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  1. I was actually looking this up. One of the chips on board is made for white and black balance. They showed some sort of comparison side by side picture. It makes the white colors whiter. Maybe this is what people were talking about it looks a little bit brighter compared to the pound wire. It's hard for me to tell the difference. Not only that it has some sort of Chip that make sure every pixel is the way it's supposed to look... and if it senses something is off it will duplicate the image . I think it was called Auto delicing .. I think maybe this is why in this picture of a side-by-side comparison. I took a screenshot to zoom in to see if I can tell the difference if you look on the Apple on the left hand side it's missing half of the stem if you look on the right hand side it has the full stem I think this is where the Auto delicing comes in... and I will say something else when I was capturing footage between the pound wire and the Wii to HDMI for original Xbox. One wire goes to the PC where it is capturing the footage. But what it shows on PC monitor is delayed so you need another monitor to hook the capture device up to I have a small 28 in television I use for it has HDMI hookups. When I was recording the side-by-side footage I noticed that my monitor the game monitor not the PC monitor that was getting the image and recording the image I'm talking about the one I'm looking at with no delay had a lot of green artifacting going on with the pound. Just thought I should add that in there. I don't know whether or not these specific chipsets Help on that end but I did not notice any on the Wii to HDMI.. attached is the image of the screenshot I took. There are a couple other spots that look better on the right side I just can't remember. Take a look for yourself what do you think?
  2. Yeah but not really. If you look at mine it's got a lot more grounding points. You might have came up with the idea and I give you credit for that good job I've only seen it done not only that but I've asked him to forms and I've asked in Facebook groups for help pretty much begging nobody came forward. By the way that's schematic by XP classics. Is wrong it's missing information. So don't go off that. it took me two days to figure out how to wire this from scratch as I had no help. Once I had great success James Reid offered to make a better diagram I had to hand draw everything and send it his way. Some of those images you posted are decent but there is one in particular XP classic that is misleading. That being said you should use the schematic I came up with yes sure it might use a few more grounding points. But that's just a guarantee you won't have any interference especially when it comes to 1.4. For example my build has five grounding points. In any event I did not see your post. And when I ask for help nobody helped me so this is my revision of this mod. If you got it to work some other way that's great but it doesn't really help nobody else out if there's no schematics to go off of and if the information is not shared I actually track this back to a member of XP classic who came up with this mod. And they're charging the equivalent of $40 us for one of these. I messaged the guy directly the first person who ever came up with this idea because I wanted to give him credit but his answer was disgusting. I showed him that XP classic image. He told me I have better images but I will not release them. That is terrible that does not help anyone in the community not only that but the same gentleman is charging $$$$ 4 links for coin-ops packs Etc. To his own people just because they do not know how to write and read in English. I will not credit that person. If you got this to work I'm very happy for you. But this does not help anybody at all without a proper schematic with the help of James Reid I was able to supply the community with it that's why I made this post I want to be able to have a good schematic available online for anyone who wants to do this mod. Anyway that being said thank you for your contributions. But if you don't have your own note still and you just have memorized keep a copy of this schematic it is Bulletproof. Thanks again Frank
  3. Took me 2 days to get all the wiring right. for the wii2hdmi for og xbox modd ... using a wii2hdmi device ordered off eBay you can also find an Alibaba and other places like this. Very inexpensive around 5 Canadian dollars. You're also going to need some sort of a donor Xbox RCA wires or component wires in order to pull this off. There is 11 connections total five of which are ground I do not suggest not adding all the ground cuz could cause interference. Had pretty good luck I made to both of them are crystal clear with no interference. I tested on version 1.0 as well as version 1.4 turned out very good. I tried to look up and down online for some sort of schematic nothing appeared. There was one picture that was in Spanish but it was misleading I tried to look into it to find out who the original inventor was found the person at XB Classics a Brazilian site. After conversating with him he told me that he had better pictures but he would not share. Then I noticed a site that they has linked where they