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amusing/interesting/sus xbox restoration

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Gotta say I'm very impressed. I would have DOA'd it after seeing what it was pulled from. Always glad to see a system boot up after a hardcore rescue like that. And a lil sense of jealousy,  I look over at my dead 1.0 board that's in immaculate and pristine condition that doesn't fire up and see this only to shake my head..... Keep us up to date with that bad boy cause it looks like with a little more chasing you could tack down that video glitching and stitch it up like new.

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My heart bleeds for that poor console. Its funny how this fake restoration dross can be both glaringly obvious for some and also just as convincing for others.


Don't get me started on the bogus "animal rescue" videos that people make out there too.

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I can't believe I fell for this entire vid, hook line & sinker, not even ONCE questioning rust on plastic casing, or dumping literally everything into a water bowl + baking soda.

All we can hope for is that this skit used an already dead Xbox, so a fully living Boxy Boy didn't die for clicks & views.

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This guy seems to have an uncanny knack to find various electronics that are in this state just lying by the road or path. He’s done Playstations and other stuff all look the same

Total click bait BS.   The muddy clay water they are obviously coating things with that looks like rust once baked on doesn't even cover the whole MB just  seems to miss the area under the totally destroyed DVD drive.


When electronic devices are placed in a river or drainage inlet or outlet the silt and mud gets everywhere and turns the pcb a funny colour after a few weeks.

Reminds me of a youtube video I once saw with a total restoration on an Xbox where all the guy did was open the case and blow the minimal dust out and clean and polish the plastics, padded out to 15mins with whole bunch of pointless waffle, clearly just there to get advert money from the people who clicked on the video.


That said I kinda like that rusty apocalypse look of the case. Would be great to matt clear coat and leave it as is. 

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