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  1. Does this opens up possibilities to do this on regular boards 1.0 - 1.5 as well??
  2. Gotta say I'm very impressed. I would have DOA'd it after seeing what it was pulled from. Always glad to see a system boot up after a hardcore rescue like that. And a lil sense of jealousy, I look over at my dead 1.0 board that's in immaculate and pristine condition that doesn't fire up and see this only to shake my head..... Keep us up to date with that bad boy cause it looks like with a little more chasing you could tack down that video glitching and stitch it up like new.
  3. Is there anyway to flash this from a memory stick / Hard drive and not a DVD? I've been poking around the forums and haven't seen anyone really mention using this method. I also just installed an xecuter 2.2.lite and was wondering if i should bother with flashing this BIOS onto it as well or just to the stock BIOS.
  4. I'm getting nothing off the blue wire, and getting 3.31 volts off the brown wire from the PSU plugwires. And have continuity on both cyan and violet fuse to PIC traces.
  5. Im getting 0.70 volts off both sides of the PIC.... I moved my ground probe to different screws to see if it would change and it did not. Something tells me not good....
  6. I am assuming that Im supposed to be taking the reading for the PIC with ground on the left side of the 2nd fuse above R3G4 and the point on the left side and 5th terminal down on the PIC??
  7. Do I want the xbox plugged into the wall when i measure the ohm's? If so I am getting pulls. Not the 10k like the pictures. If im doing the right points to measure I'm getting 3.17 ohms from the power terminal that the wiring harness connects to on the motherboard to the right side of the fuse above the R3G4, and 3.11 ohm's from the right side of the fuse on the right of R3G3..
  8. Hello everyone, I've have been sitting on an Xbox rev 1.0 mobo that had an Xcuter 2.6? (I removed it and am holding on it.) The board doesn't power on at all. A little back story on it. My wife was gifted this on a facebook forum and didn't know what the working state of it was. The reason the poster choose us was the poster said something about this would be great for someone that tinkers and gets consoles working again. They said the console worked the last time they tried it a year ago (I'm skeptical about that.) So when the wife came in with it insted of being smart about it and trying to power it up, my giddy nerdy "whats inside" got to me and I tore into it. I knew instantly that someone was in it before me as the footpads were removed and one missing. Pressing on discovered it had a Thompson drive, a 120 gig HD, and an Xcuter chip and the wires to the 3 switches they snaked through the front by Controller port 1. I never removed any of the wires, the wiring harness was soldered into the ports on the motherboard that you would normally solder them to. Everything looked fine as there was really little to no dust on anything (wife tells me the part of town she picked it up from was definetly upper scale neighborhood.) All caps look very healthy, no bulges, no rust tops. I put everything back together, pluged it in and.... nothing.... at all. So i sat on it for a few days, and in that time found a friend that just so happend to be sitting on a rev 1.0 that he was gonna try to mod back in the early days. It was missing the top cover, came with another thompson drive and its original 10 Gig HD, nothing else. I was able to swap out the board, removed both boards clock caps, cleaned up both boards (91 Isopropyl is my friend and nothing less) and horse hair vacuumed. Cleaned the power supplys, checked everything using info and referance pics from this site. I tested both power supplys and DVD drives and all work very well. One power supply is Delta and the other Foxlink. I tried the power switches of both cases and they both work no prob. Fast foward a little, I now have one beautifuly hacked Xbox and one thats sticking me in the eye mocking me to figure out. So my ultimate question to you restoration Guru's is: where should I start to get an idea whats plaguing this board from firing up? Bad/borked BIOS? All traces are clean visably, nothing looks cut into. I am not sure whats the best starting point to diagnose this as a legit DOA mobo, or can it be brought back using the right tools..
  9. I am still totally 100% satisfied with the two i've already bought, but wouldn't mind being able to fully unlock my Xbox's potential My second one is on my 22inch insignia and that is a rev 1.2 and no sound issues of any kind. I'll keep my eyes peeled for when the next release come out and scoop one up.
  10. If anyone has issues with Xbox2HDMI producing no sound, I found a work around to get it back, though it won't have the Dolby Surround or DTS. Simply fire up the Xbox and load into the Xbox stock dashboard. Go to settings and then Audio settings. Change the output to stereo and turn off the Dolby Surround and DTS, then back out all the way to the normal 4 options on the stock dashboard. Restart amd you should now have sound. I have a feeling its something to do with flashed BIOS's not sending something from the surround out the rightway...
  11. Just got mine in yesterday and I gotta say is: Holy frickin beautiful picture!! I have the original HD composite cords and the games looked very good by that alone, but this little bad ass really brings out the picture! I can report NO sound issues at all, sound is fully working. I tested it on a 22 inch insignia and a 41 inch Panasonic plasma and both pictures are pristine. No jagged lines or edges like people have reported with other HD cables. I ordered another one for my 2nd Xbox. Anyone on the fence about these can jump off and scoop one up knowing this probably hands down BEST replacement for your AV cables for the OGXbox.
  12. Someone get Luis Rossman on the line and ask him how much to swap out the laser Diode??...
  13. I would go with OGXboxinstaller2021 This Disc saved my bacon. Grab that and read up on the section on formatting drives. If you still get a wonkey dashboard after (it did happen to me) grab a movie or a game with the most recent update to update the dashboard and install it. And you should be good after that

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