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  1. If I remeber right, you flash the Xchanger via network. Flashing the bios is just one step. When swapping out the HDD, there is nothing on it. So you would need to set up your new HDD with an installer disc like OGXBox Installer 2021 / TruHeXEn or what ever you like. Or option to is to set up your HDD on your PC using FatXplorer 3.0 beta and copy over the needed files. That's what OGXBox Installer 2021 - v1.5.3 beta 2 For FatXplorer + XBoxHDM.zip is for. And a noDVD disables the check on boot if your XBox has a working DVD drive. The yesDVD bios still has the check enabled. (And yes you can still boot/cold boot any DVD with it.
  2. For Winbond TSOP's use the XBlastOS flasher of this disk. It will flash your W29C040T just fine. And EvoX can't flash the Winbond TSOP's. Copy protection.
  3. Hey. I have checked the ISO and it works for me. But I noticed the skin also didn't load up correctly. Have you tried to reboot your console and start over? And do use the lates version of the OGXBox Bios Flasher Disc v1.1.0 ? ( EDIT : And you just need some KB of free space on C so that isn't a problem ) The config is fine : <List Text=" Flash EvoX m8+ TITAN F+G noDVD v1.1.0 UDMA5 (256kb)." Sort="off" Batch="True" icon="D:\Skins\Icons\flash_TITAN.png"> <Item Action="MessageBox" Arg1="WARNING 1/2:">RIGHT NOW I WOULD SAY THIS IS AN BETA BIOS NOT MENT TO BE FLASHED BY BEGINNERS! ALSO IT SHOULD NOT BE FLASHED TO A TSOP! FLASH AT YOUR OWN RISK!</Item> <Item Action="MessageBox" Arg1="WARNING 2/2:">THIS IS AN noDVD DRIVE CHECK BIOS! IF YOU USE AN WD GREEN HDD, YOU MUST DISABLE THE HEAD PARKING FUNTCTION FIRST USING WDIDL3.EXE! And yes, it will still boot any DVD you like!</Item> <Item Action="AskUser" Arg1="OGXBox" Arg2="We are now going to prepare the files for your bios flash. Do you like to proceed?"/> <Item Action="unrar" Arg1="D:\Bios\Titan\EvoXTITANUDMA5ND.rar" Arg2="C:\"/> <Item Action="AskUser" Arg1="OGXBox" Arg2="All files are in place. Last chance to change your mind if you are unsure. Do you like to proceed and start the flash process?"/> <Item Action="D:\EvoX\evox.xbe">Launching EvoltionX</Item> </List>
  4. I would be intereted in one board without ram upgrade, modchip etc. pp. (preferred a 1.1 (if not on hand I could send you one from görmany)), so just the CPU upgrade which I can't do at my own atm.. Still need to buy a "good" BGA station. :(
  5. Thats a LED not a fuse.
  6. The grey wire goes to the D0 point
  7. Here you go : Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  8. So, I have loaded that ISO and have zero problems to upack it using drag and drop. I also testet the upload from AlvRo again and that one works also. How ever, check your PM's.
  9. I`m downloading the iso to check that, How ever, Archiv is always slow as hell so it will take some hours (~4-5h).
  10. And again, here are the download links for v2.01 https://1fichier.com/?riakentdy1npo2t0zhnw https://mega.nz/file/cFtByYiJ#Mq7ON3PzniJ3NRADdtfcMCWiQxaMQ233q0Kd_ChWLIo
  11. And a little update v1.7.1 (23.04.2022) Cerbios bios update to 2.0.0. BETA. (BASIC) (PRO) (DEV) Download links as always in the first post.
  12. And for all non xbins users : https://1fichier.com/?hrcc1w1gk633dksi53ev https://mega.nz/folder/lV8gjKYD#z8EfFTnK7bB9UYAzc87ciw
  13. Rockys SMT + All save games: https://1fichier.com/?qqtx28re7v5tapxa74lc

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