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Most Recent Package/Setup for N64 Games?

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Yes,   EWJ 212 Standalone (7-Zip archive - 5.96GB) can be downloaded from MEGA:

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Source: Please login or register to see this link.

For the latest information about emulators and homebrew games for the ogXbox, check the forums and download section at Please login or register to see this link. .

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Really impressed that Buck Bumble is working nicely! And not to be ungrateful, but games like Banjo Tooie, Smash Bros en Yoshi's Story don't really run that much better than my first setup. Still kind of iffy. Did I miss something or is this a common issue?

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    • By Phil Karza
      My wife says I have an addiction. I have too many and I will only keep TWO.  I have many working xboxes - all tsop flashed and most with upgraded IDE drives / cables.
      Not going to ask for a fortune.  My hobby was mostly fixing and flashing all of these.   I haven't touched many for a long time - but they work. I have extra cases, power supplies, controllers, games... LOTS.
      I'm in Canada and would like to sell to Canada but would sell to the US.  I will only charge for the shipping and about $5 extra to cover the cost of boxing them up safely.  Email me at pkarza@gmail.com - I live in central Canada (Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan) and yes... that is real.  Just north of North Dakota.  Send me an email and what you are looking for. 
      It has been a hobby.... time to move on - but I am probably going to always fix these!!
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      Hi guys,
      Looking for some feedback here.
      I have seen a VGA cable that is detected as component by the Xbox. Seller states its similar to the Frosty VGA cable.
      I have UnleashX on an Aladdin XT2 with Xromwell running on a v1.2 Conexant Xbox. My TV handles YPRPB component signal through its VGA input.
      Anyone got experience here, Ive seen old posts about certain BIOS for VGA but cannot really follow whats being said due to my inexperience. Do you guys reckon the cable will work with my configuration?
      Heres the cable...
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      Xecuter 2.6 ce motherboard v1.6 and 80gb ide all wires and 1 official controller 100 usd shipped us only
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      Please login or register to see this attachment.

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