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  1. 2tb is plenty, xbox can hold up to a 3tb but 700 some gb is unused so you're only getting 2.2tb out of a 3tb. This is a matter of xbox being legacy. It's too old to handle anymore.
  2. It's a solderless chip with a custom bios, this should allow you to boot hexen. You're no longer soft modding at this point so, any unlocked harddrive will work if formatted correctly.
  3. Updated My website so you can download them freely now, just need to do the following: https://michaelwills.net, sign up (through Facebook or google) Check your email Click black Contact button in the email Subscribe, follow or like Send me a message and ill give you a password Go back to my site highlight shop and click Xbox member option Use Password on guest page Go to my themes and download them. That's basically it. Just looking for more supporters that's all.
  4. I built a new website where you can Access all of my themes and download them on the fly now. Need to sign up for my site though. https://www.michaelwills.net/ Xbox Members Section is under the Shop.
  5. Yeah I'm looking for one too. Trying to make one atm actually lol
  6. It has been released please message me for details.
  7. I have already tried sata adapters with the cable and it doesn't work, where whoever built this x5 Xtender used a 40 wire 40 pin cable. As for information goes about it. I'm in the dark still.
  8. Does it reset three times and then green/red flashing? Or just shuts off?
  9. More pictures? Like the insides cause it's a friggin mess inside lol I have pictures kicking around
  10. Lol this is all I ever found about this xtender. I'm the only one I know who has one. Theres no info on it anywhere.
  11. Cant edit now, I copy and pasted on my phone and didnt realize it turned out like this, sorry guys
  12. $550CAD plus shipping Payment through PayPal. Selling a unique system to a new owner, I put together a great console with unique installed custom parts with a stealth switch to choose between empowering a lighted display or a dark environment while gaming. This console is carrying an Xecuter 3 signature mixed with XCM's fitted 3x hard drive bay module which allows you to switch between 3 different hard drives which contains three different dashboards. On the primary dashboard running UnleashX is themed with my signature advanced new age dynamic themes that I personally created and only available to valued supporters. In the inside of the console has dual custom LED heat sinks on the GPU and CPU branded by Vantec's rare out-of-production IceBerq 4 Pros. HardWare: v1.2 Xbox Dashboard TSOP X2 Bios Samsung DVD Drive (Rare)Xecuter 3 Jewel (Mad Modders Edition) - only one I have... (Rare)x2 Vantec IceBerq 4 Pro (CPU & GPU) - re-pasted with Arctic MX4 (Rare)Xecuter 3 (Christmas Edition) Chip - Includes bank selector on front (Rare) Xecuter solderless Xapt3r V1.0-1.5 Custom LED Rocker Switch (Powers LEDs On/Off) (Rare)XCM Xtender - Extends the Xbox hard drive capacity to 3 drives total. Custom Blue LED PCB face plate under glow bars - hooked up to rocker switch Custom Blue/Red front eject/power LED Custom Blue LED jewel PCB - hooked up to rocker switch Custom Blue LED controller ports x3 Stock 8GB Seagate Hard Drives. Software: Drive 1: UnleashX Dashboard Emulators Homebrew Applications Drive 2: User Interface Dashboard Emulators Homebrew Applications Drive 3: XDK Lancher Dashboard Console Applications Pros: Has rare hardware Custom colored boot animation Config Live 3294 with recovery (flashed to work with v1.6 xbox as well) Ability to boot 3 different drives on the same Xbox Turn LEDs on and off with a switch Cons: Some scratches or nicks on the console Xapt3r has a wire soldered to the D0 (pin broke off) - works better than before. XCM IDE cable cannot be removed from Hard Drives(will result in damage to the IDE cable) IceBerq 4 Pros are fans noisy (due to age) FYI: If console fails to boot on arrival means the pin from the Xapt3r has fallen out, the bank select button was switched in transfer or chip has come loose (you can still access the inside). Keep in mind when taking the console apart or modifying it by any means do not remove IDE cables from the hard drives, they're basically plugged in permanently. I like to keep customers up to date to know what they are buying if you have any questions please ask. Selling as is.
