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  1. Wondering what kinda temps you're getting there.
  2. Interesting they'd bother to run the traces out to the LCD pads, it does seem to be the same CPLD as the newer $2 Chinese.
  3. The 2 chips you have already support LCD and normal modchip function as they're likely real. @eustachy1973
  4. Are you just making clones of the hardware or are you intending to program the CPLD as well?
  5. The only overclocking you're doing is FSB which effects everything else on the bus so you aren't likely getting any higher than you would otherwise even with cooling. There really isn't anything you can do on a 128MB box that you can't with a 64MB, 1(?) Chihiro game works, you may see slightly better frames with the crappy N64 Emu (someone should make a new one with legal tools), what else is there? Nothing really, just a waste of money.
  6. Attaching a Pi to your LPC header isn't going to give you wireless networking on your Xbox, LCD demand is almost non-existent apart of a very very niche group of people. I don't know what you're talking about camera support, some Pi's have a connector for one but do you think you're going to program it to be used over the LPC header on your Xbox? I don't understand your "watch my movies" comment as again.. you aren't going to be pushing that data over the LPC bus.
  7. I'm not sure why you would want a Pi as a modchip, you can reflash the cheapo $2 Chinese mod chips easily and you can upgrade them with a 1MB flash chip for $3 and now they would accept all kernel sizes.
  8. Right it's a development kit, $400-$500, maybe just maybe a little more because it has a raptor card but that thing is completely worthless.
  9. Just use a picopsu with a adapter for the ATX connector.
  10. The Logitechs seem nice as they're very very similar in shape to the 360 controllers. If you buy the wireless adapter and controller separate you can get them for ~$20-$30 USD.
  11. They aren't 4.7GB, not sure where you got that number from, they are the exact size of a DVD. You may be confused because pirates likely compress. http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title=Redump.org
  12. You'll have a hard time getting $100 for that even on eBay.
  13. Why exactly do you need 128MB of RAM? Games are not designed to utilize anything over 64MB.
  14. Amazon, eBay, etc

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