you update from a really really old version? Rocky5 updated the folder and file structure many months ago to align with emustation to allow him to maintain two dashboards in parallel. Just make sure you only have 3 folders in your xbmc4gamers folder and if you do you have the latest version and online updates will be no problem. If all else fails for strange issues take a copy of the prebuilt and remove the profiles.xml from it and drop it on top of your existing and it will put everything back to normal and won't delete your profile. There is a link for the prebuilt on his github, it is a folder you extract and drop the folder onto your xbox.

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