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  1. a benq 360 drive can be made to work with special firmware, but its not worth the hassle, just get a drive for the og xbox i recommend a phillips or samsung. but its all down to taste and your experience with certain drives, they are cheap on ebay. i was part of the project playing around with 360 drives on the og xbox back in the day, it seems odd now since there has never been a shortage of genuine drives so we were on a hiding to nothing really. the best use for old 360 drives is to flash them with custom firmware as they make great ripping drives not just games either dvd's, cd's the lot.
  2. with a bit of know how 1,6 xboxes are atx compatible anyway, you dont need fancy boards just a basic rewiring job and some common sense,
  3. just a quick update, after biteiing the bullet and buying a PS 2 keyboard it all went fine xbox hdm 1.9 loaded the drive with the clean c and e files. i also injected the softmod game saves just incase, re flashed the bios to m8 +, now the box boots on eject and power botton.. as expxected, just got to ftp all my apps and gamss over and my dash of choice. big thanks to all those who helped,you know who you are.
  4. i was thinking today there are loads of ways to use old xbox drives in P, C.s so how come no one has written a simple script to wipe format and if needed build a C,F, of g drive on a computer it would make life so simple. just a thought.
  5. its a logitech k120(wired), it works fine right up to the point hdm loads up, it lets you press 1 then nothing, strange.
  6. anyone know a work around for usb keyboard, xboxhdm loads fine,them after selecting 1 no further key presses, accepted it does squat. dont want to have to buy a ps2 keyboard. thanks.
  7. yes mate i totally agree even expensive quality caps aren't that expensive really in the grand scheme of things.
  8. thanks dave,as expected the bios is setup to first boot from 1st c evox dash, 2nd e/unleashx/unleashx .xbe, 3rd e/dashboard/default.xbe. so its not booting c due to softmod files so its shifting to e and booting unleash x. so i now have a plan of attack. been trying not to be a pain in the arse here, on a certain metal detector forum i an considered a "guru" and a regular contributor, so know first hand how annoying noobs can be. thanks again for you file and your patience. ALY, (sinclairuser).
  9. i did mention before that i flashed it, before i knew there was a problem, it has x2 4981 on it, i tried to open the bios with ev tool, but the version i have only opens m8 bioses.
  10. hi dave kaos and all, i have been busy with a couple of detector repairs and services, so i got them out of the way to clear the bench. the xbox boots fine with chip disabled, still boots every time with eject to e/dash, now i have time i'm going to install a dash on c( as it was before), and see if that boots , i have been reading up on some bioses and the power button could be the xbox trying to boot c/dash which it cant due to softmod so with a clean dash we will find out, apparentlt some bioses boot e/dash on eject and c/dash on power, some a short press on power has a different action to a long power button press. we will see now i'm free to get stuck in again.
  11. nice, its like those multi fit ones from the dutch website, i have ordered one of those through a mate that lives in holland, he is fluent in dutch and will post it to me when he gets it, for 12 euro they are a steal. especially since they are new in box, given the choice between used and new for about the same money its a no brainer its just a shame they dont have an english mode on their website for ordering direct.
  12. thanks dave, its not showing nikey i used the extras disc to remove the softmod on the 1.1, on this they dont show.
  13. i have a slayers and aid disc from back in the day but they have disc rot, wouldn't know where to start finding the iso's today.
  14. yes thats why i wanted to remove it.
  15. in the end i wired it like everyone said to, bt connected on the chip with a small wire, D0 wired to ground. it consistently boots with the eject button, just not pwr button. when i started it it was with eject button, didn't know there was a problem with pwr button till after the flash. i still dont understand why rockys extras isnt showing the softmod removal

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