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  1. The ISO is not ment to be extracted or mounted. Open your burn software and select the ISO and burn it to disc. Mrs Google say's : How to Burn an ISO or DMG File to Disc on Your Mac Insert a blank disc in your DVD writer. Open the folder in Finder that contains your ISO or DMG file. Right-click the file and choose "Burn Disk Image" Click Burn.
  2. Delimit from user noptical. DL : https://1fichier.com/?3s9wy28r1x6ugojp5lpg
  3. I don't think that this error has something to do with the installer at all. Error Code 16 Problem: Internal clock cannot be set. Cause/Solution: This happens when the Xbox tries to boot to the stock dashboard in order to have you set the current date/time but fails to load the menu. This happens if you: Just replaced the HDD and are missing your clock capacitor or left your Xbox unplugged for a few hours. Erased the Microsoft dashboard files (which contain the clock setting) and are missing your clock capacitor or left your Xbox unplugged for a few hours. Have a revision 1.6 Xbox
  4. I'm pretty sure that n64 freak has still some up for sale. Just in case.
  5. Why not buying a simple XBlast Lite for 20-25 bucks instead of a Aladdin for ~10 and a Spi2Par for ~10-15 bucks ect.? Btw the XBLast would offer way more as just a display.
  6. If you don't plan to go deeper into rapair, something cheap should do the job. 5x-10x depening how bad good your eagle eyes still are. ;) I like the AmScope SM-4B which I maybe buy in the future. But the AmScope SE400-Z would also work and it's half the price. Or a little bit cheaper the Swift 10x 20x but even that's overkill if you use it only 1 time a year (or less). So I would buy something which is good enough for you to do the job and will some use in the future without breaking the bank. ;)
  7. It is. I would recommend Verbertim DVD-R.
  8. If DVD-RW media works heavily depends on your DVD drive. As far as I know it works for some users but, never works for me. And no, you can not use it via USB adapter. No Game or Intaller works with USB (with the exeptions of Game exploids for softmodding or TSOP flashing but these are more or less "special" apps made to run from HDD copied as savegames to HDD from USB.
  9. When I don't wear my glasses and don't use a magnifying glass, I don't see a single trace/via at all but still doing trace repair, ram upgrades and all the other stuff. Will say, with a simple magnifying glass it should not be a problem. But like Dave wrote, use the DO on the backside of the board like the most ppl. do. ;)
  10. If you have the skill and the right tools to repair it, it should not be a problem. If not, put it a side and wait till you get better with soldering or you get the right tools for the job. And if it's worth it is something you have to decide for your own. I have recently fixed an old Aladdin which I have killed with the headgun. I had pads ripped off and I also maged to kill some traces under under the SST chip. Was it worth it? If you see only the money, I guess not. If you see the point of learning and managing to bring back that chip to life, it totaly was worth it. But thats only my point
  11. Great example for what I wrote recently on reddit. XBLastOS does not belong on a TSOP. So you have to options. External flasher (Desoldering you TSOP to flash it with a programmer) ModChip (Would go with an XBlast Lite to recover your TSOP which should be possible since there is no EvoX bios on it)
  12. In unleashX and EvoX it's written in the skin.xml ( something like " Source="G_FreeMB" ". I think in all XBMC versions it's a similar entry somewhere in a ini/cfg but like Dave wrote, no need to worry about. But in case you use UnleashX as well, you can delete that entiy from the skin.xml and you're good. For EvoX it's the skin.ini (and in case it's a EvoX without skin it's written in the evox.ini) Not to sure how important it is to resize the drive (never done it), for me it was always enough to format the drive, reboot and start over. But I'm also sure I wrote it like Dave said in the R
  13. The CEE is a bios which boot up C:\evoxdash.xbe as first option instead of E:\XBMC4Gamers\default.xbe. Depending on the flasher you used it should be replaced. If you had flashed your Chip with EvoX this will be fixed in the next version. I have made some changes which fix the problem of not replaceing the xbe which means, from the next version on the old files will get delete the moment you start the flasher. I'm on fine tuning the next build and it should be up next week. And if you don't want to change your dashboard (ever) you can use the ECC/ECE build which boots the E:\XBMC4Gam
  14. First of it would be interesting to know what bios you use. In case it is an EvoX which boots evoxdash.xbe from either C or E first, you can simply switch your dashboard by using the installer option " 4.5. Switch Default Dashboard ". If you use a iND or x2 you can do the same. Only if you use a differen EvoX bios you may need to reflash your XBox with a "EvoX CE / EvoX ECC" that boot up the evoxdash.xbe first (Tagged in the flasher as default bios) or in case you will never change your dashboard you can use a "EvoX X4G" (XBMC4Gamers) bios. That bios boot XBMC4Gamers strait from E:\XBMC4G
  15. The upper skin folder are EvolutionX skins and the lower one's are for UnleashX.

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