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  1. The reason for the takedown was because the EvoX bios has caused a problem by a user after he flashed his winbond twice. TO confirm that i flashed 2 xboxes and both are briked atm (waiting for a xblast to fix that) and now you come along and tells me flashing m8 works on winbond. So.... Not realy sure what to think about that. ATM I can't do anything. But i will use the time to make all bios files new. And i will rework the Resctoox configs till the xblast shows up. And then i have to see whats the damn (sry) problem. How ever. THANK you for the report.
  2. I updated it some version back but eightball has testet them and so I thought they are ok. Now I have made new images (Using the old version of Resctoox) and lucky me, I have a second Winbond XBox here to test until the XBLast from n64 freak will show up to fix the other one. I have already burned a copy of it and will test it in the next hour (Need some coffee first ) I have borrowed the version for the new images from Hexen 2020 which should work. If I rember right I have used it to flash my Winbonds in the first run with it. About your question with the ST TSOP, I have no a
  3. Sry but right now all downloads are down atm. because of a bug in the Winbond/Sharp TSOP flasher Resctoox (Seems the latest version from the Webpage of Resctoox didn't work like it should). Thats why i have removed them for now but, I will provide new downloads as soon as I have testet the new images (Which will be later the day). Thank "god" I have a second Winbond TSOP XBox here to test the flasher. So check back in a couple of hours please.
  4. So, i have flashed the same bios with EvoX to a different TSOP. The ST TSOP works fine. Problem is RESCTOOX! I will investigete further. All images will be down and no download will be possible till i can provide new images and the error is found. The problem is, it worked the first time for you, it worked for eightball and didn't work for me in the first run. That makes it pretty hard to find out whats wrong with resctoox. I think, the only thing i can do is grab the older version from the HeXEn installer which is different to the latest from the HP.
  5. Resctoox flashed fine. It tuned off and back on. 3 Times 50/50 red green. My box is Recapped The point he flashed fine the first time makes me wonder as well but ended up with the same problem in the first run. Quick video : https://youtu.be/LHbtq6QUHcg
  6. Well, i think you maybe right. Which makes me realy wonder why da hell will this happend now? And why it worked in the first run for you? Damit. I have made no changes at all to any bios so they can't be the problem. I have made no changes to Resctoox. @SS_DaveDave, Any idea? I think i have to drop n64_Freak a pm, i need one of the modded aladdins to recover the TSOP. I have take down all installers. EDIT: Wrote n64 a PM about the XBLast. In case he still has one of them and i have recovered my TSOP, i will give it to you to rescue your TSOP. I will keep in touch wi
  7. No thats totaly fine and made to speed up the boot process. So lets marge the topics and talk further in the last one you made linken below (Maybe a mod could marge them please?). Link to the other topic : https://www.ogxbox.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4715-another-botched-tsop-job/&tab=comments#comment-30088
  8. Can't be a bad bios. I have checked the bios already in EvTool (See screen above) and it is a bios from dave which i trust blind and the bioses are also tested by eightbit because he has a winbond as well. But like i wrote, give me some minutes. I'm on it, burning the DVD right now and will do a video (which i have to because it would be very bad for the mini reps the installler has if i would not do that). Here is a screen of the xbox : https://imgur.com/a/2S9Tym8 (Lucky me, i write down whats in which box that i own.)
  9. First one is " 1.1.1. Flash EvoX m8+ F+G noDVD EEC UX (256kb) " ( https://imgur.com/a/5AJhGFn ) I will flash it (again). But i wonder why it worked in the first run and should not work in the second, makes no seens to me. And as base bios i have used daves bios which is proved to be working 1000 times (or more). EDIT: I now dig out the WInbond XBox and will provide a video of the flash
  10. That would interesst me too. Could you provide the bios file? (EDit As PM so no one else will it use it)
  11. Dosn't you wrote it booted fine in your other topic? The bios works, thats for sure because I have testet em and eightbit use these for his Winbond as well. Have you made any other changes? Maybe reflashed it with a different bios like HDShadow has said?
