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  1. Bump 150 euros with another bonus
  2. I will sell a set of chips visible on the photo. They all work. 170 euros plus shipping I ship from Germany Can be picked up in person. Paypal payment friends.
  3. @SS_Dave I have several xbox consoles. I'm an electronics technician and I'm making modifications. The same hard disk with games, works on all my consoles without any problem. This is the only console that has problems with PAL games.
  4. I've tried all the standard bios.
  5. PAL - frozen. NTSC - black screen
  6. Unfortunately, the picture is frozen ..
  7. Nothing helped, even when I changed everything on pal mode...
  8. I have a quad tsop, 4x256 kb. Ind-nios, Ind-bios cpu mod, xblast, bios vga. Try to flash the original bios.
  9. Enigma does not help, xblast os also can not do anything. This console just does not like pal games. I do not know what I can do ...
  10. If you have a second one, I will gladly buy it.
  11. Where can I download the X3 erase.xbe file?
  12. I have smartxx, xchanger 2.5. Hotswap must have the same X3 chip.

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