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  1. Depending on how bad it is you can use some M2 or M3 screws, a washer and a nut. Cut them down to the needed length (so you have some sort of simple rod) and glue them with some good glue (I'm a "fan" of uhu led light booster which, when dried up, is like plastic and should do the job fine but any other glue which don't eat up you case should do as well (Expoxy for example)). But like Dave already said, you could also get a new case. I remember there is one user (Located in the US) here who, more or less, just want to get rid of them (Let me see .... ). Found em: @Xbmcmodsforxbox ( Topic : In case you are in the EU, I could send you one.
  2. Already solved? OK, I was a bit slow at the topic. How ever, instead of using WinSCP just use FatXplorer 3.0 and copy your files right on your PC to your XBox HDD. That way you are much faster (~1/2 of the time saved)
  3. Have you formatet your HDD twice? ( If not you have to! ) Does XBPartitioner shows a error [ER] on your partition?
  4. Glad all is working for you know. For your 360 you should download the J-Runner with Extras v3.0.3 from Octal450 with the latest timings and tweaks. And if you need any help I'm pretty sure he will help you (tag him on reddit if need).
  5. That's a cap for the Ram. In case you would have 128MB you would need that cap but because this cap is missing on a unpopulated ram chip/pad (what ever) you don't need that cap. Once I also ripped one of them of and it is not to hard to solder that cap back in place. ANd like you see, you could use a larger cap with the same values. But 0201 isn't to hard with a fine tip and you have planty of room there. I would say, 0201 is where the fun starts. And if I'm not wrong thats a 0603 which is a peace of cake.
  6. I have checked varius single dashboard installs incl. "make dash default" etc. and what can I say other as it works like intended. Here you can see it (I have not recorded all but trust me, they work without errors) : https://youtu.be/E8WGgoboe3M So that makes me wonder why you have these problems. Everthing you posted about your config reads fine. And because your HDD is IDE and not SATA we can it's not the fault of an adapter or because of an missing 80 wire cable. The HL drive is also pretty good but it may have a dirty laser so you could start to clean the lens and check again. One thing, you wrote you use the UX bios which will copy shortcuts for UnleashX. And the error above is when the installer tries to replace shortcuts to make (for example) EvoX default. So installer ask "Do you like to make it your default dash" and you can hit no and the install will quit without a massage (thats fine). But you would still need a working shortcut for your bios on C:\. But, thats very simple because I have included all shortcuts as XBE file as well (better save than sry right?). So if you browse the DVD (Live apps - 1.1. Launch X-Box File Explorer UX) you can go to D:\misc\shortcuts\. There you see a lot of folders. Open the folder of the dash you like to make your default dashboard. Now you see a file called " evoxdash.xbe ". When you copy this file to the root of your C / E drive that dashboard is your default dash on boot (since you used the c:\evoxdash bios) and it works also for all other dashboards which can simply be changed by replacing that one shortcut (xbe).
  7. OK I will check that in a few hours. One last thing for now, you can set up C & E only which will no touch your F&G partion in any way, maybe you check out that option. When you read through topic you can see that option has saved some ppl. How ever I'm out for now and I report back later.
  8. Well, I will check that later. But the files are in place (already checked) but atm I had to much KSB in comination with this song Круги на воде from Дария Ставрович. But one question though, that happens when you try to set up an entire HDD or when you install just a single dashboard?
  9. All single dashboards install fine. And idk if you know that you don't need to install a single dash. You just need to set up a Large or small HDD or Just C or E if you like that better. Not to sure why you got that problem - no ever reportet to have that problem and ofc the disk is tested on varius xbox versions and on XEMU up to 0.6.0. But tell me some things about your xbox. DVD drive, HDD, Bios (incl config) and what DVD media do you use.
  10. There is a profile (which I had used) : https://imgur.com/a/2gbIv7J
  11. No HDD = No animation and no sound. And it also depends on the config* of the EvoX bios if there is any animation (Intro sequence) at all. *Your M8+ is a noDVD one? What does the console do when you connect the HDD and DVD drive?
