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  1. I can confirm that this definitely does not use a raspberry pi
  2. Awesome thanks. Ill have a look tonight!
  3. Looks I could probably get it working. There is likely some special packets that get send to the Hyperkin controller to initialise it during the enumeration process as that seems to be pretty standard with third party Xbox one controllers. If anyone knows how to use Wireshark and can send a USB traffic log during enumeration that would be good! I cant commit to any timeframe at the moment as I am in the middle of some other projects
  4. I have fixed the flickering issue mentioned by @John7272 and a software update has been pushed to github. The default Arduino PWM driver is terrible, so I manually overwrote the timer prescaler. It is a significantly better PWM output now :)
  5. They seem to be doing some site upgrades and a few things are broken. Referral link is one of them. Thanks for highlighting that issue anyway
  6. Yea that would be expected. The same happens if you unplug an original controller and plug it back in. I could fix it but you'd lose the 'Please reconnect controller' feauture if your battery goes flat mid game etc. Id rather keep than in. You wont have the issue with 8bitdo adaptor as it is always 'connected' regardless of a controller actually being synced or not so no hotplug issues to worry about.
  7. @lotec25 Check my github for XblastOS fix. I works for me! Would be interested to hear your results too https://github.com/Ryzee119/ogx360/tree/master/Firmware/ See the programming instructions on that page for instructions on how to update the ogx360 firmware. Send me a PM if you have any issues with the programming process! You will need to download the firmware files from https://github.com/Ryzee119/ogx360/releases
  8. In part its bad coding of the actual bios not supporting usb hot plugging but it's an annoying inconvenience that I can fix
  9. Thanks mate. Ill have a look into it in the next couple days. I think I can fix it.
  10. What modchip/what bios? Some of these bios screens only check if controller is connected once at startup. You can check this by only connecting your original oem controller after the bios menu has booted and seeing if it works. This may cause issue with the ogx360 because it takes a few seconds for the wireless controller to sync up so it doesnt connect until after the bios has checked inputs. If you could check this with the original controller and let me know that would be good!
  11. @Eagle_916 @lotec25 Try here https://www.chimericsystems.com/ This page is run by @Kekule and is a good option when I don't have any in stock. Especially if you're in the US (Saves shipping time/cost all the way from Australia) Also xtek based out of Canada is making them https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100036396753085
  12. Hi Hector, Rumble does work on the 8bitdo perfectly! It supports variable strength and also each motor is controlled individually, so as close as it's gonna get. Input lag is minimal. It is polled every 4ms (same rate as the Original Xbox controller). Reports from users who have used to 8bitdo adaptor say that they don't notice any input lag. I made a video demonstrating the input lag (This is for wireless xbox 360 controllers, but there would be minimal difference to an 8bitdo adaptor). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7Pnba7Y12Y
  13. Love the old veroboard modding. This is awesome and definitely a very unique xbox now! great job.

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