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  1. Yes I know, I don't mind people printing it for themselves but profiting off of someone else's work (which has taken hundreds of hours) isn't cool. It is quite minimal I guess, would make a great gift
  2. Thanks I'll be uploading the stl's to thingiverse once I'm happy with them
  3. So I test printed the base to check screw alignment. Some tiny adjustments have been made and I'll reprint it now. Next is the back of the case to check the ports line up. Also did another render, hope you like it
  4. Started 3d printing some of the case. So far I've done the HDD bracket although it needs a bit of reinforcement to be more sturdy so I've redone it and will print it again. I've also started the (very) long process of printing the base to check the mount holes all line up. Then I'll print the back to ensure the ports also line up and make any final corrections. After that It's time to print the whole thing and once I'm happy I'll upload the files
  5. I think the evercool ones are identical to the ones he used, they just have a different plastic grill. The evercool ones line up perfectly
  6. I believe the heatsinks he used are these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Titan-ATI-NVIDIA-Copper-VGA-Cooler-TTC-CUV3AB-DIY-/222571984931?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 I have used these too: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Evercool-VC-RF-VGA-Chipset-Cooler-/390936355726?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  7. There are 2 optional oled displays beneath the tinted perspex lid that display temps, used memory etc. They dont show very well in the render but the YouTube video i posted 30th November (above) does show them. I suppose one could be mounted on the front, the Newhaven oled i modelled is about 4mm thick and the case thickness is 3mm
  8. I'm also designing a full sized and "slim" (no DVD drive) case so my mini will be one of three case options. Here's a quick mock up of the full sized one (ignore the xbox logo, will most likely not have that)
  9. You could check on ebay to see how much they usually sell for and base your price around your findings
  10. Thanks, first time trying to render so it doesn't look exactly realistic but it gives an idea of the finished product
  11. Quick render of how it will look made from brushed aluminium with a smoked acrylic top and internal led strip
  12. Mostly finished modelling the pico psu and atx to xbox adapter to make sure it all fits when assembled. Now to model the sata adapter for the hdd
  13. Thanks for the link, im trying several different heatsink setups to determine the most effective and efficient ones. To be honest 1.6's have a lot of negative points. You can't tsop flash, you can't ram upgrade, you have to rebuild the lpc to install a modchip and the video encoder isn't the best either. They do still have clock caps, its near the IDE port I think but I've not heard anything about them failing, I assume because they used a better capacitor. I prefer 1.1's myself.
  14. I plan on releasing the design files with the community once i've tested fitment and structural integrity. Regarding the disc drive I am using a no dvd bios which is TSOP flashed to the board. I've done this before with no issues, The HDD will be set up with a dashboard so I can just FTP anything over to it. Can I ask where you got your heatsinks from? I've designed a replacement bracket to use a Star Tech 1U server heatsink and fan for the CPU and a smaller generic 40mm heatsink and fan for the GPU.

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