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  1. possibly caps, but i think its power supply, try another supply if you dont have an xbox one an atx supply is good to get the xbox running again while you get a new xbox supply.
  2. xbox cpu is an intel p3 coppermine, they were binned cpu's and non standard thats why interposers have to be used, its a hell of a lot of work and the main reason 1ghz or 1.4 cpus are used is to get the clock multiplier as near as possible, but also because if you are going to do it you might as well get the fastest cpu that you can make work if you could get a 30% increase by switching the cpu easily i think we would all be doing it. the thing about the xbox hardware is that while it may seem simple to upgrade some of its hardware its not because a pc will use any resource given to
  3. i would kill for a red case like that.
  4. that's great, i'm trying to find other drives that will work, i have never been convinced that there are only two, there must be others, as for firmware have you ever noticed just how many different pc dvd drives use basically the same firmware?. there are others, i just need to find them, the ultimate aim is to get an ode running on the ogxbox. years ago people said "why bother messing around with dvd drives just fit another xbox drive" they used to say the same about drive emulation but the amount of good xbox drives gets lower all the time. another drive i intend to investiga
  5. @xbox admin, i totally understand projects are by nature at differing levels of competence, from basic to advanced its just i think if you are trying to accomplish a particular task that is by its nature niche, for example say a hdmi board for the ogxbox, there is no point doing the project at the raspberry pi developer level and putting binaries on git hub, even if it uses raspi hardware. you would need to do it at the xbox tinkerer level, thats all. @neakmenter, i am fortunate that i love my work, and that i have the ability to work at home, so having a corner of a bench with an
  6. this looks great, the main problem i have is the whole sbc thing is just not noob friendly, i downloaded a so called sdr raspi complete image and it was totally useless, the only one i could recommend is the retropie image because a lot of work has been done to make it plug and play. the truth is that 9 times out of 10 you need to be an advanced user to to get these things running properly, if a new user cannot pick it up and get it running first time and then learn from there its a waste of time, someone buying a pi with a view to learn how it works and make their own projects quic
  7. for some reason my text vanished above, anyway this is the drive i have been converting for xbox, the two mosfets added to the board are bs 170's one on the tray in line and one on the tray out line, this is due to this drive having the opposite state on those lines i had to add basic inverters to make them low going high. 2n7000 can be used for this as well as bs170, though from tests i have done with different drives its more common to be as the xbox expects(low going high), not the other way round, i'm currently waiting for some 74 logic chips as i dont have any as soon as those come i
  8. all these people asking for copies of this card, come on its 92Gb, the best you could hope for is asking nicely for a particular file. ask for what you really need, not what you want, if someone offered the server space to host it it might be doable, but again its 92Gb!. maybe we could find somewhere just for the OGXBOX stuff, that would slim it down a bit.
  9. hi all, i have here an xbox with no harddisk of its own but i had the hdkey, so i built a basic microsoft unmodded dash and locked it with the key. it boots fine no problems at all, now what i want to do is put an 80 gig drive i have in it, and normally (at least before) i have run the softmod then used chimp to migrate to a bigger drive, but i was thinking can i just build an 80 gig softmod drive and lock it with its hardisk key?. that would save messing around with the softmod and swapping drives, i could just build a drive and bung it in, iv'e done it with hardmods before but they
  10. hi all, made progress it seems that the main issue with dvd drives on the xbox is due to spin down mode, the xbox wont tolerate that but in terms of using a compact flash or other solid state device its good news, all the lines on the xbox dvd power plug are either grounds, voltage or high or low at a particular interval. any off the shelf unit like an arduino, raspberry pi or other small board computer could be programmed to do what we want, the pi may be overkill for our needs, unless we go the whole hog and make one stop shop add in board that does disk drive, but also takes our video
  11. thanks for the info Kaos, what i'm looking for is tray in tray out on this drive, your right about the signals scoping and sniffing the signals from the xbox ide interface doesn't reveal anything different to any other atapi dvd drive, which means there is nothing special about the ogxbox dvd drive. it has a custom power connector, and special firmware so it can read xbox dvds, my own belief is that any dvd drive could be made to operate on an xbox, back in the day two dvd drive models were discovered that could be made to work with mods and firmware, there are others i'm convinced of i
  12. i am playing with an lg dvd drive its not the one that used to be converted to read xbox disks but very similar, i have found 3.3v, 5v, 12v, eject, cd/dvd and data lines for the xbox power plug. grounds are easy the problem ones are tray in, tray out, the reason i mention this here is because its all relative if we want to make a working ode we need to get ordinary dvd drives working on an xbox first, i'm not talking about reading games disks(yet) as that requires new firmware which according to my IT mate the known lg firmware can be made to run on this drive with tweaking. i'm hopi
  13. it all depends what the zener diode is doing in circuit, it could be to stabalise the power, or to drop the voltage, if i had to guess having not worked this mod, i would say that its probably stopping spikes in the power rail, reading and writing requires smooth stable voltage.

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