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  1. cheers xboxerover8, spackie21 more then happy to ship u one mate or u can pick one up from me in brissie if your local Zero charge ofcourse mate if u need it shipped just cover the postage and im happy with that.
  2. https://mega.nz/#!z89DkQZZ!S3VUQDyR59gDQTIIiYR7N_TN5lR7KNNSNiR973XYYbI Enjoy
  3. unfortunate no firmware i just do pcbs bro Xecuter x3 pcb clone was done months ago but pointless as pineapple on pizza without firmware
  4. https://mega.nz/#!Sp8BxSYI!JcMWsvb8MmQAZYdPgxXil2TSFoo2qG5A3fj1t5Oa_Ng xerc2xe enjoy Xerc2xe-Bluemeanie23.rar
  5. X-cutter shoutout to jacob from swaggerMFmods for sourcing this one to copy and archive enjoy https://mega.nz/#!7gczzAgD!RjpA9lWfboxF1N953eF87Yy2Qy-ZesqpCF1B34UiKoc x-cuter-bluemeanie23.rar
  6. it's a aladdin xt lite Cromwell version same pcb layout as the 4064just no headers and a 4032
  7. replace the resistor array it will work
  8. Big variations between the proswitch and x3 bank switch pcbs Wiring, component locations, and trace routes for starters lol
  9. awesome job mate this will help more then a few people. personally i will ve wiring up a xenium to a xlcd happy days
  10. dude probly should just use the cheap clones available everywhere those 2 chips u have are rare as chicken teeth i would give my left nut born to acquire those little gems u have mate
  11. tinkercad and to be honest im just going to look at the pictures and go from there nothing really to elaborate no doubt
  12. havent even looked into the cpld yet need a working pcb first then will worry about the os
  13. new project cheers for the pics evtech
  14. cheers mate. good to hear your getting into it. i started copying out of frustration for reasons similar u mentioned. 2019 deffinitly is the year of the ogxbox

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