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  1. If I remeber right, you flash the Xchanger via network. Flashing the bios is just one step. When swapping out the HDD, there is nothing on it. So you would need to set up your new HDD with an installer disc like OGXBox Installer 2021 / TruHeXEn or what ever you like. Or option to is to set up your HDD on your PC using FatXplorer 3.0 beta and copy over the needed files. That's what OGXBox Installer 2021 - v1.5.3 beta 2 For FatXplorer + XBoxHDM.zip is for. And a noDVD disables the check on boot if your XBox has a working DVD drive. The yesDVD bios still has the check enabled. (And yes you can still boot/cold boot any DVD with it.
  2. For Winbond TSOP's use the XBlastOS flasher of this disk. It will flash your W29C040T just fine. And EvoX can't flash the Winbond TSOP's. Copy protection.
  3. Hey. I have checked the ISO and it works for me. But I noticed the skin also didn't load up correctly. Have you tried to reboot your console and start over? And do use the lates version of the OGXBox Bios Flasher Disc v1.1.0 ? ( EDIT : And you just need some KB of free space on C so that isn't a problem ) The config is fine : <List Text=" Flash EvoX m8+ TITAN F+G noDVD v1.1.0 UDMA5 (256kb)." Sort="off" Batch="True" icon="D:\Skins\Icons\flash_TITAN.png"> <Item Action="MessageBox" Arg1="WARNING 1/2:">RIGHT NOW I WOULD SAY THIS IS AN BETA BIOS NOT MENT TO BE FLASHED BY BEGINNERS! ALSO IT SHOULD NOT BE FLASHED TO A TSOP! FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK!</Item> <Item Action="MessageBox" Arg1="WARNING 2/2:">THIS IS AN noDVD DRIVE CHECK BIOS! IF YOU USE AN WD GREEN HDD, YOU MUST DISABLE THE HEAD PARKING FUNTCTION FIRST USING WDIDL3.EXE! And yes, it will still boot any DVD you like!</Item> <Item Action="AskUser" Arg1="OGXBox" Arg2="We are now going to prepare the files for your bios flash. Do you like to proceed?"/> <Item Action="unrar" Arg1="D:\Bios\Titan\EvoXTITANUDMA5ND.rar" Arg2="C:\"/> <Item Action="AskUser" Arg1="OGXBox" Arg2="All files are in place. Last chance to change your mind if you are unsure. Do you like to proceed and start the flash process?"/> <Item Action="D:\EvoX\evox.xbe">Launching EvoltionX</Item> </List>
  4. I would be intereted in one board without ram upgrade, modchip etc. pp. (preferred a 1.1 (if not on hand I could send you one from görmany)), so just the CPU upgrade which I can't do at my own atm.. Still need to buy a "good" BGA station. :(
  5. Thats a LED not a fuse.
  6. The grey wire goes to the D0 point
  7. Here you go : Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  8. So, I have loaded that ISO and have zero problems to upack it using drag and drop. I also testet the upload from AlvRo again and that one works also. How ever, check your PM's.
  9. I`m downloading the iso to check that, How ever, Archiv is always slow as hell so it will take some hours (~4-5h).
  10. And again, here are the download links for v2.01 https://1fichier.com/?riakentdy1npo2t0zhnw https://mega.nz/file/cFtByYiJ#Mq7ON3PzniJ3NRADdtfcMCWiQxaMQ233q0Kd_ChWLIo
  11. And a little update v1.7.1 (23.04.2022) Cerbios bios update to 2.0.0. BETA. (BASIC) (PRO) (DEV) Download links as always in the first post.
  12. And for all non xbins users : https://1fichier.com/?hrcc1w1gk633dksi53ev https://mega.nz/folder/lV8gjKYD#z8EfFTnK7bB9UYAzc87ciw
  13. Rockys SMT + All save games: https://1fichier.com/?qqtx28re7v5tapxa74lc
  14. That quetsion is basicly already answered in the 128MB upgrade tutorials. And since this is a TSOP flasher for stock XBox'es, I can assume that non of them has 128MB. It was also never meant to be an "update tool" for already modded systems since this is a job for installer disc like the OGXBox Installer / OGXBox Bios Flasher Disc, HeXEn/TruHeXEn or AiD. How ever.... Bios'es that support 128MB ram are : Cerbios (XBox 1.0-1.3 only!) Cromwell (Linux only) iND - All versions Xecuter X2 - All versions Xecuter x3 2914 (1MB TSOP's only and basicly not recommended at all to flash this to a TSOP!)
  15. Long shot here but I would assume that the Winbond W49F020 would also work.
  16. Flash the EvoX TITAN m8+ UDMA5. And set up your 3TB HDD on your PC with FatXplorer 3.0 beta 20 which can set up your HDD for TITAN Bioses. Here are the files for C & E : https://1fichier.com/?kinvner9q3c4dy7yiobz And the DL for FatExplorer : https://fatxplorer.eaton-works.com/3-0-beta/ After you have set up your HDD put her in your XBox and enjoy.
