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  1. did you find out why? was it just bad judgement by well intended admins?
  2. I got an og xbox with a toggle switch on the side, one wire to ground and other wire goes under the board near the lpc, I assume it decides whether to boot modchip or embedded bios, can someone confirm? thanks
  3. Welcome to the community! may i ask which country you are in? just wondering what the going rate is for an xbox where you are Last SH xbox ad i saw recently (AU Canberra) was 2 xboxes for $80., not bad. I usually see og xbox selling around $100 with some combo of games, bits and modchip.
  4. noise / data interference suppressor sleeve, a ferrite tunnel found on a lot of types of data cables like USB cables and flat ribbon cables https://www.jaycar.com.au/u16-ferrite-voltage-spike-protectors-noise-suppressors-pk-4/p/LF1292 it will work without but interference on the cable will cause message lost or resend/slow down therefore highly recommended to keep the ferrite sleeve close to one end of the cable. on some cables the sleeve is weakly glued on and can be heated a bit and slowly worked to move along the cable if needed
  5. Flux residues are acidic. They can corrode the components and damage the PCB over time. Insulate the back of those IDE/Sata adapters - a 3.5 HDD can touch the power solder points and short. It caused a track to burn on mine.
  6. what is the microscope you use?
  7. thanks for supplying the values and pics I'll order and apply new components and go from there. I note the components silk screened Qxxx are transistors, and CRXXX are diode volt regulators I found a useful thread on reddit which concluded its the clock cap circuit and should boot without the three missing components. But when I switch xbox on, it flashes orange led, sometimes it flashes red and greed. but never gets further. (possibly im missing critical components for this circuit)
  8. Hi I've got another dead xbox the mobo is corroded by the clock cap. The previous owner tried to repair but components flaked off. I'm hoping I can add the missing components and get it working again with some help here. It's bad. It looks like 5 SMD transistors and 5 resistor or diodes are missing. serial and gfx chip (focus) suggest board is v1.4 according to https://www.informit.com/articles/article.aspx?p=367210&seqNum=2 The same area on v1.6 is very different so it would be a big help if anyone can photo the components on a v1.0 to 1.4 board thanks
  9. the other console power supplies smooth out spikes/noise/dips. theres a fuse in every power supply to protect and surge protection likely in your power board. In general power supplies act as a good buffer to protect other components. That said I always unplug during lightening storms and have bought equipment affected by lightening - (i.e. PSU died but the rest of the parts worked ok) the other type of 'damage' is non-physical which happens when a device unexpectedly loses power mid update/writing something critical - this risk has been mitigated in console firmware/OS. were the other consoles on and any noticeable issues? otherwise I wouldn't worry. As you mention you're not bothered if your xbox works or not, consider offering the xbox to a hobbyist to reuse parts or fix. Its often easier to acquire a working xbox than diagnose an uncommon problem.
  10. possible incompatibility of the SSD with the SATA->IDE board? does the combo work on an IDE PC? - sees the SSD ok? maybe try a few different SATA->IDE boards and/or SSDs.
  11. good idea. they are very dangerous without some electrical tape insulating or proper case. I had one burnt out from it touching the metal HDD case.

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