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  1. I have since worked out that the "-A' thing is part of the 'quick boot' feature. It indicates what button to mash during bootup to boot that bios. You can change it to -B or -X etc. This is only used when Quick boot is enabled but unforuntaely it shows the '-LETTER' thing either way which is annoying The instant boot feature is more useful imo. Set a bios as your 'default', and enable instant boot. From that point on, the power button will boot that BIOS, and the eject will boot XeniumOS
  2. Input to the encoder is YCrCb444. Its a DDR pixel bus. You sure the maxV is fast enough ? At 720p or 1080i the pixel clock is 70ish Mhz. The pixel is ~140Mhz. (About 7ns period) At 480p/i its about 24mhz so not too bad. Im working on a digital hdmi conversion slowly but its hit a few snags
  3. @Laminatesnow That is a fork of https://github.com/Ryzee119/spi2par2019 which changes the hd44780 LCD interface to a I2C OLED display.
  4. If anyone has a Hyperkin Duke controller, I think ive got it working in the latest firmware update. If anyone is bored and wants to try it out, the firmware is here: https://github.com/Ryzee119/ogx360/releases/tag/1.4 You will likely only need to update the 'master' module on your ogx360
  5. @Bob_the_vampire you are welcome. Glad to hear it
  6. @Bob_the_vampire yep that flash dump has some issues. Even the protected sector is messed up. So its possible that the CPLD banking is broken or hopefully its just corrupt flash. Upload this to your xbox in the xenium-tools xbe directory and rename it to flash.bin, then in Xenium tools use the 'Write raw flash.bin to Xenium Flash' option. "START+B" If that doesnt work, it doesnt sound promising. Send me another dump of it after flashing it as you did previously. flashGoldClean2.3.1.zip
  7. Download xenium-tools xbe from the openxenium repo. https://github.com/Ryzee119/OpenXenium/releases Boot up with your aladdin and open this xbe. Once the xbe is open, hot swap to your gold. It should be able to detect a xenium is installed and you should be able to manually cycle the RGB. You can also dump the flash chip from this program. If any of that fails your CPLD (or flash chip) is likely damaged in someway. If that all works but still doesnt boot, its possible that the flash memory is corrupt in some way. I have a clean goldOS dump in that case
  8. @Nextria thats awesome. Glad to hear! I powered mine using a bench supply, but if you can pull a 3.3v supply from the programmer that would be handy. Good luck with your builds! Share some photos too
  9. @Nextria welcome to the constant struggles of programming CPLDs
  10. Updated Openxenium CPLD code coming in the next few days. Found a really obsure booting issue that I am working to fix it. I dont think any one has built any yet, but if you are; just wait a couple days before programming them and make sure you have the latest files from github
  11. What its meant to look like. Actually if its a 1.6 i believe it has an issue with xcalibur so doesnt display properly. It was repeatable on my 1.6 but works with focus/conex.
  12. Recovery cromwell has a unusual resolution so it may have been the video adaptor/monitor. Good thing you waited for it to finish. Orange LED is normal so looks like it was doing its thing but just wasnt being displayed. Worst case if it bricked, you could recover it with xenium-tools. Shame about 2.3.0. Did you try removing and reflashing that bios?
  13. The random '-A' must be a bug i have concluded. It always appears on the first bank you flash. It appears on openxeniums and real xeniums. I dont think v2.3.0 does it.
  14. Correct. Flash offset 0x1C0000 to 0x1DFFFF can only be obtained from a genuine xenium. This is the recovery sector that contains a small cromwell loader to initiate the xeniumOS update process. (Switching that switch on the Xenium modchip) This is technically optional and a genuine xenium or a openxenium will work if this area is not programmed but you lose the respective feature.
  15. The first 1MB of the dump is your custom bioses. Just blank (0xFF) this area. This still wont remove them from the xeniumOS bios selection menu. (Prob just frag if you try boot them) 1FC000 to 1FFFFF region right at the end is the sector that holds non-volatile settings for XeniumOS. EEPROM backup etc. Id have to check as i cant remember exactly but i would expect the bios names to be here. What i did for my clean dumps is factory reset my Xenium before dumping. Then clear the first 1mb with a hex editor.

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