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  1. i can see the faint lines in the middle of those pics. I've made 4 wii2HDMI's - all have the interference lines. I've tried grounding the power on the Wii2HDMI in different spots and using an external USB 5v power supply instead of using the xbox A/V power. I suspect the YPbPr A->D 9288/9282 firmware could be tweaked and improved for OG Xbox, the stock 9288/9282 source code is available however I expect wii2HDMI runs a modified version - no source code turned up in my search. Either it would need to be leaked, or modify the stock source and match the configuration... an interesting pro
  2. I like your spirit for experimentation and worth a £50 gamble to see good luck!
  3. sounds interesting, what does it do exactly? replacement for MSBuild?
  4. I recently replaced those 5 caps on v1.6, one cap looked fine but had an overly high incorrect capacitance reading., so yes. As for their role: "The 3 caps next to the CPU are smoothing the 1.8 volt rail and the 1 near the power connector is for the 5 volt supply." source
  5. PC connected wireless is my first guess, switching to Ethernet cable will narrow it down like Scotch suggests. Also check which frequency and protocol(i.e b/g/n) the PC wireless connection uses: Frequency, Theoretical Speed, Real-World Speed 2.4 GHz (802.11b), 11 Mbps, 2-3 Mbps 2.4 GHz (802.11g), 54 Mbps, 10 -29 Mbps 2.4 GHz (802.11n), 300 Mpbs, 150 Mbps 5 GHz (802.11a), 6-54 Mbps, 3 - 32 Mbps 5 GHz (802.11ac), 433 Mbps - 1.7 Gbps, 210 Mbps - 1 G 5 GHz (802.11n), 900 Mbps, 450Mbps If you live in a very built up area or many devices
  6. responded to your PM. For anyone else interested, I just hit the Wii connector with a hammer until the HDMI end pops open. Works ok for the white cases i opened, but the black Wii2HDMI's have stronger glue and cracked the case, so maybe use hot air to warm up the HDMI end.
  7. My attempt at this cable a few months ago. Component only. I re-purpose the spare yellow composite cable for coaxial digital audio. Toslink is wired for optical audio. this was the pinout and filter cap in my 360 AV cable, but check yours if you wire it up: The TV/HD switch is used for on/off toslink (may as well use it somehow) may prolong the LED & Receiver. I ended up not using the cable because the wii2hdmi solution works nicer in my setup. It also has coaxial digital audio connector for 5.1 output. Still has stereo over HDMI, with
  8. new 6.3v 3300uf Panasonic FR caps arrived (right), back to similar original xbox sized 6.3v caps. comparison to the previous replacement caps Jackcon 25v cap (left). they read 3500uf on the Mega328, the meter was zeroed, maybe not exact but close. all 3300uf caps swapped again, Panasonic FR have 10,000 hours life expectancy, hopefully at least another 10 years life in this Xbox. and luckily the xbox still works
  9. curious how this turned out for you? it might require suction molding once the plastic is heated enough to bend, but curious how the draping method worked and photos of result you got.
  10. Where? (postage cost might not be worth it if far away)
  11. Hi Benur, first time I've replaced caps - its been a quick turn around but I've ordered a bunch of Panasonics FR's now thanks for your advice. Yep pretty much my understanding of caps but I didn't expect ESR to be a problem. I did some testing with M328 ESR meter, a couple of the original 3300uf capacitors showed as 2 diodes i'm not sure what component that could be but its not a capacitor the other original caps: 8619uf ESR 0.19Ω, 4459uf ESR 0.45Ω - no wonder the board was upset. testing the new Jackon 16v caps: and another meter, I'm unsure why it thinks
  12. caps arrived today, and turns out I ordered 16v not 10v, and they are bigger but they fit ok but the legs are thicker making it a little more annoying soldering them in - so I recommend getting 6.3v caps. Soldering the legs through holes was difficult, my solder sucker wasn't sucking out the old solder, I used a heated dental teeth scarper to poke a hole through solder in the holes then feed the legs through. not sure how everyone else does this any easier? new 3300uf caps installed, switch on...fan...light...video output... all works! Also brushed the dus

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