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  1. Was probably shop01media. They had some a few years back but don't have any now by the look of it. I have a few xerc2 chips left, I always install them in my xboxs.
  2. Yes, it will require a pretty big print base area (300mm)
  3. Washers, small bolts and nuts using the old heatsink bracket mounting holes
  4. So as you may know i've already designed 2 different xbox mini cases and I'm also working on a full replacement case. This design sits in between these two, it loses the DVD rom and uses a 2.5" HDD/SSD instead of the full sized HDD. It also keeps the original PSU. The lid incorporates ducting to guide air over the heatsinks and also holds the HDD/SSD. Sttill a work in progress but heres a quick look so far:
  5. well the cut outs are specifically designed for an xbox mainboard, you would need to change quite a lot for a Pi, including internal mounting points. You may as well design your own case that suits your exact needs to be honest
  6. Sorry I just don't have the time to build them for others
  7. It is quite a lot of cost and work, soldering will be required too. This will likely put a lot of people off
  8. - The breakaway part of the controller cord is used for controller ports 2 and 3, it also has an internal 2 player ogx360. - A Star-tech ide2sata adapter and a 2.5" HDD - a short SATA cable - a Xerc2 for power on/off (or) a round momentary push button (2 pole) for power on/off - an OLED compatible xenium based modchip - 1 or 2 Newhaven NHD-0420-AX3 OLED displays depending on case version (the X denotes the oled colour, i.e: AB3 is blue, AG3 is green etc.) - a 160-xt PicoPSU and AC adapter - an Atx2xbox adapter (search for it on dirtypcbs.com, version 1.6 is not supported) - 2 x TITAN VGA heatsinks and fans (although i am working on a better cooling solution) - installation of a second fan header if not already present - a 3mm bicolour led for power status, 2 x 3mm led for LAN and HDD activity LED's - optional rear 40mm fan for the single OLED version case design - I recommend a small heatsink for the MPCX and potential removal of some of the start up capacitors depending on motherboard revision - Of course a 3D printer capable of printing this (case dimensions 210mm x 240mm x 50mm) I recommend at very least PETG but ABS is better for printing this, i printed at 100% infill but you could reduce this a bit
  9. some images of the dual oled case which is printed in 2 main parts (top and base) with the IR eye holder and top back edge being much smaller parts. The one pictured also has a 3mm thick laser cut acrylic/perspex faceplate. The second design is printed in just 2 main parts with an IR eye or push button holder (either can be used) The button required is a round 10mm momentary pushbutton or you can use a Xerc2 to turn the xbox on/off via the official dvd remote control
  10. maybe with a resin printer, I only have an FDM printer
  11. Both versions external links here: Final Dec 22 2 part xbox mini (mediafire.com) Final Dec 22 2 OLED xbox mini (mediafire.com)
  12. The completed xbox mini files are here:
  13. Of course, it was just an example. I can easily add a USB port but I see no need for the buttons unless they would have a purpose with this modchip. We will have to wait and see what additional features are supported by the front panel connector I suppose.
  14. I could probably come up with something custom that might work, maybe similar to this

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