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  1. if you look at the code he has defines for _Win32 so Im sure if you had gcc set up right it would work. I can confirm it compiles file with mingw
  2. I havent played with it yet.... like he said, if you pick a bad value you wont even boot... that its a rather new repo.... I plan on compiling it at some point
  3. have you played around with this: https://github.com/WulfyStylez/XBOverclock
  4. you could do something like this: http://www.brunofreitas.com/node/41 im in the process of putting one together and seeing how well they work
  5. Kekule

    Help Please

    thats a version of the cheapmod
  6. so I'm working on an internal hdmi mod among other things..... would you also want an optical and or rca output for the spdif, our just spdif over the hdmi? this is currently an external design, but I'm making it an internal currently. https://imgur.com/iJKaQjN also have another project some of you may recognize... https://imgur.com/a/fCjAnTp
  7. no... the 4032 doesnt have enough macrocells to do an lcd its a basic modchip
  8. got my controller, just have to reflash a SD card for my pitaya and test to make sure the controller works then I can start reading the buttons.
  9. I have a controller being shipped to me soon, and assuming it works I have all the equipment to get you what you need.
  10. it works really well, (and simple if you use the full raspian install). What i do is read it with PiPROM, transfer it to my pc and null the key with LiveInfo, and then rewrite the eeprom with PiPROM. has never failed me.
  11. something like the adafruit backpack may work for the SPI interface https://www.adafruit.com/product/292 I know they can be used on 20x4 lcds
  12. p3 cpus require an interposer board to handle the pin remapping.
  13. what is the audio output on these, stereo over HDMI?
  14. i havent tried with the newer versions of hexen i guess, but I know the older version would only display on composite
  15. lol... very true, I have a few of them sitting around waiting for me to find the time to play with it and get the mods right

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