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  1. nice build is ther any info wich capacitors to replace with part items numbers?
  2. great info no use doing it but improve airflow of i need to thanks.
  3. any difference between scart RGB connection and this component cable?
  4. Will need to get a DVD burner to burn it, my current DVD burner looks like it can't burn correctly, the older slayer disk still works. Will replace 120gb ide to 2tb sata, need to find an ide cable too 80 pins.
  5. hey nikeymikey would also like to try with several setups from 2 2tb hdd's to check it out. can you provide it? WIll post info on the forum after that.
  6. Hi just got the xbox original running again. Forgot about TSOP and all that stuff. Will need to update and upgrade it to a larger HDD. Thanks and will look into it now on this nice forum!
  7. Is this as coinops recommended or better ways to create an emulation station from a original xbox
  8. woei nice to know, now need to find some info. Building my old xbox to emulation machine
  9. will try de upgrade hd for a nice emulation console

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