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  1. Ah right, I'd only changed the video mode in the system settings and not used Enigmah to properly change it! I now see the options when using the Pound adaptor, shame it still keeps cutting out every few seconds. So what are the options for HD cables other than the Pound one? I thought there was a composite cable and adaptor that worked for HD? Thanks for the help I'm learning slowly!
  2. Yes of course, but I'm not getting the video options when I'm using the Pound HD-Link which is HD capable (or so I thought). It appears this one is defective though so I'll see if the options appear with a composite cable when it arrives, might just be because this cable is borked that I'm not seeing the options.
  3. I changed the TSOP'd kit to boot as NTSC but there's still no options in the MS dash for some reason. The Stock 1.6 is PAL so that's a dead end as I don't think there's a legit way to change the region lock that I can find yet.
  4. Makes no difference as I have a defective Pound HD link anyway. The video signal cuts out every few seconds making it useless. Guess I'll have to get some other cable then!
  5. Sorry if this is a total noob question but I couldn't find any info when I searched, Looking through various HDMI mods and converter threads I see peoples video options on the MS dash having settings for 480p, 720p and 1080i but when I look in my video options they aren't there. I only have Screen size - Normal, Widescreen etc. and PAL 60 on/off. I assumed this was because I had to connect to my TV via a Scart cable as that's all I have on both my consoles. I've just received a Pound HD-Link cable and hooked it up but I still don't have these options available. I've looked on both my TSOP'd 1.3 and my currently stock 1.6 and neither of them seem to have these options. Changing the options in the system of the TSOP kit doesn't seem to make any difference either. Am I just being blind and missing something obvious;?
  6. So it looks like I have a 1.3 with a Conexant video chip, and a 1.6 with an Xcalibur video chip so I'll get to use the modchip after all. Just waiting for a delivery my wire and flux. Time to get reading up on TSOP for the 1.3 then!
  7. Cool, I'll look in to TSOP flashing if it's not a 1.6. I'ts in really good condition so it may well be. I'm down for a challenge either way!
  8. Cheers, it's funny how deep down the rabbit hole I fell after just wanting to play an old game again. I've picked up 2 cheap Xboxes and I'm just waiting for my torx set to arrive before diving in, first port of call is finding out what versions they are and removing the clock caps if needed. I've also ordered an Aladdin XT so I can try both soft and hard modding one of each.
  9. @PaulRevere The Repair guide is here Everything is in the downloads section but you might need to have a bit of a look around to find it.
  10. Hi all, glad to be here. I'm a long time games fan and recently decided to look into modding some of my old consoles.. Great community you have here and I look forward to learning more about how the Xbox works!

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