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  1. If you have any skill at soldering, I would give it a go, after all, compatible transistors are extremely cheap. The solder pads look small and daunting but it's not too bad, you just have to go slowly.
  2. I've got a spare MCPX X3 right here which has been reballed. Could send to you if you have the tools and the skill.
  3. First thing I would try is play a DVD if you have the DVD kit. Otherwise a CD and get back to us. Second would be to install a modchip. If games still don't work I would doubt any RAM testing tools like the one included in Xblast would be able to boot from DVD, perhaps still worth a try. In that case, your issue is quite likely to be there.
  4. Perhaps the video encoder chip is faulty, ball joint on the graphics chip or otherwise faulty graphics chip. I've never seen capacitors cause video to fail in such a way myself but you never know. Probably wouldn't hurt to reflow but I have my doubts and would lean more towards a faulty chip where you'd need a reflow station to remove and change. Sell it as a parts board or whole parts console online if you're thinking of getting rid of it. Edit: Could also be a perfect contender for the XboxHD+ if it were to be encoder chip https://makemhz.com/products/xboxhd
  5. Here's the transistor I changed. MMBT4403 Here i
  6. I've never really had problems with the 1500uF capacitors, same has been for the smaller ones. It's always been the 3300uF which was a bad batch from Nichicon, not helped by being right next to the heatsink. The 1.0/1.1 which mostly had 1500s for the main motherboard caps, even near the heatsink never seem to fail either.
  7. The 3.25 volts on the purple is normal standby voltage. Try check red and black in the bottom picture is not shorting.
  8. I have put it back myself but I have found another thread where someone mentions the transistor blowout when putting 1.6 board in a 1.4 case https://www.ogxbox.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4030-motherboard-transplant/
  9. I gave my friend a 1.4 crystal case I got in a bundle of Xboxes online, I forgot to tell him about needing to remove the metal shielding from a pin. Because of that, it would not boot or show any signs of power even when he put the board back in the old case. This case was completely empty so he did use the 1.6 power supply which is also important about not mixing them. There's this one particular transistor on the standby rail on the 1.6 motherboards that can fail. I have swapped this and it is working again
  10. Definitely the install. It probably heats up expands (I've seen it myself with hairline gaps) and causes a short on some parts that are very close, such as the one SS_Dave circled.
  11. This is why I highly suggest the pot tweaking is only a temporary measure for using for a disc to mod the console, especially if it's your only drive. I did it to an Xbox for a customer who wanted to bypass the disc drive and just transfer by FTP. The disc drive only lasted not much longer after I completed Hexen install.
  12. I notice this trace has significant rot. It's certain to be the power traces and wouldn't cause FRAG. Still worth bypassing with wires. I have seen other non-power traces be affected by rot. I'd check the red wire going through the board. It may be pressing up against the other trace when in the case. Trust me, I've seen cases where it wouldn't cause an issue yet it does, or at least intermittently If that doesn't work, I'd redo it from scratch
  13. There's always the hot swapping HDD method. These videos explain it in detail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iV8B6eZVkBM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbSb7BFRQNo
  14. I stress, check the wiring! I've seen intermittent FRAGing machines come to me or back to me quite a few times. There's even been times where everything looked perfect with no shorting potential yet I had to completely resolder modifications to get them working again.
  15. Could be something graphics related or the RAM, or some other issue. Good parts board if you have the tools or sell it as a parts board.

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