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  1. I disagree with the total truthfulness asserted above. Rather, it is only fair to allow the troubleshooter or OP, to determine when they believe they have beat an area of research dead and when it is probably a good time to give attention to something else that they may have missed. In my case, such as what exactly happened when I flashed the file? Therefore, I would like to explore the software end of this question which has not been thoroughly addressed yet. As I mentioned it was after a software change when the XBOX began failing. I politely suggested the search for how I could use a
  2. Again, replies that attempt to tell me what isn't perfect in the pictures are less helpful right now.
  3. "It doesn't look perfect" is not novel feedback for me at this point. If someone really wants to be helpful please help me find or guide me on using a multimeter on relevant test points or components such as what the continuity or resistance should be on them. I want to reiterate that it was after a software change when the behavior in my YouTube videos above demonstrating the problem (fragging in xbox lingo apparently) started.
  4. Did game disks update the kernel? I thought they just updated the dashboard. My understanding is that the kernel is basically the part of the OS that is closest to the hardware and thus has the least abstraction. In XBOX terms I would imagine the kernel is mostly the whole OS and then dashboards are simply on top of the kernel. You're saying you believe XBlastOS could have flashed that kernel file to something other than the TSOP? Yep, I had ind-BIOS working with 64MB RAM and at the time I inadvertantly didn't make the distinction between kernel and BIOS thinking I was going to flash
  5. I grabbed a Kernel file from this page and I flashed it with XBlastOS. Does the kernel have to match the original kernel? What is the kernel relative to the BIOS? Normally kernel and BIOS are two very different components of a computer. I shouldn't have been able to flash the TSOP with the kernel correct? How are those kernels meant to be used? I was looking for the default BIOS. Thanks
  6. Nope, here was my rebuild. It still does the same thing. Now that I have these skills and experience behind me though I am brought back to my original question in a different form. This failure happened after I flashed a Kernel. Then, I read I could bypass the built in TSOP by installing the OpenXenium. Everything that I tried in the process of attempting to override the bad flash with the OpenXenium had no apparent affect on the behavior of the XBOX. It fragged when the flash broke it and it fragged all the way through the hardware mods in attempt to bypass the bad flash.
  7. Well, I put some time into it and did some homework. I recommend this video to learn how to correctly empty through holes and more: This video was also very important: For reference: my heat gun: Low - 50 - 350 C, High - 200 - 500 C, Air Flow: 450L/min a hot air rework station: 100 - 480 C, 20 - 130L/min After cleaning things up here is my result. This will still be a learning board no doubt. (top) (bottom) I'll have to put a few components back on and hope for the best when I try to work around
  8. I wanted to revert to my stock BIOS after flashing iND.BIOS because the audio for the UnleashX dashboard wasn't successfully copying from the "Softmod Extras" disk for some reason: it was giving me empty folders. XBlast OS didn't acknowledge the eeprom.bin file that "The Softmodding Toolkit" created as a valid BIOS file though. Using XBlast OS I flashed a 5713 kernel I found here: Microsoft Xbox Dashboard / Kernel 4034, 4817, 4920 and 5659 Download | Digiex. To the (I'm assuming) TSOP (because that's what to the best of my knowledge XBlast OS does) thinking that was a generic BIOS. This 1.0 ma
  9. I can testify to that. I used the soak the sticker in IPA for a minute method then I used a blade and here was my result: The silver sticker appears to have a sophisticated tamper detection system. The barcode sticker is not any easier. I don't know what this person was doing that was so different but it appears simple in the video.
  10. I am really glad I found this forum website. Last year when I started modding most of the content I found online was so outdated. Somehow I missed this website. Are unopened and unmodded XBOXs becoming more and more rare? Well, I suppose I know the obvious answer to that question - yes. My real question is to the professional collectors. What is your opinion on breaking of the stickers on and opening up suspected rare XBOXs? Do you do it when you get one to inspect for dust and corrosion or is it more important to a collector to keep the stickers intact? Aside from obviously rare lim
  11. I'm giving up on this motherboard. Nevermind the above question, I found an image I had indicating that component was facing the correct direction. I have to give up on this board. Maybe I never should have cracked open this 1.0 XBOX, yet then I would never have learned these lessons. I was triple checking the contact on D0 and I accidently ripped off the pad and some of the trace. As an educational experience, mission accomplished. Would I have rather learned these lessons on anything other than this board? Mostly, although also I may have needed the pressure to
  12. My statements above are inaccurate after further testing. Blink pattern one: solid green then turns off and on then solid green then off and on then blinks red and green. Blink pattern two: sold green once then it turns off and on then blinks green twice then turns off and on then blinks red and green. The blinking pattern might be unpredictable but my last test showed that blink pattern two happened when the HDD and DVD were disconnected. The Open Xenium connected or disconnected from the header didn't make a difference. Can someone tell me if this SMD transisto
  13. The blinking pattern is different with my Open Xenium install attempt compared to without it. So that's interesting, what does that tell us? I'm not sure which either of them fit your table. Maybe 50% Green, 50% Red - digital core error? Here is the blinking pattern with the Open Xenium install attempt: Here is the blinking pattern without the Open Xenium: Without the HDD and DVD connected the blinking pattern is the same. I also amazingly found the tiny SMD capacitor but I put it back on and no change.
  14. Oh wow, I didn't know those existed consumer grade. I've got some more research to do. I've got a higher end soldering iron but a nice rework station is an appealing option. Here is a professional one: Option 1 Here is the extreme low end: Option 2 I'm sure there are many in-between too. You're right I needed to take some more time on what I was doing. I am pretty confident in how I cleaned it up but it is still fragging and then there's the components I blew away with my heat gun. I am working on writing about my experiences on a website here. Rediscovering XB
  15. Similar topic: Xbox 1.0 FRAGing even after modchip install - Repair - OGXbox.com Above ^ images C8R2 SMD capacitor blown off by my solder gun LAD0 on the LPC is the worst solder joint Lpc Diagnostics (V0.1) - Repair - OGXbox.com R7D1 resistor off center

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