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UnleashX temp in og xbox


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It is dependent on the airflow around the console, ambient temperature and fan speed but those are not untypical of what UnleashX will report in hot weather 30°+C with the fan at the default setting x1 (20%).

I've never had to increase the speed of the fan beyond x2 (40%) to keep the temperatures <60°C (just) even on the hottest UK summer days as there were this year with ambient temperatures often above 40°C.

Check what XBMC reports under the same conditions and if after a couple of minutes that is still showing temperatures >60°C with the fan at x2 (40%) then there is cause for concern. But if not don't worry too much. Keep an eye on the temperature and it does not drop in cooler ambient conditions or goes above 65°C action is needed.

No doubt some here will say you should replace the thermal paste but as others here will attest that rarely has any dramatic effect on the reported temperatures.

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5 hours ago, HDShadow said:

What I meant by checking the airflow around the console is just to make sure the Xbox has plenty of space around it and can vent the hot or warm air away from the console.

The air being expelled will not be at 61°C if that is what you thought.


There is enough space and i tried evrything and when i set the fan in ×5 give me 61c on the cpu and m/b i'll change the thermal paste and figure it out and thanks for your reply



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21 minutes ago, HDShadow said:

Something definitely is not right if you're using the very noisy x5 fan speed and the reported temperatures with an UnleashX dash are still 60°C+.

That what i sayed and whan i set it ×1 the lowest it's give me 65c with playing some games for 1 hour and when i stay in the dashboard it's give me 62c



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On 9/28/2022 at 11:54 PM, oglliselop said:

I don't know if unleachx giving me wrong temp numbers when i turn on the Xbox and stay in the dashboard it gives 61C/61C in the cpu 

Is it a version 1.6?

Here is 2 pics from my 1.6 taken about 10 seconds apart and after the Xbox had been on for less than 60 seconds.




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