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What is the general consensus on cracking open an un-opened, un-modded XBOX?

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I am really glad I found this forum website. Last year when I started modding most of the content I found online was so outdated. Somehow I missed this website.

Are unopened and unmodded XBOXs becoming more and more rare? Well, I suppose I know the obvious answer to that question - yes. My real question is to the professional collectors. What is your opinion on breaking of the stickers on and opening up suspected rare XBOXs? Do you do it when you get one to inspect for dust and corrosion or is it more important to a collector to keep the stickers intact?

Aside from obviously rare limited edition XBOXs what version(s) 1.0-1.6b are the most rare? One would think 1.0 XBOXs are the most valued and desirable. Are 1.0 XBOXs desirable to collectors? Are certain versions 1.0-1.6b becoming more desirable or rare than others?


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It depends on the collector and on the rarity of the Xbox. Some collectors want the console to remain sealed while others don't mind as much. Xboxes in particular suffer from capacitor leakage issues, which can lead to permanent damage to the motherboard if not handled. So, a sealed console (that is not a 1.6) will definitely still have those old capacitors, which means it could be int he process of breaking itself due to trace rot issues. If a collector wants it to put their Xbox on a shelf and doesn't care if it works or not, then having a sealed console is more desirable to them than having a working one. On the other hand, some collectors prefer their devices to work, so a "serviced" console will be more desirable to those folks.

In general, if it's sealed-in-box or new-in-box and it's not going to be used, then leave it sealed. If it's a regular old black Xbox, then go ahead and crack it open and increase its lifespan (and value) by servicing it. For me, it's often a positive selling point to be able to say "cleaned and serviced", so the buyer knows it likely won't break itself in 6 months when trace rot issues pop up. But again, it depends on how rare the Xbox is and whether its intended to be usable. I personally have always preferred working Xboxes, so intact seals aren't something I care about or put extra value towards. Some people do. The more rare and expensive the Xbox, the more I would hesitate opening it. Once you get into the $500+ range in value, then I'd pause and consider whether it's worth it to crack it open. The more expensive it is, the more likely you are to attract collectors who are more picky about that stuff. Used Halo/green editions, crystals, even some of the translucent blue ones (excluding Kasumi) are usually fair game in my opinion.

I have broken the seals on plenty of Xboxes (launch team edition, debug kit, dvt4, mountain dew, and more) and I don't usually have a hard time finding buyers who are willing to pay what it's worth. Other people desire intact seals and that's also perfectly fine and valid.

P.s. consider that some folks peel up the stickers then just put them back when they're done. So even if the labels are pristine, it's not always an indicator of the Xbox not being opened.

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Its very difficult to do that without there being some evidence, particularly the metallic coated sticker.

I have a Translucent Green LE PAL Xbox, BTW all v1.2, which actually wasn't sold as a LE at the time. It was offered at a price effectively less than some standard black Xbox bundles as it came with two matching controllers (Controller S) which meant the extra £10 it cost on Amazon at the time was well worth it.

Some sources say it was the 15,000 unsold of the 20,000 UK/EU ones manufactured the Canadians received, just region swapped. No idea if that is true.

Anyway my one has never been opened but it has been softmodded. Not had any problems with it but it is easily my least used, bought new, Xbox. Probably why its the only one of the nine working Xboxes I've owned I've not had any problem with the Samsung disc drive. 

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I can testify to that. I used the soak the sticker in IPA for a minute method then I used a blade and here was my result:


The silver sticker appears to have a sophisticated tamper detection system.


The barcode sticker is not any easier.

I don't know what this person was doing that was so different but it appears simple in the video. 


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The way I see it, an OG Xbox is not an OG Xbox unless it's been modded. I'm not worried about collectability. I like being the first one to crack a console open anyway. As far as image or people seeing it... Who's gonna know?


@Halo_2 both of my halo editions have been opened. One had a bad board and I swapped it with a 1.6... because that's all I had. I plan on modding both soon. I have to fix some trace rot on the other box though. The lights aren't working. Thankfully the buttons ARE.

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