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So What Is Your Favorite Game?

Dave C.

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On 2/26/2018 at 5:20 PM, Tim Mcmurphy said:

Project Gotham Racing

I was surprised how good it actually looks for a release title. I really enjoy the handling and the kudos System. Definetly can recommend it while playing it right now.

I really melt myself playing project gotham racing 2. I sometimes find people on xlink kai and play online too. I dont know why but i like it more than forza(even if forza is more realistic)

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So many great games! I think, while cliche, Halo on the Xbox is my all time favorite, mainly for all the late night death matches on blood gulch.  However, I played a ton of Morrowind back in the day on the OG Xbox (yes I know it is better on PC but I love console gaming better).  I think Beyond Good & Evil also holds a special place and is my top 5 favorite... I loved the art style, gameplay, story, characters, and music.  I played through BG&E so many times, I lost track and can still play it anytime today b/c it's that good.

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