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  1. Thanks for taking the time to do the video...always helpful to watch tutorials.
  2. Worked for me too... thanks for sharing!
  3. I bought a Portia component to HDMI cable on Amazon a few months ago. Seemed to work okay... I ended up selling that particular xbox with the adapter though. I really didn't get to test it thoroughly, but didn't notice any artifacts/problems. MMx
  4. Thanks very much for the detailed writeup. My first attempt took me way longer than I anticipated because I was having challenges getting the pins soldered on the connector. I was finally able to do it and I'm using the cable now. Hopefully, this is something I'll get better at over time. Actually going to try the Wii2HDMI cable next since most TVs have HDMI, although my guess is that component would look better given the hardware. MMx
  5. Thanks for posting these instructions... hope to give it a try over this weekend or next. I bought the wii2hdmi adapter, so now just have to prep the solder station and give it a shot. MMx
  6. Hi All, Glad to be here! Great to learn and share info with other xbox owners. Still have a 1.0 and a couple of 1.6s. I've successfully TSOPed a couple of xboxes and softmodded several. I guess one of these days I'll try to install an Aladdin XT in one of the 1.6s to see how that goes. Anyway... thanks for hosting the forum! MMx
  7. Hi, I've softmodded many 1.6 xboxes. Usually pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it. I would still encourage opening up the xbox at some point though. It's good to give it a thorough cleaning and become familiar with the hardware. If you've ever worked on desktop PC's, it's very similar. Good luck and happy modding! MMx
  8. Thanks for sharing these skins - much appreciated!

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