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  1. great project mate cheers for sharing
  2. click the post link and get some printed for yourself mate 10 for $2 from jlcpcb and u can pick different colour pcbs for no extra charge
  3. thats for usb support pretty sure that's for usb support
  4. double checked the board again just incase shes all good to go
  5. did I miss something on that one bro ?
  6. gerbers for said board https://mega.nz/#!v5lFDKza!Q300OC6L7-4SHLjnnuQ7Ku5sAwn8UF1u8Ghk0enQMxY
  7. there's been a Muppetx chip for sale on eBay for the last few months pretty cheap as well
  8. Hi guys hope it helps those who have a broken/missing usb ports on the x3cp v1.0 needed a few minor dimensional changes to fit snugly in the stock x3cp usb board slide slots i had to shave off 1-2mm from the sides of the pcb for it to seat properly and not damage the housing. these files are v1.1 and the required changes have been made i recommend 1.00mm-1.6mm board thickness any questions feel free to ask https://mega.nz/#!LkNAFYSJ!SDPPguhC64fcmEvT2RkIuT_xdSYkedqKGIfJJlUAJQA
  9. here's the link for the 3d model in Tinkercad u can personalize it yourself quite easily thru your browser enjoy https://www.tinkercad.com/things/kJb02GCUetG
  10. hi guys i was wondering if there was a list of apps that have lcd support?

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