  17. English isn't my native language either but no one here wants to learn görman so they have to deal with poor english. The illegal signs will still be there if you rip the game your self since these are on the original DVD. The invalid TOC how ever will not be there if ripped correctly. The long files names are also on the DVD. Long file names are allowed on the DVD but not on the HDD. How ever you could HEX edit the names if there isn't a patch already.
  18. To flash these chips you would need an external flasher. So the answer is no.
  19. HeXEn/TruHeXEn, OGXBox Installer 2021 & Co are installers which are made to set up your XBox and provide a large amount of options. This disc is different from that. It's main purpose is just flash a bios. And it will install nothing to do so (Not to forget to mention here that HeXEn & TruHeXEn delete your entire UnleashX dashbord just to flash a bios!), everything here runs strait of the DVD. And you have the freedom to choose between different flasher EvoX, XBlastOS and GentooX (and Raincoat is in work). And this DVD provides also the latest bioses. No other disc out there provides EvoX TITAN bioses (Pre patched in varius flavors for all XBox versions) or the new Cerbios, Dev-Bioses or patched MakeMHz bioses (iND/EvoX) for example. Also this DVD dosn't use a BFM bios like all others do. And you also have the option to flash what ever bios you like to a Winbond TSOP right away. Reason for that is that I took the time to rename every single bios of the 50 which are provide to 'bios.bin' and put them into a folder called 'bios' to easely flash these TSOP's. HeXEn / TruHeXEn provides how man? One? Two? How ever, you also have the option to flash a bios and install ONE dashboard along with it. This option is for those which complained about that all the installers install stuff they don't need/want. So it's super bare bone. Over all this disc is more or less some sort of a "tool" for advanced user and not an installer in the traditional sense since it will not install apps, format your HDD or provide repair options or what ever you can think of when it comes to installers. It will just flash bioses in the first place. So whats left to say? I think, that this DVD is pretty special and just a hand full of user will use it at all. The most who would have a need for it probably code there own installer/flasher to suit there personal needs perfect. How ever, this is maybe usefull for the one or the other. And this is only a just for fun "project". I don't force any one to use it or even to try it out. I have made this for me in personal (Like basicly the OGXBox Installer 2021 and the OGXBox MC/USB TSOP Flasher as well) and provides it to the communety (Why not right?).
  20. Oh no, another flasher! YES! I have resently read from the one or the other that it would be nice to have a option to just flash a bios wihtout the need to install any apps, dashboards or what ever. So I decided to make that DVD for the 2-3 ppl. out there. So this DVD provides XBlastOS and EvoX as flashing tool. Like the MC/USB installer I made, all bios files are already packed as bios.bin so you can flash any TSOP (Incl. Winbond) or ModChip with it right away. Other as the MC/USB flasher this DVD version provides more bios files you can flash. And ofc there is also a XBox 1.6/1.6b flasher on board. And no, if you didn't have already a modded XBox you need to use the MC/USB TSOP flasher (Or you soft mod). How ever. On the main screen you simply select what you like to do: Flash XBox 1.0-1.4 Without Dashboard Install. Flash XBox 1.0-1.4 With Dashboard Install. Flash XBox 1.6-1.6b Without Dashboard Install. Flash XBox 1.6-1.6b With Dashboard Install. So you could install one (1) dashboard along if you like (Ava, EvoX, UiX Lite, UX, X4X, X4G or XES). If not just select the "Without" option and the Flash Menu will load up right away without installing anything. Btw. this installer will install nothing if you don't wish (The only thing you could install is a Dash anyway). Not even XBlastOS or EvoX which both run of the DVD. So you will just leave with a Bios folder on C:\ which contains the bios you have flashed. And if need you have some basic tools in the Main Menu under Miscellaneous. You also will find the option to update the MS Dashboard to the lates version (5960.01) if needed in that menu along with some other options. So you see, the main goal here was basicly bios flashing. No Apps, No Dah (If you don't want) and No Crap will left behind. And ofc this installer didn't touch any byte of your maybe already installed Apps/Dashes or what ever like some others do. Finaly this installer provides all the latest bioses like Cerbios, MakeMHz, EvoX TITAN etc.. Finaly one last word. This DVD didn't use a BFM on boot so it's pretty fast. And all bios MD5 check sums I know have been added to the EvoX flasher and to the Bios Checker App (Oh Dave will throw eggs at me for this). HOW EVER..... Hope you guys have a use for it. PEACE! Downloads : 1fichier : https://1fichier.com/dir/wVNkbBai Mega : https://mega.nz/folder/UN1DzDAL#CuuhnuVesotAbaZVmIZzeg
  21. Thats interesting and makes me even more wonder why the XBox fails to boot with a noDVD bios.

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