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Hey Guys, I'm going to try to compile the parts and hardware that Team Xecuter Created for the Original Xbox. Please Correct me if my Information is wrong.

For those who don't know much about the hardware, I can talk about each one at the bottoms of the picture but here's a brief explanation of these valuable work of art.

Xecuter 3 Control Panels were a replacement for the original xbox face plate. which is only compatible with the Xecuter 3 Modchip. These were the bigger upgraded accessory that brought full compatibility to their Modchip which includes a built in XLCD, two USB Ports, Push Button Bank Select with LAN (Local Area Network) and HDD (Hard Drive) Led indicators. The Panel also has the X3 Logo to light up for the status of the modchip. Above is a small Red IR Placement for anyone that bought Xecuter X3IR Accessory. These Panels are very hard to come by and very sought after to even the heaviest of collectors on the market.

Compatible with:

- Xecuter 3 Infra Red Kit (Turn your Xbox On/Off with the Xbox Remote)

- Xecuter 3 CE Modchip (Christmas Edition White & Red)

- Xecuter 3 Modchip (Purple)

 - XBMC Dashboard (for the LCD)

The Original Xbox has been Long out of production by Team Xecuter that most if not all Parts for Original Xbox are very hard to find.

Xecuter 3 Control Panels

Black (Solid)


These Panels are the most common Among the Xecuter Panels. It matches the common basic black Xbox. I've seen these Sell nowadays around $500+ USD for the full console on eBay. but not too long ago these sold brand new in the box for $250USD. You will see these Panels pop up way more often than the others.

The Black Panel Comes With a White X3 Logo, and the bios Bank buttons light up blue.


Crystal (Translucent)


These Panels are fairly rare but a lot harder to find than the black Panels. They were made to match the Limited Edition Crystal Original Xbox. From previous sales I have done with people these can range from $300 USD or higher for a panel. a full console will be more.

The Crystal Panel Comes With a Black X3 Logo, and the bios Bank buttons light up blue.


Green (Translucent)


These are the Second Rarest Xecuter Panel. These are quite sought after because they match the Halo Green Limited Edition Original Xbox. Very hard to come across anyone who wants to sell one. I've seen a brand new one on eBay go for $600USD. You don't see these on eBay very often anymore.

The Green Panel Comes With a Black X3 Logo, this is the only panel with Green light up Bank select buttons. so if the buttons got damaged you have no other replacement other than finding another green panel.


Blue (Translucent)


Decided to save the best for Last. These in my books are considered Legendary. This is the Panel that matches the Halo 2 Ice Blue Limited edition Console and are extremely difficult to find. There has been people who have searched for years to get their hands on these Collectible items and most to all collectors will not sell them. I don't even know how much to price one nowadays. A full console in the past was around $800.

The Blue Panel Comes With a White X3 Logo , and the bios Bank buttons light up blue.


Now, on to the Pro Switches.

Xecuter Pro switches were the replacement upgrade from the basic black bank selector that comes with the X3 modchip. They also have the red IR piece for the X3IR Accessory and the LAN and HDD Led indicators as well. This little piece clips on to the bottom middle front part of the original Xbox basic face plate which connects to the X3 modchip. The push Buttons light up blue, other than the green pro switch which lights up green. Pro switches cannot be used as replacement parts for the X3 Control Panel. There is no existence of a Blue Pro Switch.

Xecuter 3 Pro Switches

Black (Solid)


Black Pro Switches are the opposite from the rarity of the panels but probably the hardest to find. There were many sources for Crystal and Green but not black. they were worth $20 USD on ebay at the time but there hasn't been many on there.


Crystal (Translucent)


Crystal Pro Switches were quite simple to find at the time but they sold out a while ago before the green did, there fore making them a little harder to find than the green. There were websites selling them for about around 15 Euro.


Green (Translucent)


Green Pro switches might still be in stock on very few sites right now but I have doubts that they're still there. They've blasted in price to 70.62 € brand new.


Xecuter 3 Modchips

These are simply the best mod chips on the market although there are other older Xecuter chips that are pretty good but I'm just only displaying the newer Xecuter Compatible with the X3 Pro Switch and the Xecuter Control Panel.


