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  1. My pleasure. You don't need this DVD to flash your OX. You can flash the OX in the OX GUI via FTP or from HDD.
  2. If you and your brother cant find one, let me know. I have a RGH3 Jasper V2 (Kronos) MW2 edition here. We don't have here some don't we?
  3. If you have an IDE HDD with stock 40 wire cable - UDMA2 If you have an IDE HDD with 80 wire cable - UDMA4 If you have an SATA HDD with 80 wire cable and cheapo SATA adapter and 80 wire cabel - UDMA4 If you have an SATA HDD with 80 wire cable and an SATA adapter that has a Marvel controller on it - UDMA5 If you have an SATA SSD with 80 wire cable and cheapo SATA adapter - UDMA4 (MAYBE UDMA5 works) If you hace an SATA SSD with 80 wire cable and SATA adapter that has a Marvel controller on it - UDMA6 If you flash a UDMA5 bios and you have just a stock HDD with 40 wire cable, you can trigger the save mode by starting the console with the eject button. That will trigger UDMA2 and you be able to reflash a lower UDMA mode. For normal however the bios will reboot it self into lower UDMA mode after displaying a massage which informs you what may gone wrong.
  4. You didn't searched hard enough. There is the option to flash it with an evox flasher oven to flash it with xblast.
  5. XENOCHIP - Extra Chip For Your Console (archive.org) There are so many clones and clones of clones even with SST's and not winbonds...... Once there was a company named "Aladdin Advanced" which created a lot of copies and Xeno changed then the name or even had a copyright on it. Not to sure here.
  6. Probably the 47nf & 220nf (maybe the 100nf as well) caps are dead. If you have one at least ne working drive, you can check the pcb's in it. If the drive refuses to work with the PCB you have put in you can assume that, if the reisitors are fine, the caps are dead. And doing it, no leaser tweak needs do be done! Replace the caps and check again in the woking drive.
  7. Here's some small info on the bottom of the pic I attached. Xeno cam up with the design and such and then some one took that cloned it and named it Aladdin.
  8. The Aladdin chips are clones of the XenoFX chips. And yes, there is also a version of the XenoFX with LC4064 chip on it called AXT Xenochip Pro. The one showed in the pic above the AXT32 Xenochip lite
  9. Not possible. The one with LCD support use a LC4064. So even you add the pot nothing will happen. And if you use Ryzee's AladdinLCD (which will work if you mod the chip slightly (See he pic of a mod I made using a XenoFX which is the original (All aladdins are clones)) you lose the bios function (So you would need a TSOP flash).
  10. Push pins aint come cheap and as a adapter..... How many dirt cheap pin header I can solder before I save a penny? (Side note: My last 100 2x6 male pin header was around 5 bucks euros.
  11. Maybe bad caps. Post some pics of the MB.

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