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  1. Excited to see a surround sound output option. Let me know when you have a pre-order going.
  2. Hey all, On my xbox, I enable 16:9, and it works fine on all the skins I've used, except the xbox spinner on the left included in the default skin and others, looks very narrow, as if instead of spreading wider for 16:9, it is narrower. Is there a fix for that?
  3. My Pound Cable has some jailbars, and on the Dreamcast he Pound cable has blown-out white levels. First see if others have the issue. Then you could try a different dump of the game? Then lastly I would RMA or return on Amazon and get another, because their QC is super spotty.
  4. Toss up between KOTOR and Halo 1. Both are crowning achievements for the console IMO.
  5. Can you provide a link to that Emuxtras thread?
  6. Awesome skins there, True MsDash 2 is looks better IMO in terms of clarity, but Athloni Green is more authentic. Surprised why the default dash isn't green in the first place, would be basically True MsDash 2 then.

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