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  1. Hey guys please contact me if you have any old original xbox mod chips that you would be willing to sell i may be intrested in some xenium chips and smartxx but just contact me if you do thanks
  2. dang your selling some good stuff wish i had the money for it
  3. they are very hard to come by but if your lucky someone has one in the fourms up for sale or on ebay
  4. hey man welcome to the site hop you can find what you are looking for here
  5. Xbmcmodsforxbox

    Blue XBox

    dang i wish i had 300 bucks right now to get that
  6. and make sure to post what type of m.2 you are using and such if you do it just in case someone wants to replicate the project
  7. yea that is all it would do i mean go ahead try it and post your results
  8. i do not think they have released it yet you will just need to wait
  9. or unless you have a m.2 just laying around doing nothing then go for it
  10. yea but why pay more money when its not going to give you that much more of faster times i would go with a regular hdd
  11. yea my 2tb drive takes about a min to boot but it dont bother me that much
  12. welcome to the chat man
  13. wow i like that xcm white case never noticed they made one like that

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