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  1. Here's my second install, this time in a crystal case. Really looks good in one of these
  2. OK i've run into a problem and i'm struggling to resolve it. When i export the text mesh and open it in deep exploration the model is skewed so when i inject the text.x into the bios it's skewed also. Anyone know how to resolve it? It looks like it's on the right axis in 3dsmax (see screenshot showing 3dsmax below, deep exploration on the left and how it should look in deep exploration according to the tutorial on the right). Any help much appreciated
  3. Does anyone have this old pc app anywhere? I need it for X2 bios editing but i only have version 3.5 and can't find version 2.0 which is slightly different when exporting .x files for injecting into bios's. +10 internets if you can find me a link to the right version
  4. Hi, I would defininely swap the ports over to rule out a bad one, also check the wires going to the port connectors are all as the should be. Its possible to damage them by pulling on the wires to free the connector from the motherboard.
  5. Have just messaged you
  6. I'm interested in a Massive bundle and im in the UK, the shipping cost is the only reason i haven't pulled the trigger yet so if @nikeymikey wants to go halfs on shipping PM me
  7. I bought an Xecuter 3 one from eBay fairly recently
  8. Bit of a necro but i managed to get it up and running again and it is a 1ghz cpu after all
  9. Thank you it worked, I can now get to X3 config live. Must have had that password bug but now it's back to defaults
  10. Thanks, it does sound like that's what's happened here. I'll give the eeprom erase a go thanks for the assistance
  11. the x3 logo is the stock logo on this xbox, it just can't seem to get past that screen and launch a dashboard
  12. I'm using an official s controller and i'm holding down the white button but the x3 config live screen doesn't show at all, it stays on the X logo screen as if it can't find any .xbe to launch. I've uploaded the x3 bios I'm using although I did try downloading and flashing another with the same results which makes me think there's a custom config on the x3 itself. x3.3294.v16plus.bin
  13. Such awesome work! Particularly like the rgb power eject pcb and quick solder controller port led boards. May order from you shortly, great job
  14. So, after finally getting a standard av cable and reverting back to normal PAL output I can boot to recovery holding in power and eject for 3 seconds which brings me to flashbios 3.0.3. So i set dip the switches to a 1mb bank and flash x3 3294 v16 1mb bios file and it boots a pre customised (purple) X3 bios and the LCD says "Marks sexbox" (lol) but it halts there and won't go any further. Very frustrating although I do have evox M8 on another bank so I can still boot to xbmc. Is it possible the customised X3 bios settings are looking for a particular xbe on the C partition? Is it at all possible to remove these customisation's given that holding the white button doesn't bring up x3 config live? The dvd rom is a phillips which unfortunately isn't reading media so I can't boot an installer disk
  15. So I figured it out in the end, kind of protracted but it seems to have worked: Basically I followed the tutorial up to opening the .dxf in deep exploration then saved the .dxf to usb within the VM, copied it to my Win 10 desktop and opened it in deep exploration (installed on my Win 10 pc obviously). Followed the rest of the tutorial from there apart from using flubber text tool (I used kernelbasher v1.2 instead as it is the same thing but with more options) and now have a flubbered.bin 256kb x2 4983.67 bios with the XBOX text modified to say DEMON (in red) and red X, red fog, random geometry, etc. Now just need to get a cheap modchip to test it out with as I don't want to flash it to tsop just incase it's not good Anyone selling an aladdin in the UK?

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