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  1. Hi, Does anyone have a link to the xbox 128 ram chihiro package? I formatted the disk ...
  2. Almost done. There are still LEDs to be installed.
  3. My modest modification. 128MB Ram New Fan Open Xenium Chip with Ryzee119's XEnium Spi2par2019 To be continued...
  4. I checked this method. I have connected 4 other drives and they all work. unfortunately this model does not work. No point wasting my time.
  5. This is what it will look like in the plug?
  6. I think I found the answer. I have an identical model ...
  7. The problem is that the bios is correct. After all, I wrote that the 40 gb drive works without a problem.
  8. I have an xbox slim without a dvd drive. The 40 GB hard drive starts up without a problem. Unfortunately 320 gb disk, frozen logo. I have formatted the disk several times and unfortunately the same continues. If the dvd drive is plugged in, the xbox will boot without problem. Any suggestions?
  9. Hi Could someone write step by step how to install convert xbox retail to debug? MVG video is too chaotic for me.
  10. Bump 150 euros with another bonus
  11. I will sell a set of chips visible on the photo. They all work. 170 euros plus shipping I ship from Germany Can be picked up in person. Paypal payment friends.
  12. @SS_Dave I have several xbox consoles. I'm an electronics technician and I'm making modifications. The same hard disk with games, works on all my consoles without any problem. This is the only console that has problems with PAL games.
  13. I've tried all the standard bios.

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