  12. Thats fine. The 1.0-1.4 bioses I made are blue and the 1.6 bioses are teal. All without logo and without flubber animation. From my installer.
  13. Error Code 09 Problem: Hard drive parameters are missing or incorrect. Cause/Solution: Very uncommon error. The hard drive might be in the wrong transfer mode (PIO/DMA), or set to slave instead of master. Open the xbox and check the cables and the jumper settings. If on hand, check what happens with a different HDD.
  14. If I have trouble, I use cannula which works very well for me.
  15. Thats right. But if you have a DVD in your drive and your drive still works, it will boot the DVD.
  16. EvoX m8+ FG noDVD (Yes, you can still boot any DVD you like even it is named noDVD). If you use a WD Green drive you should disable head parking first. You should reinstall your HDD using a Installer like OGXBox, HeXEn, Slayers or AID to prevent conflics with the softmod files. To reinstall your games use XDVDMulleter to extract the ISO and FATXplorer to move them on your pc to the XBox hdd.
  17. It dosn't save time and also don't make sense. When you have your XBox HDD backup on PC for example, just flash the TSOP and use FATXplorer 3.0 to copy over your files to your new HDD. Job done. There is no faster way as this. Or if you prefere, FTP them over. Takes a little longer but it would also work. So basicly there is no reason to expand this flash little tool. And if you don't want to use a backup, there are planty of install discs out there (OGXBox, HeXEn, AID, Slayers ect.). You could extract them replace files (Dashboards ect.) with yours (make sure the nameing of the zip files
  18. Thanks for the offer Raja. If there is something you could test, I will let you know. For now I try to get a "FAQ" like something in the disc (And the "Bios Map" for the EvoX flasher) using the build in editor and the app "xCbr" (Xbox comic book reader) to integrate some very basic tutorials with pictures in it (Sadly the build in picture viewer of unleash didn't show up like the editor does (works only from the file browser)) so I use a slighty edited version of xCbr for that but it does the job.
  19. It's not a problem to launch XBlastOS instead of EvoX/UnleashX which are using Raincoat/Resctoox but why? This little tool is just made to flash your TSOP And to fit on a 8MB MC/USB-Stick. For the rest like installing dashboards, apps ect. you use a installer. And which dashboard is your default depends (mostly) on the bios you flash (Or whats written in the config the bios uses). And if you like to use your backed up dashboards, you would need someone who make you a personal installer with the bios files you need, your backups ect. and it would not fit on a 8MB MC anymore. A side from th
  20. Very nice, thank you Raja. I have included : WDIDLE3, Ponyprog and Liveinfo Yoshihiro Edition to the basic tool pack. And I think the best way to make sure WD Green user know about that I will include a standalone read me file a side with the iso and include some infos in the iso as read me as well in case some repack it and the main read me file get lost. Maybe I should think about a "FAQ" style sub menu in the installer it self. That could be pretty nice I think. Credits to you for testing all that Raja.
  21. For the Winbond / SHarp TSOP flash section I already have made "nfo" files for each bios which willl be in the next build which shows and explain each bios. Now I think about how I can put that infos in the other flasher which use EvoX (No Texteditor there). Maybe I will do a list of the bioses and add a "nfo" file to each section in the main menu which you can click before you start up the flasher that way you would have the same info but in one text file which isn't a problem I think. Would still need to add numbers to each bios so the user can find the bios easely. And I think about to
  22. See, wasn't to hard and one more happy user is thank enought,. ;)
  23. Yes when you are in the App. GOOOOOOOD LUCKKKKKKKK! ;)
  24. The SST on it will do the job. Put it in but don't pull it the hole way down so you can get it out easely. Try it 1 - 2 times before you power up your xbox. just put the finger on it to hold it in place. When the installer has bootet up replace the SST and press the old one tide back in place and flash the new bios. Easy as pie. And sry there isn't a realy video tutorial or something.

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