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  1. Not a file zilla problem in my opinion. I would guess wrong formatted harddisk since i had this error my self when in had this damn 16kb vs 64kb bug. The only way, if i'm right with my guess, is to start over again and formate the harddisk again. Test to copy another game and if the same happens again i'm right. Wrong harddisk layout.
  2. Use a hairdryer to warm (not heat) it up a little bit.
  3. I have 2 of the same and both work fine. But the first of them had a solder bridge on the controler chip which i have fixed. Maybe you have se same problem and maybe it could help to resolder the joints on the resisors and caps and power like i did on both of mine. The original used solder is horrible. But i also have to admit that i bought both as amazon deal for 5 euros each so for me it was worth the hassle. ;)
  4. Damn, you're right. Hope the OP was smarter than me and saw that im pointed him to the wrong pad. Anyway, thanks for correcting me an shame on me for that. Next time i have to pay a little more attention. Maybe a Mod can remove the picture since i can't edit it out.
  5. Check out this topic: Love this baby (the chip ofc) and my be i will buy one for my self.
  6. Just connect BT with the first pin on the left in the upper row and remove the BT point cable from the board. Thats it. EDIT : And no benefit for disabling the chip. Btw. you may consider to install XBMC4Gamers along with the resource pack (linked below (DL-Links on side 4)) :
  7. Unleashed has it's own shutdown timer in the system settings.
  8. Here is a video tutorial incl. the already described bug and the workaround/fix. Just jump to 6:00 min. in the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wsGjDOOAP0
  9. Sounds like you have the wrong cluster size. You have to formate the drive twice to get the right 64k cluster layout for both (F&G) partitions. In the first run xbpartitioner will use only 16k for the F partition. So do it like Dave said. Formate the drive by reducing both pations F & G a little bit. after that simply start over (no reboot required) and max out the partition size. Reboot and voilá it works.
  10. Well, i used DST and i don't need to take the feets of ever again since i have made some nice round punch holes for the screws. Also i have used good quality tape from Tesa (Not sure if you can get those world wide? In germany, where i'm from, it' s very well known). Those DST from the "euro/dollar store" aren't that great in my opinion.
  11. Here is a mirror for both files just in case : Auto Installer Deluxe v4.50 : https://1fichier.com/?j2nvgt0jq1sol5vnsjc8 Auto Installer Deluxe v4.53 : https://1fichier.com/?r4b76pz9h8e5vkxrwx5h
  12. IDK if that would work but you will run in some problems with some games because of to many sings. I have it like that an it works pretty good: <List Text="0 & 9" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png"> <Path>F:\G09</Path> </List> <List Text="A & B" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png"> <Path>F:\GAB</Path> </List> <List Text="C & D" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png"> <Path>F:\GCD</Path> </List> <List Text="E & F" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png"> <Path>F:\GEF</Path> </List> <List Text="G & H" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png"> <Path>F:\GGH</Path> </List> <List Text="I & J" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png"> <Path>F:\GIJ</Path> </List> <List Text="K & L" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png"> <Path>F:\GKL</Path> </List> <List Text="M & N" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png"> <Path>F:\GMN</Path> </List> <List Text="O & P" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png"> <Path>F:\GOP</Path> </List> <List Text="Q & R" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png"> <Path>F:\GQR</Path> </List> <List Text="S & T" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png"> <Path>F:\GST</Path> </List> <List Text="U & V" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png"> <Path>F:\GUV</Path> </List> <List Text="W & X" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png"> <Path>F:\GWX</Path> </List> <List Text="Y & Z" Sort="On" Auto="On" Icon="C:\Action.png"> <Path>F:\GYZ</Path> </List> Btw. Ignore the " Icon="C:\Action.png" " since i don't have tested if this work so it's just a place holder for now.
  13. Get an SATA to IDE adapter and a SATA HDD (1TB+ (max 2TB)). And as Dashboard i suggest to use XBMC4Gamers with it's resource pack. Greets
  14. Like i wrote in my post above, that mentioned your post. But it's always nice to have a mirror i guess and the 1fichier account is paid for 2 years and there is a lot other xbox stuff as well on it. In the first place i wanted to post a pdf file with all the links but idk for sure if that's ok since this board has a download section and i'm still a newbie here - So let the time tell what happend (if i can help with a file ofc i will do that). Anyway. Thanks in the first place goes to you irlandezfor the mirror from which i got my files from. They are pretty hard to find now days (the only reason why i have created mirror of these files). greets

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