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  1. Hey Kaos, Thanks for the swift reply and also taking the time to Help out, its Much appreciated. I missed the notification comming through lastnight, i gotta abit lost messing with the Box to Debug it, i was determined to get it running again before going to sleep how it was beforenthe weekemd it was quite a late night/morning . After It Turns out the Problem wasnt with XBMC4gamers but rather the 255 Folder Limitation of the FatX format and How UnleashX Handles new Games before there played adding meta files. I could remember reading years ago about fatX limits But never built a System big enough to run into it myself, Other than with Emulation roms and over 4096 files in a folder . That Being Said after figuring it out i Ftp'd over my T and U Data files and deleted all the un needed files from unleash X and then Simple renamed the Directory for which unleash X searches for games to "XboxGames" in side its Config.xml file so it doesnt happen again and Its Set it Straight. Im Now once again a Proud owner of a XBMC4Gamers Rig . Sorry if that was abit long winded. My Hope is if someone Runs into this Issue again whos new to the scene, it will be an easy find through a Search and Hopefully easy solution aswell. But once again Let me Just thank you for Getting Back to Thread, it really was Appreciated. Morris
  2. Hey Guys Sorry to Open a thread on something that should be so simple but it has Honestly stumped me. Ive had a Quick look at the Forums and i couldnt find a Link to what im experiencing so hear goes. Before the weekend i finalized my OG with the Xbmc4gamers all was working fine with no issues. Ive come back today to find that Xbmc4gamers will no longer launch. Thinking its corrupt files after abit of a move around before the weekend i decided to ftp a new set of files that i had kept knowing there are fully working. I honestly thought that would of fixed it but after a hard reboot it still remains. Is there any sort of config file i should be looking to delete, maybe to regenerate a fresh set of files? if so any help would be much appreciated. For a little more information ive tried launching this Through an added menu entry aswell as through the file explorer and both reboot to Unleash X before and after a new set of files via Ftp. Thanks In advance Morris
  3. Dont Mention it Phrunt. If your Happy With it, thats the Main. Morris
  4. To Be Fair if you Happy With your specific Setup and the Resolution it outputs, then i Would say No. That Being Said ive seen alot of comments on the forum about how Bad the Official Cables such as the Pound Perform, But i Myself Love to Tinker, Create and Modify Things, after Seeing the Wii2HDMI mod and Hearing about how Crisp and colourful the image was in Comparison and also the Thought of having an Internal HDMI Rather than a Specific Cable Setup it was a Better fit in My Dream of what i wanted from it. Taking the Old Box into the New Generation and prolonging its life use, also Pretty much everyone has a spare HDMI cable lying around where the OG Xbox Dport Cable is Uncommon unless bought offline. If you Ever wanted to Bust the Box out for a Retro Gaming Session its Alot more Compatable. Ive Built RGH 360 Consoles also in the Hope of Reliving Some of The Golden Oldies in some variation of HD Glory but the fact that so many of the Original Xbox Games library are unsupported even after the Backwards Compatability and Modded Compatabilty update are applied is abit Shite. Adding the HDMI to the OG XBox is a way Cheaper alternative to a Tidy set of Cables and Also Enabled me to Play all of those Games I Long for when Fancying a Retro Session. In the End its all Down to Preference and What you want from it. LONG LIVE THE BOX Morris
  5. I thought it might be to be fair, It Makes Sence as Soon as you say it like that . Ill give it a go asap Should give better results than already obtained. From What you Say i take it Only Certain Videos or Cutscenes of Supported Games are Rendered at the Full 1080 and. Then Gameplay is 720 is that Correct? I Suppose its not to much potch to toggle it, if i find a Game that supports and Runs Stable. Thats Cleared that Up Awesome Cheers SS Dave Morris
  6. Hey SS Dave. Thanks for the Fast responce. It has Since posting earlia, started resoluting at the right Settings Would it be better to switch To NTSC via The Video Enigma Switcher Homebrew app i think it is? I enabled the 480 , 720 and NTSC M Modes via the UnleashX Dashboard Settings Tab. I have a Question about 1080 though if you Could help clear things up. I read from a Post from yourself, in another section of the forums that 1080 is very Resource Draining of the Box. Some Original Xbox Games are listed to Play at 1080 Would they still resolute And Play Fine or isnt it Worth the Hassle?. Thanks in advance Morris
  7. Hey Everyone, Been Following the Forums For Quite some Time But not really Posted as all the imformation was easily found with a little search. First let me Say thanks for all the help within the Forums already. That Being said. I today have completed the Wii2Hdmi Mod Internaly and all is Working fine as of testing before reassembling. The only issues is Even after setting the Xbox System Settings to allow 720 it still does not ouput on that resolution. Is this To do with the Video Mode that i have selected? I have opted for the Internal mod without removing the D-port and Soldered on the Pinouts on the Bottom of D-port, My Current Video Mode is 11-13-Ground and Does output video feed to the Tv. But it feels like a waste of time modyfing the case to house the extra components if the Unit wont Output in 720p HD. Am i missing Something? Im no stranger to the Tech World or the Xbox Modding scene and have been around since around 2008. But i cant Wrap my head around it. Maybe im Just Overlooking Something But if Anyone Could point me in the rite Direction i would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance Morris
  8. Thanks Man. I literally starting playing vice city the smorning, ive came online for some trainers just to make it Extra enjoyable, and Found this Great Work =D
  9. Hey Guys and Gals, Sorry if this Question has been asked in other sections or indeed answered here already. But has Anyone Had any issues with the Y Video feed not working or is there anyway to test the Y Connection Ive triple checked all connections are wired correctly and there are no shorts But i cant seem to get a video feed with the adapter ive pieced together using this specific board revision. Can anyone advise me Please. Thanks in advance Morris028

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