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3 minutes ago, TEK Nemesis said:

OK...  so for the OG Xbox, you feel that the MS9282 is better all around?  (i.e. better at lower resolutions, maybe?)

I do.   Most tv's now a day do a better job at the upscaling than a converter chip also.

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Took me 2 days to get all the wiring right. for the wii2hdmi for og xbox modd ... using a wii2hdmi device ordered off eBay you can also find an Alibaba and other places like this. Very inexpensive aro

Tried this mod today.  It's pretty good. It will need an end cap though.  Luckily some brilliant person made up this 3D printable one (attached).    xbox2hdmi 3D printer file.stl

I was actually looking this up. One of the chips on board is made for white and black balance. They showed some sort of comparison side by side picture. It makes the white colors whiter. Maybe this is

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1 hour ago, KunfuMunky said:

@Kekule I know your not a big fan of upscalers but I am pretty curious about this thing. They say it's the box the other WII2HDMI are based on. I'm gonna do some more research:


i dont doubt it, they are all based on the same reference design from MacroSilicon.  and yes, I prefer my converter box to as little modification as possible, my TV is far better quality than most of them.

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Just wanted to inject the comment here I tried the internal mod with these adapter boards makes for very easy installation. All you have to do is remove the original Deport and solder everything together. Very simple takes about the same amount of time as making an Xbox to HDMI external adapter. But not having to worry about using shielded wire or not. This is the best way I have found to get the best picture out of this adapter regardless of chipset it's using. This is the closest mounting position available to the gpus output. Not no 10 in of wire before it hits the convert it hits it right away coming off the mb.. I highly recommend this install. Very clean finished great picture and audio. The boys who made this board originally did an excellent job. Attack store a few pictures of how to internally install Wii to HDMI on the original Xbox using these installation boards very simple to do and great video output even with the new chipset.




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What audio type are you using right now? I have been searching for a pretty long time for the right converter box. And now I have one that turns Component and Optical together to create HDMI with dolby. I'm curious if you also have dolby right now? Or does it internally change nothing to the mod itself?

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No they don't they're just stereo left and right no matter what revision board you end up getting. Which is fine by me because that's how I run my setup. If you require 5 1 audio. You can always bypass the HDMI converter directly from the dport motherboard running two wires to an RCA connection 4 coaxial 51 audio output. But 2 be honest the only thing that benefits from 5 1 audio output is original Xbox games. Most systems now are running 2tb builds that are rammed with emulation and Xbox games. If you consider everything that's on there maybe a maximum of 50,000 games. A very small percentage of that could actually take advantage of the 5/1 audio out... nes will not take advantage Super Nintendo Walmart take advantage. Sega CD will not take advantage Amiga system will not take advantage... the only thing that benefits from 5 1 audio is original Xbox games and I was surprised to find out that not the entire original Xbox Library supports it either you're looking about a little more than half of the library that supports 5 1 audio out. So out of a 2tb Xbox. Running maybe forty or fifty thousand games. The most I could take advantage is maybe around 400 original Xbox games. To me personally not worth the headache for this small boost in audio channels. But to each their own. If you go with the internal mod very easy to connect two wires to bottom of motherboard pinout in order to have the option of 5 1 audio out. Pretty much you bypass the Wii board completely.

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4 hours ago, jazz5000 said:

Hi guys


Have purchased the black wii2hdmi adapter and followed the above diagram.

I am only getting a black and white picture.

Have checked all the connections over and over and can't figure out whats wrong 


Anyone else had this issue?

There are many different PCBs inside even if the exterior case looks the same.  Try popping a 480p Xbox game DVD into the DVD drive and reboot your Xbox.  If it works then the type of PCB that you have might not support certain video resolutions.

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I also very strongly recommend whatever adapter you go with. To test it out on a Wii system beforehand. This can distinguish any defective products before you even start to work. There are different boards available with different layouts. You need to keep that in mind as well if it's not this exact board then the wiring schematic may not work

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2 minutes ago, Frank D'Agostino said:

Now when you were wiring this did you keep in mind that this is Layed out with the dport solder side facing you? This could be overlooked. Also are you in pal region?

Yes made sure was following the layout in the 1st pic so dport solder side facing me..   Yh I'm in the PAL region have tried switching Xbox to ntsc aswell with hexen but same thing. 

