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  1. Yep, the bridged pads were it. I was under the impression that I'd just turn it on, and it would boot anyway and just yell at me for bad memory chip installs. Thank you so much, I really appreciate the quick replies sweetdarkdestiny, bolofski, and Ging3rguy. This community rocks.
  2. Hi all, I have an issue with my XBOX that doesn't power on anymore. Model: 1.2 TSOP: Yes, iND-2003 Mods: None other than removal of the clock capacitor Misc: Using the Chimeric Systems HDMI adapter (which is awesome) Yesterday I received a new modchip from eBay, the Xenium Gold with the 24K OS on it. I swapped out my old Aladdin chip and fired it up with no issues. I proceeded to add EvoxM8+, iND-2004, and XBlast on it. I tested all 3 BIOS and they all worked fine. From here I decided to do the 128mb RAM upgrade. I've successfully performed this upgrade once before. I'm using the same RAM that I purchased from eBay over a year ago that worked on my previous install on my other 1.3 XBOX: SAMSUNG 525 K4D263238F-QC50 I proceeded to solder in all the chips, but when I went to turn on the XBOX nothing happened. No light, no response, nothing. I don't ever recall hearing a pop or a snap. I double checked that I connected everything. Troubleshooting: - I thought it might be the PSU so I swapped in the working PSU from the 1.3 XBOX that I successfully did the RAM upgrade on and the same results. - The only thing I noticed was that when I pressed eject or power on either PSU, the Xenium chip LED lit up. If I held either button the LED just flashed. Other than that, no activity from the board whatsoever - One thing I noticed is that I soldered the final chip in backwards (chip 4 according to the XBlast diagram, the one closest to the ATX plug). I should have taken a break after 2 chips due to fatigue but I pushed through and I guess I wasn't paying attention. I used my hot rework station to pull the chip off and turn it around. Same results. - After this I decided to just pull the other 3 chips off to troubleshoot it from scratch, but no joy. - The repairs for power buttons I've seen after searching are mostly just the trace repairs on the 1.0/1.1. I'm not great at troubleshooting so I wouldn't know where to begin without a guide on the 1.2 XBOX. Did I fry the board somehow? Did putting the RAM in backwards just kill it? Did I ESD shock it? Did I get the iron next to something that I shouldn't have for too long and didn't notice? Here's some pics I uploaded to imgur since they're too big. I can take more photos or better photos of certain things if needed. Thanks in advance. https://imgur.com/a/iM2cj5y
  3. If you're willing to spend, I can also vouch for N64 Freak's adapter. It's pricey (especially if you're in the states). I had to redo my install once, but it was worth it.
  4. I must have turned off notifications to this. Yes I have the external switch board still, works wonders other than the adhesive.
  5. Scratch that I'm just dumb and renamed the wrong BIOS earlier. X2 5035 512 Old version renamed to bios.bin and stuffed into the C:\BIOS directory worked just fine. Just going to upgrade XBMC and I'll be good to go. I appreciate the replies. Thank you again.
  6. Yep I learned that the hard way last night heh. That was mostly my point in chipping it... the bigger BIOS. I tried a few - The X2_5035 512 and no picture (waited 10 minutes in case the config had to kick in) - Tried the X2.4983 512 and it just sat at the Xecuter splash screen. - But then I tried the X2.4983 256 and it did the same as the 512. When I flash I load the XBOX off Bank 2 that goes to old XBMC 2.00. Then I load FlashX 1.2 from programs (after I FTP a bios into C:\BIOS) and use that. I thought the Xecuter 2.2 Lite Solderless had 2 banks... both 512. I'm probably just doing something wrong. But anyway FlashX always shows 4 BIOS no matter what so maybe it's just not supported. Is there a better way to flash? (other than discs, although that is an option because the drive works).
  7. Yep it can. Ahh i'm already past all that. It's soldered in and bootable in both banks on that BIOS. Was just wondering if I can flash it to anything else. I've been outta the game too long.
  8. Thanks! I bought a pinheader, removed the springs and soldered it on (and wire soldered the d0 and adjacent pin) Question though, I don't remember how big the banks are on this thing. If I remember it's 512 per bank, totaling 1mb but I'm not sure. Also I'm currently on BIOS Xecuter2 4980.06. Is there anything else to go to other than the latest one I found on XBINS (4983.67)
  9. Hi everyone. What Xecuter MOD Chip is this? I tried browsing the stickies but couldn't find a matching picture. The only thing I remember is that this was solderless. Also, is there a diagram somewhere that I can solder it into the XBOX instead? Thanks in advance.
  10. That was one of my initial troubleshoots. I put the good one into the broken one, same picture issue. I put the original locked softmodded hard drive in there too and same picture issue. If it never worked after the TSOP flash it would make sense, but working for a week and then breaking is throwing me for a loop. It never moved from the spot and I never opened it back up after the fact. Unless just being in the box for 3 years, then being on/off for a week started degrading something on the board, I'm not sure. what else. Thanks for the replies btw.
  11. No such luck on any of those. Both sets of component cables don't work on the problem XBOX, but work fine on the working XBOX on both NTSC televisions with and without the OSSC. I cleaned the pads again under the mobo but nothing. I forgot to take a pic of the mobo which I'll try to do later today.
  12. Yes I own the official high definition pack as well as the official (I guess second revision?) all in one component cable. ill bypass the OSSC and can probably try a different LED tv
  13. Yes NTSC XBOX and NTSC LED Samsung TV. Ah yes I forgot I tried to load the TruHexen2019 disc as well but on Component only. Same exact issue, the except it’s of course the Hexen menu that flashes on screen. I’ll try to take a pic of the mobo later as well and a video of the actual occurrence.
  14. Sorry, here's additional information - The dash never really loads to the point that I can control it. I meant to say that when a picture finally does show after the Microsoft intro, it's just mere flashes of the Unleash X dashboard. So I guess it's loaded in general, but I can't see it for more than half a second. - I do not use an IDE to SATA adapter - The working XBOX is 1.1 with Chip Type: ST M29F002BT70N1 - The problematic XBOX is 1.2 with Chip Type: Hynix HY29F002 - I flashed both XBOXes with the same BIOS; the one labeled EVOX F and G using the TruHexen2019 Disc - Both XBOXes were softmodded with the King Roach tool on the TruHexen2019 Disc after the TSOP flash - The UnleashX dashboard is the default one from the aforementioned softmod (on both XBOXes) - I'm not forcing any resolutions Additional troubleshooting - Before I TSOP flashed it, they were both already softmodded with locked hard drives - Both received the exact same model 500 gb Western Digital Blue IDE hard drive with a master jumper setting - I swapped the new hard drives and both of the new 500gb IDE HDDs work in the old 1.1 XBOX, and both still have issues in the new 1.2 XBOX - I put the original locked hard drive back into the problematic 1.2 XBOX and the same video issue happened (which loaded and contained a very old version of XBMC) on Component, composite worked like before Things I've yet to try (that I'll do when I get home later tonight) - I'll swap the IDE cables when I get home between the 2 XBOXes just in case it's something simple like that - I'll clean the pads and shielding under the MoBo like you suggested I haven't tried other dashboards. I won't be able to get the exact version of the current dash until I get home and load up the working xbox.

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