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  1. I'd say it's just the MOSFET. Check to see it's not sticking and spins freely when you spin it by hand.
  2. Hi everyone! I have a 1.4 with trace issues, upon plugging in the power it starts automatically and when it's off, will occasionally boot at random. I managed to repair one trace as a preventative but not the 3 needed to ensure it's not an issue anymore, I found them too hard to work on https://imgur.com/gallery/ExATwa6 (not my pictures, just as an example!) I did the equivalent of the white wire and blue, is there another place to solder the other green/purple equivalent connections? It would be on the other side of the board I assume.
  3. I've done the hair dryer method for keeping the stickers like new. Works a treat. I didn't do it for my black original (didn't know of the trick back then) but I did for my crystal.
  4. I'd argue the 1.6 due to the fact the clock capacitor doesn't leak. Most of mine are 1.4 which I've had no issues with after sorting out the common issues.
  5. I've used my OG Xbox since I was much younger but the last few years acquired a few more for cheap (no more than $10 each) and now have 4 machines including one crystal.
  6. Reflow the solder of most of the connectors on the PSU. Yes, they're standard Molex.

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