  13. Hey guys, I decided to rig up a tutorial for everyone who's looking to try out or install an insane LED controller chip in their Xbox. These chips are now for sale for 45USD, please contact me directly for availability and purchase. XERC CME (Case Modders Edition) was manufactured by Sickmods back in 2005. This chip has disappeared off the market a long time ago and is very difficult to obtain a real one. With a bunch of research and work and finding contacts this chip was able to be cloned. Installation Manual PDF: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2v72kovhkxk3am2/xerc_users_manual.pdf/file If you haven't downloaded the PDF file i can give you a run down on what the chip can do. Power Console On and Off via Xbox remote. Eject or close DVD tray on the fly with remote. Audio LED pulsation, LED's pulse to the sound of your Xbox. Remote configuration, setup and configure the buttons the way you want. LED chaser Mode, toggle through modes changes the LED chase patterns with remote. Speed up or Slow down led sequence. SmartXX OS boot Support Connects to MS DVD Dongle internally for menu browsing with remote (Perfect for XBMC media) Installation - (Motherboard to Chip) There are points on the Xerc CME chip which need to be connected to the bottom of the Xbox motherboard depending on which version you have. Details of Chip: LED +/- (Indicator light for the chip used for configuration of the remote and initiation when plugged in.) +5V (5 Volt Power Source, connect to the 5 volt source on the Xbox mother board, Powers LED's) PWR (Power, connects to the power on the Xbox motherboard) GND (Ground, connects to the grounding on the Xbox motherboard) PO (PowerON or RF, detects if the console is powered on, connects to the PO on motherboard) DB (Drive Button or Eject Button, the chip is able to eject your DVD drive by Remote, connects to the eject button port on motherboard) PB (Power Button, the chip is able to power your console on or off via remote if connected to the motherboards PB point) IRd (Infrared Signal, connects to the IRd point on IR receiver.) IR- (Infrared grounding, connects to the grounding IR-minus point of the IR Receiver) IR+ (Infrared power, connects to the power IR+ point of the IR Receiver) PB5 (Not Used, mainly for people who want to program in another mode) PB4 (VU Meter for the chip, Connects to the Audio L point on the motherboard) PA7 (Not Used, mainly for people who want to program in another mode) +5V Square (power point for the LED's, connect the power side of your LED's directly to the chip. H1 (Port 1 of the led Chaser mode (Grounding point for LED's)) H2 (Port 2 of the led Chaser mode (Grounding point for LED's)) H3 (Port 3 of the led Chaser mode (Grounding point for LED's)) H4 (Port 4 of the led Chaser mode (Grounding point for LED's)) H5 (Port 5 of the led Chaser mode (Grounding point for LED's)) H6 (Port 6 of the led Chaser mode (Grounding point for LED's)) H7 (Port 7 of the led Chaser mode (Grounding point for LED's)) - if Firmware Supports (P12 & Higher) Installation - (Chip to LEDs) you can essentially use your own schematic for LED's but this is a diagram on how they connect in sequence. the chip simply shuts off one of the chaser ports and turns on the adjacent port making the LED's chase each other in a pattern, according to this diagram its for 3mm blue LED's with a total of 34 LED's in the top Lid. H1 port requires a 22 ohm Resistor and H2-H6 requires a 15 ohm resistor. Port H7 is not used in this diagram but could be rigged up in parallel. if you are unsure about what resistance to use per LED here is a link to calculate what ohms you need: https://www.kitronik.co.uk/blog/led-resistor-value-calculator/ In Color: In Power/Ground: Installation - (Chip to Microsoft DVD Dongle) Connecting to the MS Dongle requires a 1N4148 Switching Signal Diode so the chip is able to detect and switch over to menu browsing. you can buy these on E-bay for dirt cheap. This is the Installation of it in an Xbox: Final Result
  14. Added a new theme here, Xbox HQ Special Edition 2.0 has been added to my theme repository. Also edited the intro to this topic on building your own skins if anyone is interested I listed a link to download some sick tools I've had kicking around for a long time now. Here's a link directly: http://n163lph03n1x.wixsite.com/home/ux-skin-tool
  15. Its a known bug in the unleashX Dash that basically isn't going to go away. Retail hardware (CPU, Ram, Hard Drive) has a certain caching amount, if the cashing overloads the Xbox reboots, its way less of an issue on 1.ghz/1.4ghz cpus with 128mb ram but it still happens.. I've noticed some options say the "Microsoft Dash" for example, adding an icon to that reboots the Xbox every time but still sets the icon. Others after setting a bunch of icons to other options it eventually restarts again. Also sometimes if you have a large variety of Xbox games in you list eventually the Xbox restarts just by scrolling through it.
  16. I have a newer one PcsXbox V22b24
  17. I don't think you can change the lettering of an official jewel. Usually some people create their own jewels and can etch what ever they want. or usually stick an image on the back of the plastic for an effect. I have an extra official XCM Crystal jewel sitting here in my extras as well
  18. N163LPH03N1X

    Wtb XCm Ruby Case

    Someones good with a dremel lol
  19. Samsungs 100% work with DVD-R, that's what I always use. I wouldn't use CD-RW because its unreliable and I don't think it'll read it. Samsung Doesn't read DVD+R I remember buying a tub of DVD+R's and had to take them back.

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