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  1. That's disappointing. Looks like I need to track down an older box. Thanks.
  2. I've near zero experience with hard mods on the og xbox. I'm pretty savvy with soldering so I'm considering doing a ram upgrade. I've got an aladdin XT clone in the mail. My question is this: Which bios will I need to flash on a 1.6 xbox for it to recognize 1tb of storage and the 128mb of ram?
  3. I may have to give it a go myself. I post back here if i make any actual progress lol.
  4. Just coming back to the og xbox scene. I was a long time lurker on the halomods.com forums as a kid, my only real contribution to the scene being a mod that added hydraulics to the warthog that you activated with the right trigger. It did make it into exilelord's "Why We Mod" video which hilariously is one of my most proud achievements to date lol. Anyway I just purchased an OG xbox for $15 off craigslist and am looking to do so stuff to it. Super glad there are still enthusiasts around producing amazing tools.
  5. I'm interested in converting the original wired "S" controller into a wireless controller using the guts of an off brand wireless controller like a Logitech. To anyone's knowledge has this been done before or at least something similar?

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