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  1. Actually there were a couple extra skins made I made one and my friend made another one from an old skin that was actually in a competition back in the day the winner of the skin one $500 cash. When I get sometime I will post a link.. attached is the image of the custom one that I made. I title it arcade. Link to soon come
  2. I have a blue chip here good working condition. The real deal not no fake bulshit. I want a little bit more than the last guy though 65 sounds fair. Can even burn you a copy of the recovery disk in order to wipe the chip if you want to and start off fresh. It was installed on a version 1.4 Xbox. Can also give you pin header. You're going to have to solder a wire from the DO to the chip. The chip has never been soldered before. It had one of those Pogo pin Style quick swap adapters that I need to keep. 65 American gets it shipped with tracking. Message me for more information and more pictures. If you're on Facebook even easier to message me through there. Thank you
  3. Okay I fired up the old Xbox with the original chip. Very simple in the root of E partition need to make a folder called XENIUMOS .. within that folder you need to make another folder titled SKINS ... inside of that folder you can put the five skins. This should work 100% because I'm looking at the Xbox that is powered on that I pulled the skins off of..thank you. And you don't have to make them Capital to all lowercase letters are fine... so it should look something like this E/XENIUMOS/SKINS/PUT SKINS HERE!! Pictures below for reference
  4. I thought it came with some sort of CD holder as well. Like a little soft binder that holds discs
  5. Hey buddy I made all these images myself. I use 3D paint with Windows 10. My editing skills at the time were terrible I use whatever I found online. So putting the border around the image yes I made that..
  6. This was tested with unleash X as well as XBMC 3 5 3. Emulationstation was never tested with these games. But these games do run good with emulationstation. Everything that was tested was just thrown into the emulator like any other emulator nothing was configured. That would literally take me months. For now there's a good list of at least 35 games that's floating around better than what was available before
  7. Anyway u can make one like this for xenium blue aswell Thank u
  8. Does anybody have wiring schematics or LCD from X3 to 44780LCD? Thank u
  9. Great useful information great job. Would be awesome if you could do one for executor 2.6ce Keep up the great work
  10. I'd be nice if you guys had any if you guys could share as well to this thread.
  11. recently got a debug kit I have been trying to look for ways on how to FTP 2 debug kit. The only media this would read that will allow you to FTP is the dashboard Avalanche. These were made on the Old Source codes that's why it can read it. But you really want the Alpha version it's a special version (Alpha v0.49.1) This is the only Dash or program this debug kit will play. Once it boots up go into file manager using the CD to get there. Copy files from DVD drive into the E partition you can make a folder call it apps and place individually everything on the contents of the CD you made... once that is done you can reboot the system open Avalanche go into FTP settings. You want to change your IP address to whatever you have on flashfxp or Windows .. once you are linked you can pull off any programs that you want to make a copy for yourself. Another thing you can do is download an app called retail game loader V 1.20. This app will allow you to play retail games as well as emulators or anything the original Modded Xbox can play. How you use it is once you FTP to hard drive and is complete reset the system then under xdk launcher click on the newly installed app retail disc loader V 1.20... once that is launched it will look like the exact same Dash except now you can load anything you want. I was giving a lot of help from a lot of different sources in order to make this post to this form. Please if you know any other tricks leave a comment below if not this will work for sure I've tried it myself 100%. Thank you very much for reading have a great Frankie d
  12. Okay I found a debug console in Toronto Ontario. The guy mentioned to me that it had Call of Cthulhu which is nowadays getting a little bit up there in value compared to other Xbox games. This post is more of a question I'm wondering if anybody has seen another different copy of Call of Cthulhu besides the retail disc game. For example Call of Cthulhu retail game size is 3.16 GB.... the version I found on this debug kit is 2.34 GB. There's a difference in size there. Not only that but once you enter the game and you select your level of difficulty it brings up a small screen on the right hand side overlaying the graphics the fonts are very hard to see and our kind of messy looking with underscores and lowercase letters. Very hard to see but this will allow you to pick a level in the game. I have confirmed this I've tried it. Just wondering if this game has ever been released before in the Xbox world or if this is a debug Edition Call of Cthulhu? Attached are some images of stage select as well as size on hard drive.... if anyone can confirm that they've seen this version or if they can confirm that they've never seen this version before would be appreciated. Thank you for reading
  13. If you really want to test the power supply unplug the Molex connector going to the hard drive. Turn on the system use a Multimeter one and black one in yellow if it reads 12 volts then it's good period one in black one in red if it reads 5 volts and it's good if it's off of half a volt or I would be concerned.. I've noticed in my own experience a lot of the 1.6 revisions have issues with the capacitors around the CPU processor. Close to where the power supply plugs into the main board. There's either three or five of the same capacitors. 3300 micro ferrets at 6.3 volts. And I've also seen revisions having 1500 microfarads at 6.3 volts. I would take a look at that as well
  14. When doing a ram upgrade aren't you supposed to install for chips? Two on top two on bottom?

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