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  1. So it's been a while but I've done a bit more work on this case and intend on releasing the design files so anyone can 3d print one if they choose to (once it's finalised). I've been 3d modelling the case in fusion 360 and have also designed a hdd bracket for a 2.5" hdd/ssd and a bracket to mount the xerc2 IR eye. I'm hoping to test print soon as my 3d printer is capable of large prints, I just need to work out the best way of printing it. I've also included a short animation to show how it goes together. My plan is to have the main parts of the case (base and upper part) cnc'd from billet aluminium and have the faceplate on top laser cut from 3mm plexiglass/acrylic sheet. The faceplate will be held in place by small thin magnets. I've revised the hdd bracket to make it easier to print
  2. There's a small switch on both controller port boards and one on the power eject board to dim the leds
  3. Hi guys, I posted this on a few xbox groups and thought i'd share it here too. I basically remove the jewel, use a dremel to make a circular hole where the jewel was and then attached a round 800 x 800 pixel (3.4") lcd. The video is provided by a small media player such as the Sumvision Cyclone +2 but i am also going to set it up with a raspberry pi zero to save space. Using the small media player means having to lose the dvd rom due to space confinements. The interface between the lcd and media player is a HDMI to MIPI pcb with 50 pin flat ribbon cable, you can find them on most china electronics websites. The video is just some boot videos i found and stitched together. This media player can loop playback on start up provided the video is placed in a folder in the root of an SD card or USB stick named AUTOPLAY
  4. it's just an idea, i think if you heated it up sufficiently it would come off ok but i've not tried so don't quote me on that
  5. you could use some gpu ones such as these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/StarTech-1U-Socket-7-370-CPU-Cooler-Fan-With-Copper-Heatsink/401813797321?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 and attach them with thermal adhesive
  6. 1.6 xboxes have what's considered the worst video encoder of all versions plus you can't ram upgrade plus v1.0/1.1 boards have a 1mb tsop so it can be split and flashed.
  7. Unfortunately size wise the higher wattage pico psu's are too big for my xbox mini so I'm currently limited to the 160XT. I am using a 2.5" hdd already, as I said it works it's just not as perfect as I would like. The board I am using has 128mb ram so I'd rather use that than a v1.6 board
  8. Interesting project, I'm using a pico psu (160XT) with atx to xbox adapter and due to the low amperage on the 5v line the xbox struggles to initially boot as there are a lot of capacitors that need charging. I resolved this slightly by removing 3 of the start up capacitors on a v1.0 xbox and while it works I'd prefer a much more professional and reliable solution
  9. Looking to sell my X3CP xbox. It's a 1.6 with a 2tb hdd and startech sata to IDE adapter with 80 wire IDE cable. The hdd isn't a fully loaded one, it allows you to put the content on that you want but does have xbmc4gamers front end and a few games/emulators on there. The Xerc 2 XE allows you to turn the console on/off via the official dvd remote and also fades the eject button LED's on and off when in standby. No controllers included, but I can include a dvd remote if required (albeit with out battery cover) Video of the actual xbox here: £350 plus postage from the UK. Postage will depend where you are obviously. PM for more info
  10. I had a white XCM but sold it a few months back for $500
  11. Best success rate on burned media for me back in the day was a combination of using imgburn, ritek dye based dvd-r (datawrite) and a pioneer dvr-108 ide model dvd-rw
  12. I think i'm using 5849, they all probably have it though as it's kind of needed. Heres a (very roughly made) little tribute to this site as a thanks for keeping the OG xbox relevant today
  13. it's 2.1 which is included with the XDK, it's not a separate available download, I have searched for it but not found it on its own. I've made a load of .x models to replace the xbox text, is it ok to upload them here so other people can mod their own bios's? I won't provide the x2 4981 bios, just the tools and premade .x models to mod it. EDIT: to fix the angled text it was simply a case of unticking ALL tickboxes before exporting from deep exploration (except "turn to left" and "ascii" as a .x file, literally all the tabs on the export window
  14. All fixed, I've made about 40 .x models now, see example in link
  15. it's ok I found it. It's actually in the XDK, well version 2.1 is which works perfectly.

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