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  1. Kekule

    Mb Screw Size/Type

    true, the length are custom, but its highly unlikely that is a custom thread
  2. Kekule

    Mb Screw Size/Type

    the closest I've found are #5-20, but they arent quite right.... M3 self tapping arent quite right either.... but I would be extremely surprised if they were custom...
  3. then you have a dead drive.... they are fully interchangeable
  4. Yeah, China still isnt fully recovered from the corona virus shutdown, but I'm starting to get the parts now.
  5. lol... yeah I have no doubt that the market will be flooded with them..... I dont see any reason to make them in bulk because of that.
  6. the S29 chips work just fine... exactly the same specs as the AM29 (even same Dev ID and Manufacturer ID), makes me think that Cypress bought the IP to the chip and rebranded it
  7. sure, but that's not anything special with the xblast aladdin, any modchip will work, and the timing when removing the grounds is very difficult to pull off
  8. you know you cant fix a bad TSOP flash with the xblast aladdin right?
  9. great!, I was actually abot to get your order together before I left town so it will go out today
  10. I can usually get things shipped out within a couple days, and typically takes about 10 days to get to the UK (im away the end of this week, so may not ship until next week though)
  11. I know this group has a lot of new HDMI solutions recently, and has focused on the wii2hdmi mods. ( and I know there are more options coming in the near future) Here's a new option for you....I've recently finalized a completely new design (it's been in the works since christmas, but I'm pleased to announce that it is now completely functional) -supports component to HDMI conversion at all supported xbox video resolutions -Wolfson Audio IC to convert S/PDIF signal for the HDMI transmitter -Individually shielded video signals -Internal install will be an option There are two basic ways to take advantage of the digital audio 1)Direct decoding when passed through an HDMI receiver 2)Optical pass through from your TV to you receiver 3) it can also pass the stereo audio to play directly on your TV Sales are probably about a month out still, as I will be sending units out to a few trusted testers and get testing done with some of those problematic xbox systems that are around. https://imgur.com/a/QXP6lcM https://www.chimericsystems.com/product/hdmi-video-adapter

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