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  1. Okay first off you went and bought this adapter off eBay God only knows what the eBay seller did. How he wired it up..and if he followed schematics exact or not... my advice to you is to contact the eBay seller. Not to come on this form and write down that you're having problems with one that you bought off eBay that has no connection to anybody in this form.. second your TV looks pretty old there. Looks like the picture could be washed out from the beginning I would try a different TV. If that doesn't work contact your eBay seller and tell him you would like an exchange or a refund. Posting it here is going to do nothing because you cannot repair anyting on that unit if you do you may not get your money back from eBay
  2. I'm trying to wonder what is so special that's on that hard drive your old hard drive? If you could care less about what's on it there's an easier way of upgrading your hard drive if it is a hard modded system. Note this only works for hard modded system if you try this on a softmod you will screw everything up. All you need to do is put the new hard drive in its place with an upgraded 80 conductive wire. Burn a copy of hexen 19 use IMG burn that's the only program that will burn this this properly I normally burn at about 8x although I've heard speed does not matter... so remove the old hard drive installed a new hard drive put hexen in the Xbox... just wait a minute and normally takes a minute or two to load. Hexen will automatically detect that this is a brand new hard drive and it will walk you through the process of setting up the hard drive for your Xbox. Very simple a seven-year-old can follow these steps. However for some reason if it does not load this option and it allows you to go into hexen you want to pick option 3 then option 5 then option 3.. provided you are an ntsc region. This option will completely format the new hard drive for the original Xbox adding all the necessary files and executables to the new hard drive it will also even partition everything. This is one of them easier methods. If you must clone your hard drive. There are two different versions of chimp floating around the one I use is 2618. I've used that from day one never had a problem I know that there's a revised version of it but I couldn't figure out how to use it for the life of me. If you're having issues with chimp try the other version. Also you want to make sure that you using an 80 conductive wire and that the hard drive you are cloning to is set as slave
  3. Seems like any problems that arise with this mod always comes from pal region you're the second person and this is in the pal regen. For some reason it doesn't like pal region. That being said pal is incapable of providing picture in 720p and 1080i .. I would suggest trying another television something that switches between pal and ntsc. You already said that you switched your console to ntsc. I don't know how well your television is taking it. But on this side of the world I assure you this mod works every time. I have nothing but success stories to talk about on this side of the world for some reason pal region is a little different.. if you're certain that your connections are proper. And you didn't miss any grounding points or didn't try to cut any corners. I recommend running your Xbox in ntsc mode. And trying on a different TV something more modern that can produce ntsc signal. Other than that I can't shed too much more light on this topic. Seems like any problems that ever arose from this mod came from pal region. I would try a different HDMI cable and tv.. hopefully something very modern
  4. I also very strongly recommend whatever adapter you go with. To test it out on a Wii system beforehand. This can distinguish any defective products before you even start to work. There are different boards available with different layouts. You need to keep that in mind as well if it's not this exact board then the wiring schematic may not work
  5. This on emulationstation took me 3 days to accomplish. It's not just as simple as Bin/cue you have to make sure that one is pointing to the other. Depending on where you got your pack from they may have to be edited within the bin and cue file itself. This can be done on notepad plus plus. Or can be done through the file editor of an original Xbox. Another good tip is the spelling has to be exactly the same both as the main name for the Q and name for the bin.. also within these files they have to be named the same. I wish you good luck..
  6. No they don't they're just stereo left and right no matter what revision board you end up getting. Which is fine by me because that's how I run my setup. If you require 5 1 audio. You can always bypass the HDMI converter directly from the dport motherboard running two wires to an RCA connection 4 coaxial 51 audio output. But 2 be honest the only thing that benefits from 5 1 audio output is original Xbox games. Most systems now are running 2tb builds that are rammed with emulation and Xbox games. If you consider everything that's on there maybe a maximum of 50,000 games. A very small percentage of that could actually take advantage of the 5/1 audio out... nes will not take advantage Super Nintendo Walmart take advantage. Sega CD will not take advantage Amiga system will not take advantage... the only thing that benefits from 5 1 audio is original Xbox games and I was surprised to find out that not the entire original Xbox Library supports it either you're looking about a little more than half of the library that supports 5 1 audio out. So out of a 2tb Xbox. Running maybe forty or fifty thousand games. The most I could take advantage is maybe around 400 original Xbox games. To me personally not worth the headache for this small boost in audio channels. But to each their own. If you go with the internal mod very easy to connect two wires to bottom of motherboard pinout in order to have the option of 5 1 audio out. Pretty much you bypass the Wii board completely.
  7. So a member of the group was asking for a Dport to dport wire he was asking other members if they had one available because he had one of those LCD screens that go on top of the Xbox and use a proprietary wire that connects from the Xbox to the intec inc screen.. I told him it was easy enough to make that it was just a few wires he could not be bothered. This got me thinking maybe I should make an easy-to-follow schematic for this. I did not do any YouTube searches or Google searches. I clearly went off my HDMI schematic and figured out the rest for myself. There was an image going around that shows the dport but it is backwards it shows the front view so in this image you will see that it's been deciphered so it's easier to follow well soldering. I did make one of these wires and had great success I used all brand new hardware that I purchased a little while ago. It is working great very basic wiring. I'm pretty sure this LCD does not provide video over 480i I think that's pretty much the max resolution I could be wrong on that this wire is designed to Output in 480i or your typical composite video signal. This pinout / schematic can potentially save a lot of money. I have not seen one of those wires alone on eBay it always comes with the screen so if somebody is looking for that wire it could be very costly pretty much what they want to pay for it. Not only that the same schematic can apply to somebody who has an RCA entertainment series Xbox Ready TV which has the proprietary dport input. In order to make this wire you can follow the diagrams exactly. Just make sure you add a few extra feet to the length in between. I know I bought one off Amazon and I think it cost me around 35 with shipping. This wire can be easily made from 2 $5 RCA wires. The schematic itself was made and designed by me maybe that's why it does not look the absolute greatest. I'm more of a Hands-On guy than the computer guy so I apologize but it looks pretty self-explanatory easy-to-follow what you do on one end you want to do on the other end. You should be fine the only concern is the jump wire pin 8 to pin 20... I have found if you only do one of the Xbox connections with this jump that connection has to be the one that's plugged into the Xbox itself. If you hook it up the other way around it will not display. So you can either remember to always plug that one in your Xbox or just make sure you jump both sides on both connectors. In order to not have to worry about that. In any event I hope somebody somewhere can benefit from this schematic took me a couple hours to wire up in a couple hours to make the schematic itself. But if it helps at least one person in the community save money than it was totally worth it 4 wire I just used regular RCA's. I'm guessing if you wanted the best kind of quality on this you can always use Xbox 360 shielded component cable wire since that is a high build grade for sure..for 5.1 audio out just tap into pin #3 ...thank you very much Frank

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