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  1. yea i want more power cause i will be getting a x3cp soon and the 128mb ram upgrade and the 1.4ghz cpu and a few extra projects will be added into it so it will probably take too much power with all that im trying to use
  2. yea i wanna add like leds and some other cool features but will need a better psu to do so
  3. these chips are getting harder and harder to find now
  4. cause for my xbox i want to add alot of stuff to it put with that im going to need more power
  5. hmm i have never head of it
  6. oh and maybe a few sata power connectors on the psu that would be pretty cool
  7. Hey guys has anyone ever thought of making a new xbox psu like one that has more power and is about the same size but has a few extra molex connectors and such if not that would be a great project to see come out on the og xbox.
  8. im looking for a smartxx lp opx chip so keep your eye out and let me know
  9. thanks yea i never was able to find one

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