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Hello! Guys!
Glad to be here. 

First, i Need to apologize in advance for my broken english.

Now to business. Guys! i really to know if we have a guide to noobs, how to buy a good xbox, to change or upgrade hard drives and how to install it and what to install in to the system. My intention here is to compile and create a definitive guide (Step by Step) to mod the proper way with the greatests dashboards, tools, emulators and games.

If someone knows where to find some of this tutoriais, please help me out, me and brazilians gamers will be greatful.

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Greetings, super happy to have found this community and this resource. Thanks for pointing noobs such as myself in the right direction. 

On 9/19/2018 at 3:09 AM, WildZeo said:

@PaulRevere The Repair guide is here 

Everything is in the downloads section but you might need to have a bit of a look around to find it.


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thanks for the info. I'm also wondering if there's a tut or doc about upgrading proc and ram for the xb. i knok that here can I purchase those units, but i want to learn myself for the sake of knowing

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Not much info released on how to do the CPU upgrade.  As for the memory, your motherboard needs to not be  a 1.6 version that has no pad layouts to solder on the 4 addditional RAM chips to expand from 64 MBs to 128 MBs.

Floydzabarber's YouTube video tutorial shows the steps to upgrade the RAM:


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