  12. Just a quick little update with some little fixes and updates on the OGXBox Installer 2021 which is now v1.5.4. The new version can be downloaded from the folder links on page one. AND a little heads up, the installer sadly didn't work on XEMU anymore which isn't my fault. It worked up to XEMU v0.6.0. All later versions stuck at the XBox loading screen. Hope that get fixed in later versions of XEMU since the I have added a massive support for it in the upcomming v2.0 of OGXBox. Would be a sad thing if this will not get fixed. So if you like to set up a HDD for XEMU using this installer get hands on a older version (provided in my PC apps pack for example). After that you can use the HDD in newer versions of XEMU.
  13. In case you have a raspbarry pi on hand: https://github.com/grimdoomer/PiPROM Video tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSe89adGfR0
  14. The updated and fixed version of the FatXplorer + XBoxHDM is now online. Direct links: https://mega.nz/file/4ENnEQYC#9FB7tYRyjfhdghyColUWTQUNbKFYUoU-3UXfhsRV2-c https://1fichier.com/?kinvner9q3c4dy7yiobz
  15. Can you tell which XML file it was so I can fix that without reading through all the XML files? I will also fix the PDF problem. And I will also fix the problem with to long files names for the trainers. EDIT: Found it. It was the unleashx config.xml (entry under Dashboards). The one under XBMC will still work fine. How ever it's fixed as well as the PDF. Now I'm on the trainers. The new upload will be named :"OGXBox Installer 2021 - v1.5.3 beta 2 For FatXplorer + XBoxHDM" and I upload it when I'm done with the trainers.
  16. I would not think that your burned DVD was bad in anyway. In case it would, it probably had not boot up at all. If you get ever a better DVD drive and a second HDD you should check the burned DVD again (so don't toss it). Btw. if you need something of the DVD/ISO or like to explore it for what ever app, you can use XDVDMulleter Beta 10.2 to extract the ISO and you will have all files in a folder which can be copied with fatxplorer. Most of the apps you will ever need are on this disk so yea....
  17. Hmmm.... I like to hear that your error 16 is gone by just formating it with fatxplorer. So that will verify what I thought. Funny side note, the same will work with XBoxHDM but I'm not to sure why it fixes the error 16 problem. Not so nice is that you are not be able to set up your HDD with the installer. When you set up the HDD using the large HDD set up option everthing should be copied over and not just some files - which is totaly wierd. How ever, the upload I made yesterday contains all dashboards (incl. MS Dash), the most usefull apps XBMC4Gamers, XBMC, Emustation ect. in the right location blablabla.... So after you have copied the content of the included C folder to your root if your C partition and the content of the E folder to your E partition your XBox should boot up without a problem (like I wrote in the inlcuded PDF).
  18. Here is a new bios ( https://1fichier.com/?aql1w6g1ny0p3qd1yggl ). It will boot XBMC4Gamers right away from boot of E:\XBMC4Gamers\ If that fails it searches for the evoxdash.xbe on C and if that also fails it boot up the rescue dash. And yes it also shows the flubbery flubber animation like you wished. And format your blank HDD with FatXplorer before you drop it into your XBox (Only format nothing more!). That solved a problem one time and I would bet 1 cent it would do the trick again.
  19. Maybe this one is usefull even I don't have 2.2.1 : https://1fichier.com/dir/bnFSVhuX EDIT : I added 2.2.1 as well.
  20. So I have quickly made a version for FatXplorer and XBoxHDM users (NO SOFTMOD!) based on the version 1.5.3 but with some changes of the upcomming 2.0 (Thats why it's called beta). The pack includes XBoxHDM beta 4 and FatXplorer 3.0 latest Beta. OGXBox Installer 2021 - v1.5.3 beta For FatXplorer + XBoxHDM. Direct link : https://1fichier.com/?iuayxxifb9krbvy8715x The file can also be found in the OGXBox folder on 1fichier and in a moment in the folder on Mega (543MB) And just one word for those who think this is to burn an ISO -> It's not! Use the normal installer iso's (this here are just plain files and it's also not bootable if you would create an ISO out of it).
  21. Before you do what dave wrote check if a simple format with fatxplorer solve the error 16 bug. So just format your HDD with fatxplorerand put it back in your xbox and try to boot the installer. And ofc the stock HDD will hang because of the softmod. You would need to set up the hdd fresh using the installer because the files are in different places and the softmod and TSOP mod didnd#T work well with each other. Anf for FatXplorer 3.0 I will offer a pre made set of files for C and E the next days.
  22. Hmmm.... Sounds not to good but, I would say wait for Dave or Kaos. Maybe one of them has a idea what to try next.

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