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  1. I'm going to try that next. I think it is the cable since it seems like any compression to the cable causes the system to fail to start up.
  2. After powering on, it makes some weird sound (as if the dvd drive is attempting to read a disk) and then immediately after the green rings turns red. Initially I was having problems with ejecting the DVD tray, but that was solved after sticking a paperclip into the manual eject pinhole. There are no error message on the screen since the Xbox doesn't even boot up after the red ring. I have a toggle switch on the unit that enables or disables the mod chip. I tried switching that back and forth to see if maybe that had anything to do with it but that didn't fix it. I popped the cover and checked all cables to make sure they were secure and then powered on the unit. That seemed to fix it as I was able to get into the dashboard and load up CoinOps 5. Yes, it has been a long time since I powered that sucker up. Once everything was working fine, DVD tray ejecting without a problem, I put the cover back on and tightened everything back up. With the cover back on and the unit connected, I powered on the system and the same thing happens. System powers on, weird noise, then red ring, and error message on the screen. I took the unit apart again and then disconnected the DVD and HDD. I powered on the unit and EvoX started up but hung after the start up screen since nothing was connected. From there I reconnected the DVD and HDD one at a time to see which one of them was causing the problem. To my surprise the start up screen appeared without any issue. I put the cover back on, but not the screws, and then attempted to power up the unit and as soon as the power button was pressed I got the same issue. I suspect the problem is with the ide cable. The system works when the cover is off, but once the cover is on it stops working. With the cover loose I powered it on a few times to ensure it worked without any issues and then I pushed the cover down and attempted to power it back up. The system repeated the problem I had initially so I suspect it is the cable. Anyone heard of this issue?
  3. Bookmarking this page. I haven't FTP into my xbox in years and forgot the entire process. Thanks for this.
  4. This guide is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I'm new here and have had both of my original xboxs modded when they came out years ago. I finally dusted them off and to my surprised they're still working great...well one of them at least. I'm hoping I can pick up some tips on what I can do to get the other up and running well again.

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