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  1. 45C, surprisingly warm.
  2. Would love to see how the block is mounted and everything.
  3. Debug kernels should be able to work on 64MB on a X2, they aren't specific to 128MB. But such a shame the previous owner ruined the board by reflashing what was on it. Those usually have internal kernels built in debug mode (checked). I wouldn't really call it a test kit either, just a random run they decided to do.
  4. The point of redump is pure preservation not piracy (what you appear to be looking for?) which is why they don't strip the DVD contents. It's really sad people use that fact as an excuse to download games they don't own. On a retail Xbox the kernel checks for certain things on the DVD such as the security sectors (SS.bin) and similar. Also the unused data on the disc actually does serve a purpose such as aligning contents for faster loading, etc. You simply don't understand because you're a pirate and are only interested in stealing games.
  5. Breaks every single game to the point where you need to patch them, helps emulation with 1 or 2 badly coded emus otherwise completely useless and just a "hey look what I can do".
  6. You essentially wasted your money :P.
  7. Bypassing the encoder you wouldn't get VGA, you'd get the digital signals from the GPU.
  8. Mhm it's a sad thing, lots of little stuff you couldn't find anywhere, not even just Xbox related.
  9. The best package would be using a Raspberry Pi so you have zero lag and full 60+ FPS.
  10. On-board graphics will work just fine for CXBX-R, it hardly uses GPU power right now. Anyway OP you'd have better luck in their Discord than a scene forum.
  11. This is actually incorrect, each application can map different partitions to different drive letters.
  12. Slightly incorrect information there @OGXbox Admin , they were using in 1.0's and Chihiros.
  13. It's an Intel based system with a nvidia 'chipset', good luck.
  14. The Xbox doesn't pull enough power to warrant PSU upgrades. You can replace entirely using something like a PicoPSU, and there's ATX adapters made (behind N64 Freaks paywall). https://xboxdevwiki.net/Power_Supply#Real_world_power_usage

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