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Seems like any problems that arise with this mod always comes from pal region you're the second person and this is in the pal regen. For some reason it doesn't like pal region. That being said pal is incapable of providing picture in 720p and 1080i .. I would suggest trying another television something that switches between pal and ntsc. You already said that you switched your console to ntsc. I don't know how well your television is taking it. But on this side of the world I assure you this mod works every time. I have nothing but success stories to talk about on this side of the world for some reason pal region is a little different.. if you're certain that your connections are proper. And you didn't miss any grounding points or didn't try to cut any corners. I recommend running your Xbox in ntsc mode. And trying on a different TV something more modern that can produce ntsc signal. Other than that I can't shed too much more light on this topic. Seems like any problems that ever arose from this mod came from pal region. I would try a different HDMI cable and tv.. hopefully something very modern

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Hey Guys and Gals, Sorry if this Question has been asked in other sections or indeed answered here already. But has Anyone Had any issues with the Y Video feed not working or is there anyway to test the Y Connection Ive triple checked all connections are wired correctly and there are no shorts But i cant seem to get a video feed with the adapter ive pieced together using this specific board revision. Can anyone advise me Please. Thanks in advance 



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    • By bot_1
      Hey folks
      It has been some time since I last posted. Hope you're doing well...
      What have you been up to? 😉
      I recently preordered the new version of the HDMI+ mod from MakeMhz which will arrive in july and i wanted to upgrade one of my my existing xboxes with it.
      Since I'm going to solder anyway and i got some RAM chips laying around, i thought about upgrading the RAM as well. In this regard, i was wondering if there is a BIOS that supports both (HDMI and 128MB RAM). Is the MakeMHz-BIOS taking advantage of 128MB RAM? Does somebody have some experince with this? 
      Thanks in advance for you thoughts!
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      Hello everyone!
      Something very strange is happening with my softmodded xbox and I really can’t figure what’s wrong.
      I recently got a used xbox in very good condition, cleaned thoroughly, clock capacitor removed, top notch condition overall.
      So, I installed a new 1TB WD hard drive (WD10EZEX) and everything went great.
      In the Hexen options I selected to make a big partition so I can put the games in there.
      So, long story short, I transferred a whole lot of games with FTP using a crossover cable, directly from my laptop to my xbox, since the Ethernet method gave me low transfer speeds.
      Everything was going great and at last I had a big library to choose and enjoy, even downloaded a big coinops pack! So, as you can tell I spent countless hours just transferring every day.
      I played daily for 1-2 weeks with no problems at all.
      Then one day, all of a sudden I saw that coinops was missing and some of the games also.
      To my surprise, they were magically deleted, and it messed up the games folders, for example there was just an empty folder with the game name and nothing in it.
      I couldn’t find any info online, so I decided to start transferring again and see if it will do this again.
      And at that point I started getting errors in Filezilla, half of the files were transferring and the others failed. The ones that fail are always the same files, everytime in every game.
      I even tried a different cable, but the result was the same.
      Another weird thing is that the later partitions (X,Y,Z) sometimes have weird files in them and other times are empty, for example at one point there was a 500MB file called gta3image.iso or something like that, and at other times, just random assorted files that it creates and deletes by itself. I never mess with those partitions, it does this by itself. The only partition I access is F which is the main ~900GB partition with my “Games” folder.
      So now, I’m with a half-broken xbox and can’t really tell what’s wrong.
      Any advice or info what may be wrong (maybe something similar has happened to someone here), will be greatly appreciated!
      I’m attaching a Filezilla report with a game I just tried transferring (25 to Life is the game), maybe someone could figure something from the report:
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      Hey there everyone, just purchased an unmodded Xbox and I'm having issues. I tested with multiple games and for some reason, the console cannot read discs. It can boot to the menu and works perfectly fine in that regard, but when I put a disc in the green lift around the eject key will blink for a few times and then... Nothing. I don't get a read error or damaged disc message, it simply does nothing. No error code, everything else seems to work perfectly fine, but it simply won't read discs. It is a samsung disc drive and I opened it and did a bit of cleaning, checked the wires for seemingly any damage or missing pins which there weren't any and nothing has changed. The disc drive is clean, the connections are fine, and the discs are all basically flawless. Any ideas or advice?

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