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Not to sure why this hasnt been spotted yet no doubt he will make a release thread on it in the next few days this is just a heads up 

spacer.pngogxbox legend Ryzee119 has done it again for anyone who has a Xenium modchip and wants lcd support with temp status fan speed and compatable with everyapp that i could find that has lcd support.

You bloody ripper cheers Ryzee119 


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I was under the impression this was a  No modchip solution to having an LCD? 

in my opinion, something like that is better then running through the modchip, as they seem to be really finicky or maybe its just my 2 chips, but the screen likes to glitch out..or even blank itself out if its idle for to long.

but i look forward to more info on this, thanks for sharing 



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2 hours ago, ShinGoutetsu said:

There is the lcd-mod made by x-addons a few years ago that allowed use of an LCD without a modchip.

are they still available somewhere? I hope there is a open source project like this.

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An lcd mod that doesnt require a modchip may be something I will look into in the future. The spi2par thing was a simple thing to fill some time and learn a bit about the LCD interface.

Im sure itll help a few people out there :)

Thanks for sharing!

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i absolutely love the added temp feature ive been testing various cpu pastes on a few boxes and am happy to report no real noticeable differences artic silver 5 compared to the cheaper deepcool z9 am still waiting for my thermal grizzly tube to arrive 




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On 5/13/2019 at 4:20 AM, Ryzee119 said:

An lcd mod that doesnt require a modchip may be something I will look into in the future

That would be fantastic. Btw, just checked Benny Diamond's Xblast  thread, he shared the svf files for Aladdin XT CPLD, maybe by looking at what he did, there is a fast way to replace the LC4032 by LC4064 and add the needed code to make it work with 20x4 LCD?

Aladdin Xblast thread with download link


and a quote of Benny's answer on reddit:


There are a couple of code examples for Xbox modchips. The first one is an archive of "leaked" CPLD codes for Aladdin XTs released by hkmod. You can find it in the download section of Eurasia.nu website. It has been proven to be bogus info, this is not the real leaked code of Aladdin XT. It's just some random attempt at creating a clone I guess. None of the vhdl source file will work as intended. However, the code is relevant to understanding how to properly interface the LPC bus to some extent. It's what got me started when I started working on my own implementation of the Aladdin XT PLUS2 CPLD code.

Next you've got milksop and filtror devices that both interfaced the LPC port. They do contain working VHDL code albeit it's not code you can use directly to make your own modchip. I wish I knew about these when I started tinkering with hkmod's code. This one is much better, cleaner and I suspect will actually work out of the box if programmed on the proper target device.

A piece of doc that helped me for LCD interface is the SmartXX developer manual. It contains port mapping info on how to interface the LCD and other peripherals on SmartXX devices.

The SmartXX developer manual is probably one of or both these files called:
SmartXX LT OPX dox

SmartXX Datasheet


can't put directs links because site assigns a download key to each user.

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I will probably just create a basic LCD interface kinda like the Xaddons LCD-mod board.

As an educational experience i'll just design something from scratch

@eustachy1973 yes! that's what I was looking for. I needed that register map to hook LPC data through my CPLD. I was using the XblastOS source code before, but this is nicer.

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On 5/28/2019 at 8:26 PM, eustachy1973 said:

However, I would like to have temperature on the LCD, XMBC does not offer it.

XBMC can actually display temperatures by modifying the /system/UserData/LCD.xml

There is parameters called lcd.cputemperature, lcd.gputemperature, lcd.hddtemperature and lcd.fanspeed

But these are not displayed outside of XBMC.

The advantage of this board is that it can read these from the Xbox SMBus so can update it always regardless of the program running.

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