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  1. I bet it would have that native xbox emulator on it that ran on the xbox 360. That xbox emulator ran all xbox games about perfectly. Just think an mini xbox with like 1gb of ram. That would totally rock. Have Halo, and Frozen and a bunch of others. I buy it for sure. Mod my classic would get ahold of it and that would be awesome.
  2. Hello everybody, I have XVGM installed on my 750gb hard drive Xbox. Some videos previews show and others do not. I checked that I have the game and a video preview for it, but it does not show. What could it be?
  3. Can XBOX games be read in RAR format or do they need to be ISO format in order to transfer over by QWIX? OR can they be transfered over in another way to FTP and keep in RAR format and the XBOX can read it?
  4. What are AVRs? and where do you buy them?
  5. This is something we should all shoot for. A super small build. that would go well next to an XBOX ONE S. Now that would be a killer setup. Is there a Forum topic related to redoing a super small slim build? If not let's start one.
  6. Could a pico PSU be used with this mod? https://www.amazon.com/Mini-Box-picoPSU-160-XT-Power-Mini-ITX-Supply/dp/B005TWE6B8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1514165343&sr=8-1&keywords=pico+psu
  7. Here is how to unlock an Xbox hard drive with a program called Hdat2. Software link: https://www.hdat2.com/ Software is in attachment also. It is a Boot able iso. Instructions: I've done a YouTube video showing how to unlock an Xbox hard disk with HDAT2 link here for the program http://www.hdat2.com/This is a WIP, there may be some errors I will try to update the videos and instructions over time 6th April edited YouTube video9th May 2017 v60b4, new YouTube Video and updated instructionsSet up your PC with the Xbox hard disk as Master and the DVD drive as Slave.Set the

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