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  1. replace the resistor array it will work
  2. Big variations between the proswitch and x3 bank switch pcbs Wiring, component locations, and trace routes for starters lol
  3. awesome job mate this will help more then a few people. personally i will ve wiring up a xenium to a xlcd happy days
  4. dude probly should just use the cheap clones available everywhere those 2 chips u have are rare as chicken teeth i would give my left nut born to acquire those little gems u have mate
  5. tinkercad and to be honest im just going to look at the pictures and go from there nothing really to elaborate no doubt
  6. havent even looked into the cpld yet need a working pcb first then will worry about the os
  7. new project cheers for the pics evtech
  8. cheers mate. good to hear your getting into it. i started copying out of frustration for reasons similar u mentioned. 2019 deffinitly is the year of the ogxbox
  9. hi guys been a while heres the latest modchip copy done its at v1.0 and untested waiting for pcbs to arrive for testing thing is im running out of modchips to copy i only have the duox2 smartxx v3 and xecuter3 and x-bit left in my possession cant wait to depopulate them and see a bare board. i was going to leave the x3 till last i think its appropriate considering its pinnacle status as apparently being the best chip ever for ogxbox thoughts?
  10. hi mate been chasing ones of those xenium led boards and wiring loom to clone for quite a while now. postage to aus?
  11. https://mega.nz/#!O89AxAjb!wD9_hKI8_RwPlmG2Btrq2LaIEgConfhdfvAgELWoVzM Xerc remake enjoy TEK gerbers-xerc.zip
  12. i absolutely love the added temp feature ive been testing various cpu pastes on a few boxes and am happy to report no real noticeable differences artic silver 5 compared to the cheaper deepcool z9 am still waiting for my thermal grizzly tube to arrive
  13. pcb 1.6mm fabrication thickness enjoy. gerbers included Gerber_999999977_20190525051758.zip
  14. Aladdin++ ive got one here infront of me right now and can verify the board design is spot on but not the .hex files ive never tried them hkmodteam cloned it from xenomods among a few others which are in this pack enjoy

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