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  1. Separating the boot animation into a separate .xbe file was a great idea, both for providing extra space for cerbios code and also for customisation. Hopefully we'll begin to see more custom anims in the future. Also thankfully, not including a bootanim at all skips it entirely. I was hoping that would be the case, and it is.
  2. my impatience
  3. projects dead lol
  4. Must be a very old chip installed in that thing if it uses a dedicated switch for that purpose. Any idea which one it has?
  5. Its just strain relief, best to keep it on if you can rather than take it off entirely. Or if you're an uncaring monster you could use hot glue or something.
  6. It depends whether XBE Shortcut Maker is being actively developed or not, if not you'll need to fix it yourself.
  7. My heart bleeds for that poor console. Its funny how this fake restoration dross can be both glaringly obvious for some and also just as convincing for others. Don't get me started on the bogus "animal rescue" videos that people make out there too.
  8. Guess I'm ditching iND-BIOS once this release drops.
  9. nice
  10. Seems a waste to hack up communicators for this purpose, especially when custom PCBs exist to do the same job as well as the possibility that communicators will become useful again for their intended purpose.
  11. Mu.

    SATA to IDE adapter

    Speed comes second to the fact that the StarTech adapters I've used all boot up every single time, while the three or so generic adapters make it like a coin toss.
  12. Mu.

    SATA to IDE adapter

    Give me StarTech or give me death!
  13. Locking/unlocking the drive has absolutely nothing to do with the BIOS you're using, but Cerbios (like any other respectable custom BIOS) will ignore whether the HDD is locked or not.
  14. Supporting Insignia simply involves not blocking Xbox Live access. It was necessary for custom BIOS users back before it was shut down but not anymore, so I'm certain it'll work. And besides, supporting Insignia requires absolutely zero work on Cerbios' part.
  15. Nope, adding the fanSpeed line doesn't seem to have done anything. I'm guessing it hasn't been included yet in any fashion.
  16. Is there a way I can brute force the fan speed via hex editing or something until a new version arrives? I'd be using this if it wasn't for a lack of fan speed adjustment.
  17. I feel as though I'm missing something when trying this myself. I'll go through the whole process but my console will just relaunch the dashboard (XBMC4G) and not boot the game at all. I'm using a supposed XISO supported version of ind-bios 5003.
  18. XBlastOS can flash it from either your HDD (c:\BIOS), or over your network via a webserver.
  19. The metal shielding is there to comply with regulations such as those laid out by the FCC in the US for transmission of RF signals coming from the console, rather than taking in anything of the sort. Removing it won't make a difference unless if you're running some extremely sensitive and unshielded equipment close by.
  20. Hypothetically you could perform such a mod and have the hard drive continue to work afterwards for an indeterminate amount of time, ideally you would have prepared another top piece with the window already installed and ready to go so you don't have the internals exposed any longer than necessary. Based on a tiny amount of second-hand anecdotal evidence (namely the video 'Can a hard drive breathe regular air like us' by Cathode Ray Dude), I'm sure you could do it and have a working drive afterwards... Just don't leave any super important and irreplaceable files on the drive.
  21. Eaton mentioned on Reddit that support was coming in the new week or so, check r/originalxbox.
  22. Just flashed my 1.2 with it, it's definitely a BIOS alright!
  23. Guess I'll just have to build up one of the Jafar PCBs I bought if it ends up being >256kb lol
  24. I think the search terms you're looking for are "AWM 20624 Ribbon Flex", there should be plenty of sellers on eBay and AliExpress that have 20 pin variants in many different lengths. No sense in scavenging something like this from another drive when it's a standardized part.
  25. Sounds good, I can see it easily being a 512kb BIOS which will make TSOP users like myself a little upset.

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