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  1. Selling my extra x3cp great condition everything works on it no issues with it has blues led 2tb drive asking 600 shipped USA only
  2. Ok just found the diagrams for smartxx v3 has the same xlcd connector was compatible with x3 lcds going to try it out I got a brand new xlcd coming in Friday and smartxx v3 if works Im going to get one from your site don’t want to solder on chip
  3. Can this work on smartxx v3
  4. This is sold
  5. Works great no issues comes with all cables
  6. 140 shipped both work fine no issues
  7. Selling my x3cp unfortunately both are in great condition I’m USA based shoot me offers
  8. I’m looking for black x3cp
  9. All the stuff have been sold
  10. Selling x3 chips and xlcd brand new mod chips are used
  11. This has been sold
  12. Yes I can I’ll message you

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