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  1. Im sure there is a seller on Ali who would do a run of a custom colour for you. Although the MOQ might be a bit My quote for a custom Xbox to MicroUSB cable for this project was MOQ of 1000 units ($840 USD FYI) never proceeded with the quote.
  2. This is a simple case that I put together which I just got laser cut. 3mm acrylic sheets laser cut using cap head screws and hex standoffs. Ogx360 is supported with thick double sided foam adhesive tape. I probably won't sell them as the logistics are too hard for me at the moment, but I will upload the DWG files to my github soon for laser cutting from your local hackerspace or online ogx360caseRyzee119.pdf
  3. @bluemeanie23 Mate, that case is awesome and thank you for creating something! Would you be happy for me to add to my github page?
  4. Sure why not. Still need to plug the receiver into the USB port or solder the wires from the receiver to behind the usb port for a smaller finish. Add a hole to access the sync button and it should work fine.
  5. Got a few up on etsy now https://www.etsy.com/au/Ryzee119/listing/672315615/ogx360-add-wireless-xbox-360-controller
  6. Sounds pretty good. Ill help where I can
  7. @KekuleThanks for the logic analyser and descriptor dump! I have update the code on github with some new stuff based on this info. https://github.com/Ryzee119/ogx360 The Xbox controller will now rumble to alert to user to eject, chaff, on fire and need to reload. Added some smarts to the button mapping to make it a bit easier, and I've been playing on Kai with some people alot more experienced at the game than me and received some good feedback on button mapping so have slightly tweaked that. I'm about half-way through the single player campaign and it plays pretty well after some getting used to. Based on all this info it would be possible to recreate a full SB controller, but maybe a project in the distant future for me. Chatpad for now. I've added the Steel Battalion controller protocol notes here: https://github.com/Ryzee119/ogx360/blob/master/Firmware/PROTOCOL - Steel Battalion.md for anyone who comes across this post.
  8. Sweet man, thanks for sharing. Yep if you could integrate an IR transmitter with the right signals into an x360 wireless controller (or any controller I guess) + xerc2 in the console it could work.
  9. Ill have too look into that, but I thought it let you use an IR remote with a IR receiver to trigger on/off etc?
  10. Here's a video of it in action! https://youtu.be/g_eQlOcccg8
  11. I already have firmware which supports wired Xbox one on my github. The wireless Xbox one receiver is very complex so I have not been able to write my own driver for it Adding a Bluetooth dongle may be the best way but I haven't got it working yet. So the answer is it is possible.

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