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  1. as different revisions have different video chips (focus/conexant) etc i would say it may be down to this if you have the issue on particular revisions, have you tried switching video modes?
  2. sounds like trace corrosion issue
  3. error 12 is a dvd error, the hard drive would probably still be booting with a few bad sectors. check the little yellow dvd power cable is connected correctly also
  4. wet and dry sanding pads to get rid of the rust, then wipe over with a cloth and some wd40, not worth spraying unless its a crystal really.
  5. the original clock caps ive seen say 'aero gel' on them
  6. i threw the boards i messed up but have about 10 fraggers, ive knicked the caps off a couple though, also have a few psu's / controller ports / fans if any use to anyone
  7. trace corrosion possibly?
  8. when i order the ebay cheap converters from china i order 5 or 6 at a time knowing that 1 or 2 will fail, as i never throw anything away ive got about a dozen dead ones now, i was thinking maybe it could be the cheap caps and whether it was worth trying to change caps on them to see any can be resurrected, a couple of them did work for a short time before dying so worth a shot?
  9. i have attempted a 128mg upgrade twice over the past couple of years, both ended with fubar boards, i dont think my soldering skills/eyes are up to the job, if anyone in the uk wants any old xbox boards ive got quite a few
  10. noi dont play online but had noticable input lag when playing any game on my downstairs tv, and the wii2hdmi adapter made it go away, have a look here, localhorst86's post was the technical explanation for it
  11. This was the exact problem I was having, I made one of the wii2hdmi adapters using retro pro franks guide and it sorted the problem, so i would say yes any sort of hdmi mod would solve this
  12. very nice work sir, it looks very clean! what are you running on it?
  13. not really a problem, they can by lying down as long as the legs are making a good connection
  14. thats a nice little mod, i am gonna give this a go on my next xbox project, thanks
  15. is it dead without the xenium installed also?

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