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  1. so I'm working on an internal hdmi mod among other things..... would you also want an optical and or rca output for the spdif, our just spdif over the hdmi? this is currently an external design, but I'm making it an internal currently. https://imgur.com/iJKaQjN also have another project some of you may recognize... https://imgur.com/a/fCjAnTp
  2. Aladdin 4032 Add Ons? Extras?

    no... the 4032 doesnt have enough macrocells to do an lcd its a basic modchip
  3. Steel Battalion Controller Converter

    got my controller, just have to reflash a SD card for my pitaya and test to make sure the controller works then I can start reading the buttons.
  4. Steel Battalion Controller Converter

    I have a controller being shipped to me soon, and assuming it works I have all the equipment to get you what you need.
  5. Read Eeprom From XBox Motherboard With Raspberry Pi

    it works really well, (and simple if you use the full raspian install). What i do is read it with PiPROM, transfer it to my pc and null the key with LiveInfo, and then rewrite the eeprom with PiPROM. has never failed me.
  6. Modchip Lcd Wiring Schematics

    something like the adafruit backpack may work for the SPI interface https://www.adafruit.com/product/292 I know they can be used on 20x4 lcds
  7. Cpu Work, Spitballing.

    p3 cpus require an interposer board to handle the pin remapping.
  8. Internal Hdmi Mod Diy Sets

    what is the audio output on these, stereo over HDMI?
  9. Chimp 261812 Not Displaying Over Component

    i havent tried with the newer versions of hexen i guess, but I know the older version would only display on composite
  10. Cpu Upgrade

    lol... very true, I have a few of them sitting around waiting for me to find the time to play with it and get the mods right
  11. Chimp 261812 Not Displaying Over Component

    i think i have successfully used Rocky5's chimp over component (or the pound adapter) as well.
  12. Cpu Upgrade

    not quite that simple, there is a little work that needs to be done on the motherboard under the CPU to set the voltage and turn off power saving mode.
  13. Chimp 261812 Not Displaying Over Component

    i can only get it (and the xblastos) to run over composite.
  14. Questions and Other Stuff

    that sucks.... just moved so my pc isnt hooked up yet.. should be any day now.... I have them on there. ask me in a few days.
  15. Cpu Upgrade

    that is a closely guarded secret by the people who do them.... I think the only one still offering them for sale is N64Freak on here.

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