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  1. Allcali

    Error Code 13?

    No sir I have not tried that I will do that here in a little bit
  2. Allcali

    Error Code 13?

    Yes I have and still nothing
  3. Allcali

    Error Code 13?

    Yes sir I’ve done that a couple times as well now I’m using my DVD drive out of mine and it still doing the exact same thing
  4. Allcali

    Error Code 13?

    Yes sir I’ve done that. It will not load the disc at all in on my other ones it does just fine
  5. Allcali

    Error Code 13?

    No I haven’t and to be honest I don’t know where I would find one
  6. Allcali

    Error Code 13?

    I’m sorry I forgot to mention that I also switched Aladdin chips as well before I got that screen originally I just got no picture and a flashing red and green light after it failed to start three times or two times so I put the new DVD drive and Aladdin chip in and that’s the screen I got so I pulled The Aladdin ship out and replaced it with the original one and I still have a blank screen but the green light is blinking I will try to post a video
  7. Allcali

    Error Code 13?

    I apologize for not Going in detail I was attempting to hard mod another Xbox with a Aladdin chip and this happened well first it flashed on and off twice and on the third time it stayed on and then started flashing red and green with no screen then I switched DVD drive and I got this
  8. Hello and good evening
  9. Allcali

    Error Code 13?

    What have I done? LOL
  10. I recently picked up a box of original Xbox games and the crimson skies appears to have a autograph of some sort on it or a signature whatever you would like to call it I was wondering is there any known copies with signatures/autographs
  11. May I ask where you happen to find the roms? I have been looking for quite a while with no luck unfortunately.
  12. I feel so stupid I figured it out well at least so far LOL

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