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  1. curious how this turned out for you? it might require suction molding once the plastic is heated enough to bend, but curious how the draping method worked and photos of result you got.
  2. Where? (postage cost might not be worth it if far away)
  3. Hi Benur, first time I've replaced caps - its been a quick turn around but I've ordered a bunch of Panasonics FR's now thanks for your advice. Yep pretty much my understanding of caps but I didn't expect ESR to be a problem. I did some testing with M328 ESR meter, a couple of the original 3300uf capacitors showed as 2 diodes i'm not sure what component that could be but its not a capacitor the other original caps: 8619uf ESR 0.19Ω, 4459uf ESR 0.45Ω - no wonder the board was upset. testing the new Jackon 16v caps: and another meter, I'm unsure why it thinks
  4. caps arrived today, and turns out I ordered 16v not 10v, and they are bigger but they fit ok but the legs are thicker making it a little more annoying soldering them in - so I recommend getting 6.3v caps. Soldering the legs through holes was difficult, my solder sucker wasn't sucking out the old solder, I used a heated dental teeth scarper to poke a hole through solder in the holes then feed the legs through. not sure how everyone else does this any easier? new 3300uf caps installed, switch on...fan...light...video output... all works! Also brushed the dus
  5. good to know. fingers crossed. will disassemble and brush dust out, thanks. hopefully just over heating auto-shutdown? and not warping board/CPU connections a common issue on those?
  6. I picked up a dead xbox, $20, I want to see if it can be fixed. (I believe its 1.6 board, xcalibur chip and MFD 2005 ) Pressing the power button spins the rear fan but stops spinning when I stop pressing the button. No other signs of life. No signs of being opened before. The power board powers up my other good v1.6 xbox fine, so a bad power board can be ruled out. Plugging my other good power board into the dead xbox has the same fan spin only result. I transferred the DVD to my good xbox and that works ok. I notice 4 of 5 caps bellow the CPU are blown - I've got 5 new 3300uf 1
  7. Ignore my post (reread and not same problem)
  8. Just reading retail kits still need a hacked bios on them, does the modchip go between the LPC and this serial device, or can the serial device hold a hacked bios image?
  9. maybe less heat contributed with SSD than HDD? - if that's a desired gain. (assumption based on less power consumption & no moving parts & touch)
  10. good point. this lubricant is probably what I want and mentions bearings https://www.jaycar.com.au/lithium-grease-400g/p/NA1015
  11. Is this a 3pin fan? if so does it connect without any modification? Also whats the general thought on spraying WD40 in the fan? like in this vid: I tried taking the fan apart to clean and spray the ball bearings, I looked under the stickers top and bottom but its just solid plastic and no washer
  12. Does the xbox format the stick on recognition or does it need to be preformatted? and if so what software is recommended? thanks
  13. I have a softmod v1.6. I wrote EEPROM NTSC (and read it back to check). then set NTSC+480/720 in unleashx (and disabled PAL), but games still ran PAL until I set NTSC in Enigmah's Video Select app. worked for me.
  14. I looked into crystal cases recently, +$100AUD+ship on ebay, more than a whole xbox+extras
  15. tut on finding the open/close/ready points: https://web.archive.org/web/20030608143129/http://www.coverx.org:80/tutorials.php?id=1 theres some interesting snips on compatible drives here under DVD drive: https://xboxdevwiki.net/Hardware_Revisions "If the firmware from this drive is applied to a SAMSUNG 616T or 616F PC dvd drive it will behave as a Xbox one", i assume that means original discs work. but tracking one down to buy maybe just as difficult as any other solution

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