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  1. Thanks for the initial question and helpful confirmation that it is indeed 1.4 with the cap. I have similar device and will remove the cap too
  2. Hi, I am facing similar issue with Surreal64 and XMBC Emustation. When trying to update N64 in Emustation I receive message "Error script failed! : create_rom_lists.py". I have XBMC Emustation version 1.2.123 I downloaded Surreal64 using the Emustation Downloader. I FTP'd two roms in zip format to emustation\roms\n64\ I can launch Surreal64 using the File Explorer and choosing Surreal64 emulator folder and default.xbe. I see both of those two game roms and can play both. What check my setup is failing and how could I get N64 updated to Emustation?
  3. Just wanted to thank you. I found this very useful with my challenges
  4. As a new member here, I would like to say humble thank you. Much appreciated!
  5. aki__

    XBox Clean Up

    Impressive how tidy you got everything cleaned in such a short time.
  6. Hi there, I share your enthusiasm with the project. Also found my Xbox again this autumn and got the fever to make most of it. Couldnt walk past bargain deal on two other OG Xboxes so now I have three consoles to play with for a few weekend projects.

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