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  1. Right, now that you say that, I see it as well. Didn't paid to much attention to the "stuck on flash" screen. I have quick checked the evox.ini and both are supportet there: Flash = 0xbf52,"SST 49LF020A",0x40000 Flash = 0xbf57,"SST 49LF002A / 49LF002B",0x40000 So the problem could maybe the lattice which tries to use 0xbf57 instead of 0xbf52 because of a misslabeled SST? That would meen, that it would be impossible to flash these chips whitout reflashing the Lattice with an programmer or flashing the SST external. Some weeks ago, I had some fake DuoX2 chips which I was not able to flash. I needed to desolder them and flash them with my programmer. But after that they worked fine but still not flashable when soldered (Not even when I used the fix which was on the website to force them into flash mode).
  2. You can ignore the "Unsupported modchip" massage. This is just if you would like to flash XBlastOS to the Modchip. So just select the wheel symbole on the right and try to flash the chip (HDD Flash option). One thing you could try before flashing is go to " 3.1.2. AiO Setup a new large HDD " and install the HDD again using my installer. Maybe you just miss a file on C or E (Depending on the bios which is on the chip) or a .xbe points to a wrong folder. Worth a shot in my opinion. In case your bios loads "evoxdash.xbe" first of the C drive, the XBox then should boot up UnleashX which is the default dashboard for my Installer and a evoxdash.xbe will be placed on C and E when installing a new HDD and both point to " E:\Dash\UnleashX\unleashx.xbe". Thanks for the pictures. Thats the same chip the other user had which was also not flashable. I begin to wonder if that Lattice controller causes the problem. To me it looks like a "fake" controller chip. The SST though is fine and looks original. In case you have an external programmer on hand, you could flash the SST with it.
  3. That is the second 49LF002B which is not flashable. EvoX should be able to flash the chip without a problem but, like Dave said, try XBlast. Launch " 1.1. Launch X-Box File Explorer UX. " Copy the bios you like to flash to : " C:\Bios ". ( I would suggest the " M8.16.CEC.FG.evoxdash.256.bin ". Rename the bios to : " bios.bin " Close the file explorer with the back button. Go to " 2.8.3. Launch XBlast OS v0.56. " an try to flash the chip. Could you make a picture of your Aladdin mod chip?
  4. Добро пожаловать. Do you have flashed your Aladdin with the right bios for your installation? Most of the Aladdins come with a cromwell or old evox bios which can cause those problems. Error 13 means the xbox could not load your dashboard. I would use the AID to flash the right bios to your Aladdin and see if that solves your problem (which it should). But pick the right bios depending on your XBox version (1.0 - 1.4 or 1.6). Still some questions: Do you use a 80 wire IDE cable or the old 40 wire for your SATA adapter? What HDD do you use (Seagate, Western Digital Green/Blue)?
  5. Not sure how or why but I also had leaking CPU caps and a non leaking clock cap. I also had one 1.6b with horrible leaking CPU caps but the rest of the caps on the board was fine. So your assumption about a bad batch could be possible. I defently saw more black Nichicon caps leaking as all other silver ones and non of the green ones they also used. It maybe also add how much the xbox is used and stored if not used. But thats just a guess. Maybe Dave or any of the other "hardcore" collectors could tell something about it.
  6. Don't remember my oddyse with the bad EvoX bios on a Winbond topic? Thats why I bought a external programmer. Both are not reflashable. EDIT : But OFC it can depends on how bad the "bad flash" is (Chances are 50/50 I would say.).
  7. Tale out or remove/replace the clock cap anyway. It will fail and thats not far away. You save your self some work.
  8. If you have a bigger HDD, remeber to format your HDD twice! That is important to prevent errors. f you have a smaller drive ~250gb per partition you are good with formating it one time.
  9. Nope. Thats not normal. At worst it takes 30 sec. with a thomson DVD drive. What setup you have? Maybe a WD Green HD? SATA adapter with 80 wire cable?
  10. Sounds like it is the clock cap. I would open here up. A woking board with next to no trace damage (because of this evil cap) is more worth as a Xbox not working and maybe not repairable damage. But ofc. thats just my opinion. You need to decide what has more value to you.
  11. Nothing happend, like written in the read me's. The 1.0 - 1.4 xboxes have blue bioses (in case of evox even without the evox logo) and 1.6 xbox'es have a teal logo. And all without the anoying animation. And now the important part. You came from a softmod (I guess) without settign up the HDD. So the XBox tries to load a evoxdash.xbe from the C drive and your Softmod dosent play well with the TSOP flash. So put the DVD in your drive and power off the xbox. After that power her back on, boot into the installer and set up your HDD. After that the xbox should boot just fine.
  12. I would love to have some close up pic`s of this 29 wire mod if possible.
  13. The better chip is the XBlast. If you go with the OpenXenium you cant use XBlastOS on it because there are some bugs (So if you would like to update to 128MB you would need to buy one anway). So if you just want 4 bioses, go with the OX. If you like to have way more options and maybe update your XBox to 128MB, want TSOP control, HDD lock unlook and many more (I posted the Manual link) etc., the XBLast is the way to go. This chip isn't just a mod chip, it's also mighty tool.
  14. You have 1 x 256kb and 1 x 512kb. And you have XBlastOS on it. About the functions for XBlastOS you can read this manual here: https://bitbucket.org/psyko_chewbacca/lpcmod_os/wiki/mainmenu

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