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  1. Second that! This installer saved me from the ravages that hexen leave behind, totally clean installs and plenty of options for levels from Noob to Pro.
  2. Dave I'm sure you've heard this before but..... YOU DA MAN Took your advice and went the long way with it. I reflashed stock bios, went through "re-softmodding" it reflashed a fresh unleashed x with no DVD option. Once I was able to boot back to a dashboard i put a 200 gig drive that I had inthe other Xbox you guys helped me with (that one I put a 120 SSD in, and is now super fast loading everything,) and was able to boot right off that drive with no issues (saves time putting game on it too ) Thanks for pointing me in the right direction brother \m/
  3. Hey everyone, You've been helpful in the past and turn to you again. I got my hands on a mobo 1.2 and cleaned it up (Clock cap puked on some of the stuff inside but I was able to clean it all off with some 91% isolpropyl) looks like I was able to TSOP the points right. I was able to flash the EvoX 256kb no dvd bios but now it just gets stuck on the boot screen with the traditionally green Xbox Logo now blue. Did I overlook something when flashing the bios or not install the right kb size bios?? Im using the OGXbox installer 1.5.3
  4. I dunno if it's just me, but some of your caps (C3F6, C3F10, R3F2 if im readung the board right) look bad on the tops. Anyone else see this as well??
  5. Good to know now, I still have some hope, if Diablo and Decent and earlier 95ish games work Im sure someone with the drive and know how could get something for LoK:Soul Reaver working.... Hey I can dream right ;^)
  6. I tried uploading a snapshot I took with my phone but it wont let me take one under 2 mb's.... I would love to find a way to make that PC Game option work. I imagine it could theoreticly play something like Soul Reaver based in just the cpu/gpu and the ram alone would be more then the minimum requirements under windows 98.. I used the OGxbox 1.5.3 installer disc with the unleashX dashbord option if that helps.
  7. How do you use the PC games option in the unleased dashboard? If your telling me i can get PC based games on my Xbox imma go dig out Soul Reaver for PC and get jammin!
  8. Thanks for the link, downloading now and as soon as I get results I'll post them here. I can't for my life figure out why ToXicMedz wouldn't include uninstallers or something more robust to prevent this from happening. Or at least include something to efficiently clean out your C drive if it does get full. Right now it shows 16kb of free space and depending on the dash i use it will either hang on the Xbox screen (after flubber) if i set it to unleashX (if im remembering right from last night.) But if I set it to AvalanchX it will boot and then i have to turn off the warning messege otherwise I can't see around it to do anything (no way to really dismiss it??) I'm hesitant to even play anything for fear of running into random errors..
  9. Certainly will give it a go. Wheres the link so i can download it?? I think I tried downloading your installers before and the links where broken.
  10. No, it a 200 gig upgrade. I still have the original and thought about just saying screw it and clone it agian on the 200 gig again. I also tried using the option to clean up installer files after i used the TruHexEn 2021 a couple times, but it still would have issues (even tried using some if the installer methods to erase and redo the C drive and it would error out not being able to delete anything)
  11. Hi everyone, Today I tsop flashed my V1.0 mobo using the TruHexEN 2021 disc and everything was fine until I used option 4.2.11 (install all dashboards.) Now I woulda thought that if my C had become that choked for space it would have simply asked me if I wanted to continue installing to the location I was, change location or cancel all together... but it installed to the C and nowits full and even using filezilla to ftp into the C, I can't peer into the "Do not touch anything in here" which I am suspect is the major culprit why my drive is claiming to be full.... anyone know of any methods or tools to clear up the C:?

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