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XBlast Os In Tsop (XBox 1.1) ?

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Hi, all

Some of you might know I have already had a Xbox (v1.1) with TSOP flashed (M8+ only) recently

For a v1.1 Xbox, its TSOP (1MB) with only 256k M8+ is a bit wasted.    Meanwhile, i read about Xblast OS which Forlorn Penguin suggested me before to use it to flash BIOS to TSOP.

And Now I realized that Xblast OS is not just a bios flash program, but with multiple useful tools. and more importantly to me, it can be flashed/installed to Modchip (including TSOP)

I read that its can be flashed to onboard TSOP, as Bennydiamond said in AG forum

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However, there is no specific instruction and video that I can search from google to specify this.  So I hope someone here, based on your best knowledge, could share and confirm whether this is really workable for 1MB TSOP


Here comes my plan and assumption, can anyone help me to verify?

1. install/upload Xblast in C: drive per its instruction in its zip file

2. run xblast.xbe,  enter its program/OS

3. Go to flash menu,  select Bank2 (xblast OS),     (Here, I am not sure if it will show 3 Banks as xblast illustrated,  or 4 banks as my current TSOP has)

4. select crcwell.bin,  then flash  --> reboot

5.  Xbox enter xblast os,    go to flash menu,  select bank0 (512k),  choose X2.5032.bin,  flash --> reboot

6.  Xbox enter xblast os,    go to flash menu,  select bank1 (256k),  choose M8+.bin ,  flash --> reboot


Will there be any issue for the procedures above?  Your help would be much appreciated !


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