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  1. You can use Virtua Cop 3 coming from Sega Chihiro arcade cabinet that is made with a xbox variant that has 128 MB of ram. You can also play Half-life backport from PC. When you patch xbe using 128 Mb, some games like Halo/Halo2 loose their lags when many explosions. Never checked by myself.
  2. Benur75

    XBox Og Upgrade

    The external cghimeric solution is a good solution if you don't want to chnage à lot your xbox or if you wand to re use your adapter. With N64Freak or Wii2hdmi pcb, you have to fully remove original av connector. XOSVP is a component to VGA. bye
  3. Benur75

    XBox Og Upgrade

    Hello, the 1.6 can not be upgraded to 128 Mb, only your 1.1. The most visual quality for hdmi is N64Freak solution. If you want the perfect motherboard, you can ask N64Freak for a cpu upgraded, hdmi output and also 128Mb upgrade. I can only do 128 Mb upgrade and wii2hdmi quality upgrade using a pcb adapter. It works, but this is a bit nicer with N64Freak solution. wii2hdmi solution has less quality on low resolution. If you need me, I am near Lyon in France. bye
  4. Hello, I repair Xbox and DC. I am in France, if you need something and if you leave in Europe, I can prepare Xbox for you. bye
  5. Hello, which model of DVD Drive is it ? Not all drives read all media. Could you please first giving us the model. bye
  6. I would like to wish you all a happy new year 2020. Our beloved Xbox will soon be 20 years old. I am very proud that many of us still want to keep it alive I will particularly thanks for their job N64Freak, Ryzee119, SS_Dave and Kaos Enginer for all their hardware and software job around the Xbox, and for everybody take care of you, life is short, and we are all here to help us. Benur75
  7. Benur75

    XBox Clean Up

    Hello Dave, I don't know how old are you and if you have a wife and / or children, but you have the same passion I have. Usualy I repair Xbox (still 14 at home), but last saturday, I repaired a dreamcast, a yellow dreamcast, bought for 10€ inc ship. I think one day my wife will kill me ! (44 years old this fryday). I have also the project to work on Cpu upgrade with N64 Freak, I have to buy a bga rework station in january. bye
  8. I have done the same, and my blue 5v led is nearly always shining. Do you use a sata to ide adapter ? bye
  9. Benur75

    Hdd Lock

    If the HDD has been locked with configmagic or unleashed, the master password could be "TEAMASSEMBLY". You may try XBOXHDM on your computer. Maybe SS_DAVE could help you, try to send him a PM If your are good using I2C reader, you may use such solution bye
  10. Benur75

    Dead Board?

    SsDave is right, I think the start transistor us dead
  11. Benur75

    Dead Board?

    Did you try with an other front panel Switch ? Else, I will look at an old guide for 1.6 because I am not sure that SS_DAVE was ecplaining thé same, i have to check, maybe this is the same component. In which country are you ? Bye
  12. I dont know a fatx explorer that support original Xbox, I have Seen for 360. Bye
  13. Benur75

    Dead Board?

    I dont Dee anything that Can help us. Did you try an other psu ? 1.6 Can easily have a problèm with start circuit. Do you have any ligt when you presse power or eject ?
  14. Benur75

    Dead Board?

    Hello, Can you send a full bottom and top photo, good quality in order to zoom in. Bye

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