Xecuter 3 (Purple)

This is the older Version of the X3 Mod chip, with a purple front and back. Comes with 2MB of flash bios storage and a 256kb flash Recovery bios. this chip is a down grade from the newer one because it doesn't sit flat when installed and normally flipped on its backside and stuck with the adhesive sticker, also this is more compatible with older Xbox revisions with the parts it comes with. The V1.6 Xbox's require a 5V wire which is not the same connection like the newer chip which requires a clip on wire or soldered to the chip itself. I don't see these chips as often as the Newer X3CE Chip


Xecuter 3 CE (Christmas Edition)

This is the final Revision of the Xecuter Mod chips and the final production. This chips are the most sought after they have all basically all the same details as the Xecuter 3 Purple Chip. These chips used to sell used for $75 USD and $100 USD for a brand new one. Now they've raised in price for in the $200+. These are the best chips on the market and is the control system of all the Xecuter modded custom parts, They fit nicely installed on the board with the wires spread out. also comes with a V1.6 wire that just plugs in normally.


Xecuter Xapt3rs

Xapt3rs are solder-less methods for installing the Xecuter Mod chips, although you could probably install other mod chips with these as well. Xapt3rs light up with a blue led or red led display when installed. they usually screw into the Xbox motherboard. The problem with these is that LAN and HDD Led's don't work where the red,green and grey wire for the X3 Chip isn't needed and when installing them the older Xbox motherboard revisions have pre-soldered LPC already in the board and these wont sit nicely where the pin header is supposed to go.

Xapt3r V1.0-V1.5'

These Xapt3rs are harder to find now and are the best in my opinion where they are compatible with the majority of Xbox revisions. Depending on the seller these could be sold for a really high price. these cannot be bought online anymore.


Xapt3r V1.6

These are possibly still available on the market for abut 15 Euro. One has been spotted on eBay for $175 USD. these are only compatible with Xbox v1.6 and more common than there other Xapt3r.



Xecuter X3IR Kit

X3IR Kits can still be found online but they are hefty in price for around 40 Euro. They are compatible with the Xecuter Control Panel and the X3 Pro switch but can be installed without one. These simply are used to turn your Xbox on and off with your Xbox remote but the kit requires basic soldering to function. X3IR kits are obsolete because of a newer chip was produce called the Xerc 2XE which gives the Xbox the same capabilities but you are able to eject your DVD drive and connect it to a DVD Dongle for remote menu control.



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Hey guys, anybody has any info why these Xecuters have not been cloned? that actel chip looks pretty standard, or is there any hardware protection of data inside, so it's impossible to copy the info located in that chip? sorry for noob question, I just know very little about stuff like this.

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On 6/16/2018 at 12:01 AM, Forlorn Penguin said:

Is there any other kind of screw that could be used with an Xapt3r? I have one of the 1.0-1.5 model Xapt3rs, but the screw is incredibly fragile and has broken, making the Xapt3r useless.

I'm not sure you maybe could take an Xbox screw to the hardware store and match it with a longer basic screw maybe add a washer to it.

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Does anyone know what this bank is I have to reflash the bios and want a bit more info i got told the Xbox comes with an Xecuter 2 chip installed idk exactly how to set it up to get it up and running I have the latest Hexen disc burnt and ready to boot if anyone can help me out much appreciated I got told that when the Xbox has the modchip enabled it turns off after booting it on with the modchip off it boots just fine to the stock Xbox dashboard 

Xecuter2 .jpg

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On 2/3/2020 at 4:55 PM, Shandy1982 said:

Anyone have an idea on the rarity and value of this x3ce unit I've inherited? It's working perfectly just not plugged in for photo


ive seen one exactly like that go on ebay for $700 USD so if i were you i wouldnt let go of it

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11 hours ago, N163LPH03N1X said:

It's a solderless chip with a custom bios, this should allow you to boot hexen. You're no longer soft modding at this point so, any unlocked harddrive will work if formatted correctly. 

Thanks @N163LPH03N1X ,

As for the custom Bios, upon Xbox startup, I get Xecuter2 instead of Microsoft.

Would there be a restriction on the HDD size (say 1T)?

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4 hours ago, N163LPH03N1X said:

2tb is plenty, xbox can hold up to a 3tb but 700 some gb is unused so you're only getting 2.2tb out of a 3tb. This is a matter of xbox being legacy. It's too old to handle anymore. 

1Tb, I was thinking to copy my original games library into the HDD, this will preserve my DVD's, and will probably will load faster. also thinking of tring load some retro games and emulator, or Kodi to stream media and such.

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