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  1. I have lots of og and 360 parts just DM if there is anything specific you need anything on my ebay if you DM me directly i will do at least 20% off and possibly more on top of that if you buy alot or i have had the item sitting for a while https://www.ebay.com/str/mcminer
  2. 8 sets of original Xbox ram 70 usd shipped us only
  3. Shoot offers tested and working selling as bundle xenium ice chip along with xenium sp ice solderless adapter.
  4. Do you have one of each of the eight (8) different models of DVD drives used in the Xbox?

    1. Thomson TGM600 manufactured Pre-2003
    2. Thomson manufactured 2003+
    3. Philips VAD6011/21
    4. Philips VAD6035/21
    5. Samsung Ver. A
    6. Samsung Ver. B
    7. Samsung Ver. F
    8. Hitachi GDR-8050L
    1. Xbmcmodsforxbox


      Hey i dont have any extra drives for sale atm ill let you know when i get some

  5. Xbox 360 Slim and Phat Console Cases, Heat Syncs, Dvd Drives, Cables, Working and Broken Controllers Anything you need let me know i have it i also have fully working consoles available as well. Original Xbox Cases, Dvd Drives, 80 Wire IDE Cables, Broken Controllers, Fans, Working Unmodded Consoles Or Modded Consoles Available, Bulk IDE Hard Drives Available, Bulk 500Gb Sata Drives Available With Proof of working can also load images to drives let me know if you need anything i probably have it. DM if you have any questions or need anything prices will be cheap need them GONE.
  6. If anyone needs original xbox cases hit me up just pay shipping they are missing faceplates but clean top and bottom.
  7. @Riff-RaffPM me and we can discuss prices.
  8. @Riff-RaffI do have a faceplate but i dont have any controllers for parts right now.
  9. I have 8 sets of pulled ram 70 USD for all 8 Sets US only unless you pay the extra shipping cost if its in the US its free shipping
  10. I will get all of those sorted by tmr been really busy.
  11. If anyone needs original xbox case parts like tops or bottoms or the metal sheild let me know ill sell them super cheap pretty much next to nothing along with any xbox 360 parts just trying too get rid of those.
  12. I'll look at those when I get home and try too add maybe a password to them so they can't get into them
  13. I have ram chips @Xjjunkie But no X3CP'S Lol @KaosEngineer

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