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  1. It seems as though the modchip was at fault as I tried another one which I had and the problem seems to have gone.
  2. It is running the 2tb xbox Origins xbmc front end. It is rebooting at the dashboard or when in a game. The interval is not the same each time it is totally random. Yes it is rebooting to the flubber animation each time as if it had been turned of or reset. Its a Samsung ST2000DL004 - 2TB - Barracuda Green and a Startech sata adapter (these have both been tested in another machine and are fine in another machine) I will check the caps and solder connections once I have chance and report back, thanks for your help
  3. This is what I was thinking although I tried 2 other component cables last night and these are 2 that are 'known good' but the problem still exists unfortunately
  4. I did re-flash the bios using the Hexen 2018 disc, using a M8plus bios suitable for a 1.6 model, I might try to re-flash again later and see what happens. at the moment I have nothing to lose with this one as never had this happen before.
  5. Hi I have a PAL 1.6 xbox that I've recently rebuilt the LPC, added a Aladdin xt+2 modchip to and upgraded the hard drive with a larger 2tb. the system runs fine in SD via the standard AV cable (RED/WHITE/YELLOW lead) once I switch the console over to NTSC video settings and reboot the console with a component lead it switches to 1080i or 720p fine but will randomly reboot. Has anybody come across this before and know a fix? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi thanks for the reply. I'm at work today so dont have an actual pic of mine but its this one circled on red on this picture.
  7. Hi I'm currently doing a lpc rebuild on a 1.6 og xbox and I've managed to lift the trace on the trace near R7P4 does anyone know if theres somewhere else on the board I can pick this up? Thanks in advance.
  8. djfusion82

    The Foxbox

    very nice, good work
  9. Thanks for sharing, will give this a try as have a couple of old 360 component leads knocking about
  10. was wondering this myself as tried some downloads and got the same, thanks
  11. had a crystal one like this, never managed to completely get the brown tinge out of it

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