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  1. If anyone needs original xbox cases hit me up just pay shipping they are missing faceplates but clean top and bottom.
  2. @Riff-RaffPM me and we can discuss prices.
  3. @Riff-RaffI do have a faceplate but i dont have any controllers for parts right now.
  4. I have 8 sets of pulled ram 70 USD for all 8 Sets US only unless you pay the extra shipping cost if its in the US its free shipping
  5. I will get all of those sorted by tmr been really busy.
  6. If anyone needs original xbox case parts like tops or bottoms or the metal sheild let me know ill sell them super cheap pretty much next to nothing along with any xbox 360 parts just trying too get rid of those.
  7. I'll look at those when I get home and try too add maybe a password to them so they can't get into them
  8. I have ram chips @Xjjunkie But no X3CP'S Lol @KaosEngineer
  9. I have just setup a new google drive this has way more then any of my old links so go check it out there will be more systems coming to the drive within the next few days. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1sdKMMA-tMa9tNQuN3P0vh5joMOto_p7i
  10. Im in the US and i cant really take pics of all of it just let me know what you need then i can send you pics personally.
  11. If anyone needs any parts for the original Xbox let me know or even Xbox 360 I'm selling all parts super cheap let me know what you need.
  12. 4 Sets of original Xbox ram 35 USD shipped USA only i can ship to other countries for more money for shipping.
  13. I made a quick and simple tutorial on how too Softmod your Xbox with the splinter cell exploit using Softmod installer deluxe
  14. Picture of the chip

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