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  1. My code was designed with the cheap clones in mind you pick up from eBay nowadays I dont know if they will work with my code as the pins being used could be different. Id recommend sticking with the clones.
  2. Placing the svf file in the same directory as jtag.exe will be the easiest. Then you can use the command as shown in the github instructions
  3. Glad you solved it. I don't recall having to do any of that stuff just extracted and ran. I had to install Quartus II programmer for the USB blaster drivers though.
  4. I added a link to one that looks like mine in github. Yea cheap clone one
  5. Mine looks like the second link
  6. I used an Altera USB blaster
  7. I got 3.3v from a bench supply but you can get it from the xbox if needed. Up to the hobbyist. 28awg wire will do. What is a CPLD? Did you try google? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Complex_programmable_logic_device See this too. It tells you the required operating system, supported cables etc. http://urjtag.org/book/index.html
  8. Hi all, As a fun educational exercise to wanted to replace the CPLD logic on the cheap AladdinXT 4032 Original Xbox modchip and convert it to a basic LCD driver, consequently it looses the ability to load a custom bios. I consider this to be something like the old X-addons generic LCD-display mods (but a fair bit simpler) The Lattice LC4032V CPLD on the cheap Alladin modchips is extremely limited, so this is a hacky bare minimum to reduce macro-cell usage to fit onto the CPLD. Therefore it can't really support any extra functionality over the bare minimum. It doesn't support backlight control (just full brightness always) It has some very basic contrast PWM control through the dashboard settings. Anyway just wanted to share what I came up with https://github.com/Ryzee119/AladdinLCD Ideally, you could design a small PCB (and maybe use a larger CPLD) to improve the installation. that is something I may do in the future
  9. gotcha, yep this spi2par2019 board can do it. But you're right, XBMC cannot.
  10. I don't really know to be honest. It's not available on the System Management Bus to my knowledge.
  11. XBMC can actually display temperatures by modifying the /system/UserData/LCD.xml There is parameters called lcd.cputemperature, lcd.gputemperature, lcd.hddtemperature and lcd.fanspeed But these are not displayed outside of XBMC. The advantage of this board is that it can read these from the Xbox SMBus so can update it always regardless of the program running.
  12. Already some discussion here: But I will check this one more often
  13. I will probably just create a basic LCD interface kinda like the Xaddons LCD-mod board. As an educational experience i'll just design something from scratch @eustachy1973 yes! that's what I was looking for. I needed that register map to hook LPC data through my CPLD. I was using the XblastOS source code before, but this is nicer.
  14. Hello! For those people with a Xenium modchip, I have made an open source recreation of a legacy adaptor that allowed you to use extremely common and cheap HD44780 compliant character LCD displays with the Xenium modchip SPI interface. The legacy adaptor was called 'SPI2PAR' and has long since been out of production and extremely hard to come by. The old website actually still works for now (http://cheaplpc.com/xenlcd/) if you want to see what it was all about. This design and info is all on my github page https://github.com/Ryzee119/spi2par2019 It does everything the old one does I believe (although I never had one), but it also can read the Xbox SMBus directly with a couple extra wires to the LPC header for temperatures from the ADM1032 onboard temperature chip and fan speed which are displayed and updated on the LCD mid-game. It can also read the Conexant and Focus video chips to work out was resolution your game is running at which is displayed on the LCD aswell. (This doesnt work on a 1.6 though due to the Xcalibur chip) XBMC can already display these, but these extra SMBus features will only apply when you're in a game or program that doesn't normally support LCD. Works best on a 20x4 character display.

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