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  1. you can ftp to the xbox with a program like filezilla easy enough
  2. very tidy consoles here in the uk we werent treated to half of the special editions, we got black, crystals and green (and some halo green i think), ive always been tempted to import a skeleton, they look cool as feck!
  3. just opened up a 1.0 xbox which was hard modded back in the day, when there was no chip on the top of the board i assumed it must have been tsop'd, took the board out and found this monstrosity, ive locked a stock HD to it and desoldered the chip so i can start afresh. im glad things got easier as time went by!
  4. on point 3, if the old xbox was softmodded and your new xbox would essentially be running a custom bios then you may have to change the path that looks for evoxdash.xbe, ie the softmod drive may be set to e:\evoxdash.xbe and the hardmod bios may be looking for c:\evoxdash.xbe, you can either use a bios that allows you to change this or boot the console using a boot disk that has file explorer (ie AID) and physically move/copy the evoxdash.xbe file
  5. the front panel wouldnt make a difference to be honest, i just kept it on there to save prising it off and also there is an original x3 sticker on so would be selling as is, thanks
  6. I was saving this but would be willing to let it go at a fair price im uk also
  7. welcome Kaan, i usually put both coinops and ninja massive on, i find coinops is easier to find games for a quick blast, however if im showing someone an xbox then it has to be ninja are you ftp'ing all those games or using fatxplorer?
  8. where are you located? my crystal is a 1.6 (im in uk) but i dont think all crystals are, post a pic of your board so we can see what revision it is
  9. ok my bad, i know games discs cant write to the tsop obviously but wasnt aware the kernel was part of the bios on an xbox, game discs must just update the dash then like you said, MS numbered them the same just to confuse me!
  10. my understanding was the kernel doesnt get written to the tsop, the kernel is somewhere between the bios and OS, game disks were capable of updating the kernel so it couldnt have been written to the tsop, what are you trying to achieve? a stock xbox?
  11. Hi Jay, good call on pulling the clock cap and now all you have to do is decide what to fill all that lovely f drive with!
  12. yes ive moved that across also
  13. Hi, i purchased a faulty 1.6 xbox which was modded with xecuter 3 and the front control panel, the xbox was powering up but no sign of life on the chip or front panel, upon inspection the lpc rebuild board wasnt installed straight, it seemed to be slightly skew, i didnt really have the proper kit to remove and reseat the lpc rebuild board so i desoldered everything else and re-installed it all into a 1.4 so no need for the lpc board, i now have signs of life on the chip (chip lights up blue) and the front control panel (logo lights red and hdd activity light blinks) however i cant get the chip to enable, ive tried the bank switches in various positions, short press, long press, if i try pressing eject and power together the xbox frags once then powers up normally but the logo light is always red, ive retried all my solder points on the lpc / d0 but to no avail, anyone have any ideas anything else i could try? thanks
  14. If you can solder to the little surface mounted resistors then you can do the holes, If you have the thin kynar wire then the holes arent too bad as you can use the hole for a guide, scratch the surface of the hole a little with a sharp blade and flux the wire and hole, then with the wire poking in the hole put a small amount of solder on the iron and it should flow when you touch the connection. im not the best at soldering myself but thats how i do these little holes and it works for me (i also invested in a cheap pair of 1.5 reading glasses!). you can practice on any old circuit board that has those holes.
  15. The first thing i would try is to do the BT to ground wire so the chip is 'always on' edit - there does seem rather a lot of wires on your install pic, not sure whats going on there edit 2 - think its an lpc rebuild (i usually do that on the underside of the board), i would still get rid of the 2 wires going to the front of the board and do the BT to ground link
  16. Hi, sounds interesting. maybe set up a github page and release on there when ready or when theres a beta
  17. if you press and hold the white button on the controller during boot does it bring up the x3 config live screen?
  18. have you checked the front panel switch positions to make sure you havent accidently moved any?
  19. also try going into settings and clearing the thumbnail cache
  20. you could use xbe shortcut maker to point to xbmc4gamers on boot, theres some info on this whole subject here:
  21. Hi, i hold both triggers with back and start to quit out of an xbox game. is xbmc4gamers your main bootup dash?
  22. download sweetdarkdestinys boot disk thats on here, if you can boot from that it has dhcp ftp access straight from the boot screen
  23. As its softmodded you have the issue of needing to lock the drive, to install the 2tb you will need to link up power to both drives, power up the xbox then swap the dvd data cable (ide cable) to the 2tb drive (set as slave) you can then clone to slave and lock slave using chimp or as dave will say, hardmod it edit: you would also need to swap out the ide data cable for 80 pin if you are using a sata adapter

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