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  1. that is weird shows that the files are still in there try downloading it again https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bS7tjYn2jIvzISc681JCCEdKE7JAzQRd
  2. exactly the smartxx is about 100 along with the xenium is around 100 as well then the other 2 modchips are bonuses
  3. i would say those are fair prices man
  4. Xecuter 2.6 ce motherboard v1.6 and 80gb ide all wires and 1 official controller 100 usd shipped us only
  5. Hey man welcome to the chat man
  6. that may have been me cause i posted about this topic before on here
  7. well we dont really invite people its a private one i think im not the owner but i talk about some of the updates in this discord https://discord.gg/f5YedSP
  8. Oh and if you do not own a soldering iron or anything or do not know how to solder you can get conductive glue and put it on the tsop points to tsop your xbox that way
  9. yea a sealed xbox can be upwards of 1k and if its special editions could be worth alot more and it all really depends on the condition of the box
  10. yea it would be nice if alot of companys released there schematics for there modchips
  11. no he makes them he makes alot of amazing products man
  12. if you guys are still looking for the aladdin xblast kekule has some https://www.chimericsystems.com/product/aladdin-xblast
  13. why can i only download 1 file a day in the download section
  14. well a good start would to be to use this as a starting point
  15. Original xbox softmodded 40gb hard drive power cord a/v cable 50usd shipped us only
  16. yes it is i used to help this team alot with making that xbox live project come to life
  17. Hey guys i am looking for pictures of all of these modchips along with guides to install them really any info on all modchips Xecuter: X3 original model X3CE early production X3CE later production X2.6 lite X2.6 CE early production X2.6 CE later production X2.3b lite X2.3b lite+ X2.3b PRO X2.2 lite+ X2.2 PRO X2.1 lite X2 lite X2 PRO X1 Xenium Xenium Blue Xenium ICE Xenium 24k Gold Xenium 1.0-1.5 Xenium 1.6 Aladdin Aladdin Advance Aladdin EX Aladdin Extreme Aladdin LIVE Aladdin LIVE Plus Aladdin SUPER LIVE Aladdin Xeno FX Aladdin Xshadow Aladdin XT+ Aladdin XT +4032 Aladdin XT 4064 Aladdin XT Plus2 (a +4032 with a pin header) Mini Aladdin Xenochip Xenochip Lite Xenochip Pro Xenochip XS SmartXX SmartXX V1 SmartXX V2 SmartXX V2 Halloween edition SmartXX V3 SmartXX LT OPX (1MB) SmartXX LT OPX SE (2MB) Duo Duo X3 Duo X2 white version Duo X2 Blue version Duo X2 GS white version DuoX AppleX AppleX Pro AppleX V AppleX VI AppleX VI Pro AppleX VII X-elixis X-elixis Basic X-elixis Pro X-elixis Plus X-tasis X-tasis Basic X-tasis Pro X-tasis Plus Chameleon Chameleon 1.0 Chameleon 1.3 Chameleon 1.5 Chameleon 1.8 Other cheapmod chips: Cyclone Ozxchip 1.2 Ozxchip 1.3 Xkiller Lpcmod RodMod Aladdin-Universal / Xecutioner ALX2+ ChipStation Apple-X2 Tightmod Other X-Changer 2.5 Spider GX Matrix Xodus X-BIT 1.0 X-BIT 1.5 X-Chip X-Lite Xtrmod 1.3 beta X-Cutor Dia-X-ecuter SmartBox Pro Pandora1 Pandora2 MessiahX TitanX MuppetX PC-BioXX OpenXbox NitroXX Akira SpiderChip 1.0 SpiderChip 1.1 Enigmah Xtender XIOS / Devilmod RegionFree X-DU (Pro)
  18. Hey guys please contact me if you have any old original xbox mod chips that you would be willing to sell i may be intrested in some xenium chips and smartxx but just contact me if you do thanks
  19. dang your selling some good stuff wish i had the money for it
  20. they are very hard to come by but if your lucky someone has one in the fourms up for sale or on ebay
  21. hey man welcome to the site hop you can find what you are looking for here

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