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  1. 120gb hdds are old and very limited storage, the x3 chip would be 150usd alone, there happens to be hot glue on the chip. Which who ever installed it thought it was a good idea. I see the board is a 1.6 revision. They are terrible for on board mods, other than leds. So it seems it's a basic consoles you wont get no more than 220 for it.
  2. 2tb is plenty, xbox can hold up to a 3tb but 700 some gb is unused so you're only getting 2.2tb out of a 3tb. This is a matter of xbox being legacy. It's too old to handle anymore.
  3. It's a solderless chip with a custom bios, this should allow you to boot hexen. You're no longer soft modding at this point so, any unlocked harddrive will work if formatted correctly.
  4. Updated My website so you can download them freely now, just need to do the following: https://michaelwills.net, sign up (through Facebook or google) Check your email Click black Contact button in the email Subscribe, follow or like Send me a message and ill give you a password Go back to my site highlight shop and click Xbox member option Use Password on guest page Go to my themes and download them. That's basically it. Just looking for more supporters that's all.
  5. I built a new website where you can Access all of my themes and download them on the fly now. Need to sign up for my site though. https://www.michaelwills.net/ Xbox Members Section is under the Shop.
  6. Yeah I'm looking for one too. Trying to make one atm actually lol
  7. It has been released please message me for details.
  8. I have already tried sata adapters with the cable and it doesn't work, where whoever built this x5 Xtender used a 40 wire 40 pin cable. As for information goes about it. I'm in the dark still.
  9. Does it reset three times and then green/red flashing? Or just shuts off?
  10. More pictures? Like the insides cause it's a friggin mess inside lol I have pictures kicking around
  11. Lol this is all I ever found about this xtender. I'm the only one I know who has one. Theres no info on it anywhere.

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