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  1. Sweet thanks to both of you. Can't wait to build one of these things.
  2. Is there a way to look at these/purchase them somewhere other than facebook?
  3. Shadow07

    No Power

    Negative, it remains zero despite the power buttons being pressed.
  4. Shadow07

    No Power

    I can tell you that the voltage remains zero to the PowON line at the PSU before, during and after I press the power button as well as the PowOK line at the PSU. Whether or not the PIC is sending it at all I can’t tell you. There are several pins on the PIC that show 3.3V and drop to 0 when I press power and some that show zero and go up to 3.3 when I press power.
  5. Shadow07

    No Power

    Which pin does the PIC send the PowON signal from?
  6. Shadow07

    No Power

    I've got a 1.4 mobo that I purchased that's supposed to be in working condition. I have a known good 1.4 PSU. Clock cap was removed when I got it and there is no trace corrosion whatsoever and I've checked for continuity and correct voltages in all the correct places. I've replaced all the CPU capacitors. The motherboard looks pristine, however there is no response whatsoever to pressing the power button. I've even tried different power button boards. The PIC is getting the correct voltages to the correct pins when I press the buttons. What is left to check or repair?
  7. Thanks I actually found this guy and ordered an RS232R off Amazon for $5. I was just hoping to find a way to flash XeniumOS via hardware too while I was at it, but plan to go this way if I can’t turn anything up.
  8. I’m in the process of building a few OpenXeniums myself and I haven’t quite hashed out a game plan for programming the CPLD. I don’t have a Xilink or JTAG programmer of any kind but I do have a raspberry pi. The most clear instruction I’ve found for using the pi is here. I like that using this method I can supposedly flash xeniumOS at the same time so I won’t have to hotswap. Has anyone else tried this or is able offer any guidance for using the pi?
  9. Got my massive bundle in today and got it installed. Fast shipping due to the stateside stock he currently has. Good communication through email despite the 15 hour timezone difference. 10/10 would buy again.
  10. I paid for the DIY kit from either the first or second round of preorders, I can’t remember which. I got confirmation of my purchase but never any other follow up emails or the item of course.
  11. So I paid to preorder an XOSVP like 7 months ago and never heard a word from Darren. I emailed him about a month later with no response. I just emailed him again like 4 days ago with no response. Has anyone dealt with this guy or does anyone have any advice on how to handle the situation?
  12. I'm trying to forward and FTP session to my xbox using a raspberrry pi running psx-pi-smbshare. I've followed all the instructions given on the github readme. Has anyone had any success with this?
  13. Drive was unlocked! Back in business. Thanks guys.
  14. This link is dead now. Can anybody host a link somewhere?

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