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  1. You can also use V1.2 and up gpu heatsink. I am in Europe in you need one (for free only shipping) bye
  2. Please keep cool, I don't think you need to get angry like this, this is a forum, there are so many worldwide problem. Love and Peace bye
  3. Hello, please take some time to clean the board, the clocxk capacitor has already leaked. Use IPA, first remove the board from case, to properly clean it. bye
  4. Good evening, as nothing seems to be out of order, I would rather first prepare a new hdd. As this is a debug kit, you could use an unlocked disk only if you boot on the official recovery disk that permit to choose between debug bios and commercial bios. Please look at: https://www.ogxbox.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1881-devkit-recovery-collection/ bye
  5. Hello, first, gently clean your ram pads with flux and a solder cupper remover. Then, install an Aladin XT lite with Xblast lite firmware, you will be able able to boot after each memory added in order to see if you job is ok before going the next chip. Where do you live ? bye
  6. I don't have any problem with this one, but I always change capacitors by panasonic caps, and check twice all solders. This adapter only use 5V even if the 12V is conected bye
  7. Hello, I dont think you will find a Xbox One solution here. We are only a Xbox original forum. bye
  8. How clean is the fan ?
  9. Hello, I think after a few posts someone will ask you to take a photo inside and show us clock cap and cpu/gpu caps. So I think, unscrew your box and show us all caps. It seems you have a power problem, coming from caps. Remain to know which ones. bye
  10. If you want a perfect home print protection, use this one if you have a 3D printer. This is the one I use, that's perfect, that don't move anymore: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2875749 For your caps, please buy only panasonic or high quality caps, low esr, respecting the µF value and at least the power value, for easy install, keep the same diameter. In which country are you ? bye
  11. Hello, on the last photo. I see a capacitor that is starting to blow! Just under CPU. Your IDE 2 SATA adapter seems to be very low quality. When I buy these, I start to replace the 2 caps by panasonic caps. Then it works, but your seems to have been repaired, saddly repaired ! Is it a new adapter ? bye
  12. You can for example launch Virtua Cop3, relased for Sage Shihiro plateform which is a 128 Mb Xbox with additional devices.
  13. This is a good question. Very often we change th emost used caps, lke the cpoou/gpu caps because they suffer more. But you are irgh, sometimes, it hap^pens to me to replace the two caps on the rear, the ones used to filter power on video chipset. As this is difficult to check a non blown cap, we change them if we can see they are destroyed, or when we check that a power valmue somewhere on the pcb is not good. The best solution would be to use an oscilloscope in order to see in power value are stable or not. bye
  14. Hello, welcome in the forum. bye
  15. Whatever you repair the drive or not, keep the dvd board as you will be able to use it in a softmoded install, because without dvd board you have an error. You can keep it for a slim xbox project. bye

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