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  1. you cant even mod a xbox one lol
  2. that is weird shows that the files are still in there try downloading it again https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bS7tjYn2jIvzISc681JCCEdKE7JAzQRd
  3. exactly the smartxx is about 100 along with the xenium is around 100 as well then the other 2 modchips are bonuses
  4. i would say those are fair prices man
  5. Xecuter 2.6 ce motherboard v1.6 and 80gb ide all wires and 1 official controller 100 usd shipped us only
  6. Hey man welcome to the chat man
  7. that may have been me cause i posted about this topic before on here
  8. well we dont really invite people its a private one i think im not the owner but i talk about some of the updates in this discord https://discord.gg/f5YedSP
  9. Oh and if you do not own a soldering iron or anything or do not know how to solder you can get conductive glue and put it on the tsop points to tsop your xbox that way
  10. yea a sealed xbox can be upwards of 1k and if its special editions could be worth alot more and it all really depends on the condition of the box
  11. yea it would be nice if alot of companys released there schematics for there modchips

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