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  1. XBox 1.6 (64MB) EvoX m8plus TITAN bios set : https://1fichier.com/?sqkezbo7xq2ibrjqi63q
  2. You need to flash your TSOP to be able to use any homebrew e.g. XBMC in your case. So this is what I would do. Download this : Check the save games for a game you have a original game dvd. copy / ftp the save to your HDD to E:\UDATA and also copy the folder 21585554 to the same folder (E:\UDATA) Look the HDD using XblastOS or cofnig magic to be able to boot of your TSOP. Remove or maybe just disable the modchip. Boot up the game DVD and load the same game (instuctions for that are in the download). After that you can flash your TSOP with any of the provided bioses for a first flash (You can flash any other bios afterwards). When thats done you can unlock your HDD again and remove the mod chip. And the Hynix TSOP is 256kb.
  3. Try one of these : https://1fichier.com/?dze5ubh0743c9squizdm Both strait boot E:\XBMC\default.xbe C:\evoxdash.xbe E:\evoxdash.xbe One is a yes DVD and the other a no DVD one. Both are FG lba48 patched and verifed working.
  4. Weil wenn du die Wahl hast nicht den Winbond nehmen solltest. Die SST, Hynix oder Hyundai lassen sich einfacher flashen. Für den Winbond und Atmel braucht man immer XBlastOS oder Raincoat.
  5. As far as I know you can't do that. How ever, the SST and Atmel are interchangeable. But I would not use the Winbond.
  6. Yes 5 min. incl coffee. I did it a couple of times. And recently I also desoldered and dumped some TSOP's of some (4) LG 8163b drives (Same pitch just a little smaller sized TSOP). When I have boards that can't be fixed I also desolder the TSOP and eeprom for spares. You never now if you need one, one day. At the end, everthing comes down to how much skill you have. Good equipment is just a part of it. It makes things eayser but you can do the most jobs (Incl. RAM upgrades) with a 2 in 1 station for 100 bucks and a magnifier if you have the skill.
  7. Desoldering, programming and soldering is round about ~5min. time. And you have that nice feeling when you fixed it because you can.
  8. Well.... You need something like a tl866ii plus with a TSOP32 adapter. With it you can programm a TSOP. You can also programm your Atmel chip with it (It's supportet by this programmer).
  9. HeXEn does nothing, it's not made to da anything useful. There are some steps you have/can to do. OPTION 1 1. Create a shortcut with XBE Shortcut maker 2.0 which point to your first dash XBMC4GAMERS (e.g. E:\XBMC4GAMERS\default.xbe) Name of the XBE should be evoxdash.xbe 2. Create a shortcut with XBE Shortcut maker 2.0 which point to your second dash XBMC ORIGINS (not to sure where you have it so maybe : E:\XBMC\default.xbe) Name of the XBE should be evoxdash.xbe 3. Copy the files in place. Copy one to C:\ and the other to E:\ 4 Edit the cerbios.ini and the ind.ini and point one to C:\evoxdash.xbe and the other to E:\evoxdash.xbe OPTION 2 Edit the cerbios.ini and point the first boot entry to the dash you like to boot " E:\XBMC4GAMERS\default.xbe" Edit the ind.inind point the first boot entry to the dash you like to boot "E:\XBMC\default.xbe" or "E:\XBMC Origins\default.xbe" (Again idk the path for your install here). Both options will work fine. And at the end it didn't realy matter whcih one you pick.
  10. it should be 0402 cap. How the chances are? You already delivered the numbers so do the math. I think it's a filter cap. So your XBox works without it but should have it. Your XBox 1.6 should have the same cap so not a huge deal to move one to your 1.0.
  11. Uhhhh thats against board rule no. 11. (See the 95% legit screenshot as proof) : https://imgur.com/a/6HrbM8r
  12. That cap is a 10nf.

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