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  1. https://etsy.com/au/listing/682458413 You're right, that's where it gets tricky
  2. Thanks for the diagram. That would work nicely. I have the advantage of being able to completely disable the USB interface on the Arduino when a wireless controller is disconnected. The firmware already does this. (Triggers the 'please reconnect controller' menu if you turn the wireless controller off) So I believe a relay isnt required. Just tap into the usb bus data lines and ensure the wireless controller is turned off before plugging in an original controller. Ive done some basic testing with success.
  3. With the 8bitdo adaptor it now supports one xbone controller over bluetooth. It also supports wired xbox one 1st party controllers with alternative firmware on my github. Writing a custom driver for the official xbox one receiver is extremely complex and I havnt worked it out yet Most likely, in the future it may support generic bluetooth dongles but thats not simple either
  4. Hahaha dont go through my code too closely it started off reasonably neat but got out of hand with the controller additions. Lots of state machines and all non blocking code to keep input lag as low as possible
  5. Already on my github page. Check out the firmware folder for compilation instructions. Compiled with Atmel Studio https://github.com/Ryzee119/ogx360/tree/master/Firmware/ogx360_32u4/ogx360_32u4
  6. Ill still be active in the community. 'a while' is probably a few months. Just so i can focus on some other projects! Its also fully open source and I am definitely not the only person who can and have made them.
  7. Opened up for preorders so I can ensure I order enough for everyone and no one misses out! Probably the last one I'm going to do for a while. Open for 2 weeks if anyone is interested https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/682458413 These are all 4 player setups
  8. There will be more. Just been very busy IRL so havnt had a chance to organise another order
  9. Thanks! I consider this a proof of concept really, but I am still working with a few experienced steel battalion players to get it as best as possible with the x360 controller+chat pad to make it a decent alternative. Already made alot of changes that I will push to github shortly. 90% of the ground work is done so shouldnt be much of a stretch to support any USB Hotus controller although they may have to be considered on a case by case basis. A few possibilities for sure
  10. Seems like the 8bitdo adaptor only supports one controller at a time. If I go to sync another it just drops the first one.. Looks like this will be one player only. (Unless you use a USB hub and multiple 8bitdo adapters, which should work in theory but untested) I will post an update here when ive finished testing and added it to github. Just a firmware update required to existing units.
  11. Working on 8bitdo usb adaptor support! It was very picky and needed a sequence of usb packets on initialisation to keep it active. Still testing but should support everything the 8bitdo website says. (Bluetooth xbone, ps3, ps4 all 8bitdo controllers etc.)
  12. Nice, I think I might try this now Edit: GPU up to 300Mhz for me, FSB clock is stock. Freeze on boot anything higher for me
  13. I dont think Vcc/OCSET is right. Vout is appears to be set by the R4/R5 voltage divider in the SC1110 circuit providing a reference to the REFin pin. With reference to the example circuit from the datasheet 1k/1k is a ratio of 0.5. Vout = 0.5 x Vin = 1.25V. If you put a resistor in parallel of R4 you could increase the voltage but be cautious or you will fry something. There's probably more to it, but my 1 minute skim of the datasheet. In anycase I think @KaosEngineer is right. Changing just the voltage wont achieve much. Best to work out how to change the clock speed first.

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