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  1. Yeah indeed I kinda had the same idea highlighted above. I don't think you even have to remove all ports but by altering one you could probably already have a solution also for the battery. And when using a Duke you have even more space.
  2. Hey guys, I'm already googling this question for a while to see if there are some answers out there. What I am curious about is if there is some way to run original controllers wirelessly on an OG Xbox or any other console. Now I know about Ryans mod having the possibility to run a lot of different wireless controllers and I already bought this mod as well. But I was curious if it's possible to mod the controller itself to either connect the controller to Ryans mod or to make a mod like they did on the dreamcast via Dreamonn. In these times we are trying to get all the consoles running th
  3. Yeah I am also curious when or if you are going to send world wide. I mean it fits an enveloppe right?
  4. KunfuMunky

    Wireless Usb

    I was also curious about this driver thing but not for keyboards or mice but to make the original controller wireless. i already have the mod of Ryan but I would still like to make the controller wireless. It works with a usb cable so I'm trying to find out what happens when I add some wireless protocol to the controller and connect it either to Ryan's mod or something else. You could try and see if you would be able to connect a keyboard or mice to Ryan's mod.
  5. Maybe I can help you out, I also wanted to build a couple of Open Xenium's I'm located in the Netherlands.
  6. I like to repair almost anything that has electricity running through it, probably just like you guys. I love to solder tiny things and I think I can build a Open Xenium as well. But building a chip from scratch... I already like to see what guys like bluemeanie23 do building gerber files from existing boards and I think that's a good place to start. But you also need to be a programmer to build stuff like this and thats a step to far for me. If there was some 101 I would probably follow it XD I'm in my thirties so still not old enough to learn
  7. There were so many chips out there and Xecuter had a really good name. Xenium's were really good as well and from what I remembered there were only 3/4 top notch chips. The only reason I went with the Xecuter is because of the nice front panel that clicked on the xbox and that I could see clearly I could go onto Live or not. They were just there with really nice solutions and mods. But Ryan didn't choose the Xenium for nothing it had a good reputation. And lets be honest back in the day no one wanted a clone and now no one can wait for his (me included). What do you really need an Xecuter for
  8. Wow you really can't seem to stop to amaze me! I didn't even lift a finger for these projects but every day I refresh the pages here (and on twitter) to see update from you. I hope you also sell these in the future. I already have an xecuter xbox so now it's time for a Ryan xbox with Open Xenium, HDMI and the wireless controllers. Thank you so much you make my hobby so much better!

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