were selling these to the equivalent of 40 US dollars a piece so that is the reason the images that they uploaded are just there to confuse people. So that they cannot make it. Does not include audio left or right. And apparently La stands for 5 V? Don't ask me but that's what the guy told me makes no sense at all. I spent two days getting the wiring correct. I documented everything and put it on a YouTube video (link2come) was trying to figure out the best way to make this readily available for everybody in the world any Xbox Enthusiast should have a low cost HDMI adapter solution available to them this is where these schematics come in. Again I didn't notice any interference at all. Just a little bit in the Bios when only running 480 but there's not much you can do unless you re Flash the BIOS to force. I've noticed people in the group posting pictures not even having soldering skills and getting very good results from this method. In theory you can use this exact same adapter in order to have an internal HDMI solution. These images are water marked because these are going to be the only good images that are online and I seen the way XB classic does their water mark and it really bugs me that they did that so I wanted to make sure that everyone knows where it came from. That being said I'm Mister James Reid really helped me out with this he volunteered his services in order to take my hard copy drawings that were on paper and make it look something presentable. Which he did and he did a great job thank you very much James I did in fact alter the images to have the watermark across them. Sorry about that but I figured since I put in the work I deserve to have my name on it. If you have any questions please do not hesitate I do not check this site every day but I do come in from time to time. Thanks again and I hope people online can use this receive money from the big corporations like pounds and hyperkin charging ridiculous amounts of money for something so cheap... I've also got a lot of questions recently about people asking if this is any better than component. It uses the component wires in order to transfer the signal into HDMI. I'm not too technical with that end but when looking up the chip number on the actual board for the Wii to HDMI adapter I did notice in there schematics and their breakdown for the actual board they did mention that the video board that does the decoding actually does video on hand splint what kind of video enhancement I have no idea. But it should be an enhancement over component if they are speaking the truth. Anyway gentleman without further delay here are the schematics. I hope this hope somebody somewhere. Thank you very much Frank
  4. Unfortunately I do not the guy I got my orange memory card showed me that he showed me it was like a CD holder that said Xbox on it it was a soft CD holder hand size. And he also had a betta shirt said Xbox Live tester on the shirt
  5. Actually there were a couple extra skins made I made one and my friend made another one from an old skin that was actually in a competition back in the day the winner of the skin one $500 cash. When I get sometime I will post a link.. attached is the image of the custom one that I made. I title it arcade. Link to soon come
  6. I have a blue chip here good working condition. The real deal not no fake bulshit. I want a little bit more than the last guy though 65 sounds fair. Can even burn you a copy of the recovery disk in order to wipe the chip if you want to and start off fresh. It was installed on a version 1.4 Xbox. Can also give you pin header. You're going to have to solder a wire from the DO to the chip. The chip has never been soldered before. It had one of those Pogo pin Style quick swap adapters that I need to keep. 65 American gets it shipped with tracking. Message me for more information and more pictures. If you're on Facebook even easier to message me through there. Thank you
  7. Okay I fired up the old Xbox with the original chip. Very simple in the root of E partition need to make a folder called XENIUMOS .. within that folder you need to make another folder titled SKINS ... inside of that folder you can put the five skins. This should work 100% because I'm looking at the Xbox that is powered on that I pulled the skins off of..thank you. And you don't have to make them Capital to all lowercase letters are fine... so it should look something like this E/XENIUMOS/SKINS/PUT SKINS HERE!! Pictures below for reference
  8. I thought it came with some sort of CD holder as well. Like a little soft binder that holds discs
  9. Hey buddy I made all these images myself. I use 3D paint with Windows 10. My editing skills at the time were terrible I use whatever I found online. So putting the border around the image yes I made that..
  10. This was tested with unleash X as well as XBMC 3 5 3. Emulationstation was never tested with these games. But these games do run good with emulationstation. Everything that was tested was just thrown into the emulator like any other emulator nothing was configured. That would literally take me months. For now there's a good list of at least 35 games that's floating around better than what was available before

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