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  1. Apparently the NDURE exploit is able to "patch" the kernel. See Rocky5 "Softmodding Tool" explanation of NKPatcher Settings: https://github.com/Rocky5/Xbox-Softmodding-Tool#nkpatcher-settings
  2. For those of you playing at home I continued (and I believe concluded) this question here: https://www.ogxbox.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4721-why-did-flashing-a-kernel-file-with-xblastos-break-the-xbox
  3. I hypothesis there must be damage to an internal layer of the PCB from when I was impatiently trying to install the pin header using a heat gun because I didn't know how to use solder wick correctly. Eventually I learned from this video how to use solder wick correctly: https://youtu.be/xty1G5UBYb0 In the "Soldering Techniques" section of Appendix B in "Hacking the XBOX" by Andrew "bunnie" Huang, Huang does talk about removing components on a budget with a heat gun. In my experience I don't recommend it (and it's obvious from the damage) because for example my heat gun specs were: Low - 5
  4. I am really surprised at how quickly the culprit could be tracked down with some strategic use of the multimeter. Honestly, the voltage test was the next thing I was going to do when I was ready to start probing the xbox with it plugged into the wall. Yes, the IC was on the board. Now, I decided to remove it again though and check and there is no change. When I'm talking about continuity I have to use the resistance setting on my multimeter so when I say I have continuity I mean I get a (significantly low) ohms reading. I don't get continuity between GND and A or B. Yet
  5. Yeah, I don't have a buzzer type continuity multimeter so for sure on my working board like you say the black lightning is 0.0 ohms and the other pins have resistance. There's also the question of black lead on pin and red on component to test or vice versa which I haven't figured out yet.
  6. Right, I get 101.3 ohms on one side and 1.3 ohms on the other side of R7R5. Good to know pin 5 connects to Q7R1. I'll have to probe around that and see what I can learn. Okay, so I have continuity between pin 5 and all the legs of Q7R1 other than the circled leg pictured above and I should which I know because I am comparing to a known working board. In the image above Q7R1 and C8R2 are missing because they fell off before I took that picture but I have since put them back on. Apparently I might have to work on Q7R1 though.
  7. Yep, I still get 0.19 on pin 5. Everything else was the same other than pin 1 was 0.0 w/o mod chip.
  8. Great, yeah, yep, I have an issue on pin 5, RST. I already reflowed the solder twice on that pin with good Chip Quik flux to no avail. I'm just getting 0.19 v every time. I could reflow the solder on all the pins later but for all I know there is internal damage at this point too. I'm just getting closer I guess. This was a board as you can see I learned some solder lessons on the hard way. Wouldn't it be nice if it got up and working again though. I also want to be more specific that my data tables above were read from D0 (bottom) to the LPC pins (bottom).
  9. Awesome replies everyone, and exactly the answers to questions I have accumulated from browsing the vast XBOX mod scene content everywhere on the internet. Apparently 1BL is the secret boot ROM that was discovered to exist on the MCPX (bunnie) before booting is handed off to 2BL which exists on the TSOP. Then, 1.1+ revisions introduced an additional security measure between 1BL and 2BL which is FBL. Apparently the digiex files are 2BL software which include the compressed and encrypted kernel that also resides on the TSOP and which is decrypted with the help of the MCPX. Corr
  10. I disagree with the total truthfulness asserted above. Rather, it is only fair to allow the troubleshooter or OP, to determine when they believe they have beat an area of research dead and when it is probably a good time to give attention to something else that they may have missed. In my case, such as what exactly happened when I flashed the file? Therefore, I would like to explore the software end of this question which has not been thoroughly addressed yet. As I mentioned it was after a software change when the XBOX began failing. I politely suggested the search for how I could use a
  11. Again, replies that attempt to tell me what isn't perfect in the pictures are less helpful right now.
  12. "It doesn't look perfect" is not novel feedback for me at this point. If someone really wants to be helpful please help me find or guide me on using a multimeter on relevant test points or components such as what the continuity or resistance should be on them. I want to reiterate that it was after a software change when the behavior in my YouTube videos above demonstrating the problem (fragging in xbox lingo apparently) started.
  13. Did game disks update the kernel? I thought they just updated the dashboard. My understanding is that the kernel is basically the part of the OS that is closest to the hardware and thus has the least abstraction. In XBOX terms I would imagine the kernel is mostly the whole OS and then dashboards are simply on top of the kernel. You're saying you believe XBlastOS could have flashed that kernel file to something other than the TSOP? Yep, I had ind-BIOS working with 64MB RAM and at the time I inadvertantly didn't make the distinction between kernel and BIOS thinking I was going to flash
  14. I grabbed a Kernel file from this page and I flashed it with XBlastOS. Does the kernel have to match the original kernel? What is the kernel relative to the BIOS? Normally kernel and BIOS are two very different components of a computer. I shouldn't have been able to flash the TSOP with the kernel correct? How are those kernels meant to be used? I was looking for the default BIOS. Thanks
  15. Nope, here was my rebuild. It still does the same thing. Now that I have these skills and experience behind me though I am brought back to my original question in a different form. This failure happened after I flashed a Kernel. Then, I read I could bypass the built in TSOP by installing the OpenXenium. Everything that I tried in the process of attempting to override the bad flash with the OpenXenium had no apparent affect on the behavior of the XBOX. It fragged when the flash broke it and it fragged all the way through the hardware mods in attempt to bypass the bad flash.

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