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  1. Ok, the ones i have are wireless, and they are drifting. If you are interested, can you PM me a adress so i can check postage.
  2. I've sadly forgot about this, but these are still up fpr grabs. I will give them away for postage (that sadly can be costly from Norway) I'll even do trade for something fun
  3. They are purple
  4. I finally got the parts for internal mounting of the OGx360, but i am not sure what to do with the reciever. Anyone got good ideas for where to put it internally, and in that case, how to get to the sync button easily? Is external mount best?
  5. Isnt a sealed system for sure going to suffer under bad caps?
  6. Welcome, and i bet you will find alot of info here and alot of jo in this fantastic machine. I would suggest to check the fb page too, since (sadly) alot of the activity has moved over there. Very sad imo since the post disappear and there is no good way to find info when its gone a while. I try to make post here, and rather post links on fb, but sometimes it is just easier to ask on fb and i even cheat
  7. I got a some Logitech wireless ones, but they are drifting. Was thinking of giving them away for p+p if anyone is interested. I dont have any pics of them until ater this week, but will post here then. Just checking if there is any interest in them.
  8. I may have one for sale soon, but i will have to get the system thats inside in another case first. TBH i am tired of the Crystal ones now, and want to mod a black one. I'll let you know during the week, when i get the time to look into it.
  9. ludvig82

    Missing Games

    I am getting all xbox games, except all the sports games like fifa and so on. But my "collecting" stops at 99,9%, it has been for a long time. Wondering of just ending it, but do i miss something good then? I havent played the games that i missing, so can someone enlighten me. Missing games (not complete that is): - Silent Scope - Terminator 3 - Samurai Warriors - Wrestlemania 21 - Tak 2 - Staff of Dreams - The Suffering, Ties that Bind Worth waiting for any of these?
  10. The only info on it is a label on the bottom: X-360 PC wireless Gaming Reciever. I got hold of an original Microsoft one, and it worked like a charm, so i guess the cheapo alternative was just a bad decision.
  11. Just a quick question, i finally got around to test this, and i got hold of a cheap generic reciever. But when i try to sync the controller to the reciever, the ring spins, then it seems to sync, but the ring on the controller just flashes steadily, it seems like it dont get any "number. Is my reciever faulty? I tried it on a pc too, and its the same.
  12. It sure can be installed on the inside, but there will be some work. Need to solder to the controller ports for USB. Also if you want the receiver inside, you will have to solve how to use the sync button on it. But it is far from impossible. Sent from my 16th using Tapatalk
  13. Received mine the other day, and looking forward to try it. Just waiting for a receiver to arrive, and some mivro usb connectors. Anyone with the skills, considered making a external case for this that can be 3d printed? Would love having it in a nice case external so I could use it for several boxes. Maybe and internal mod later. Sent from my 16th using Tapatalk
  14. Is anyone interested in an partly working orange Madcatz controller. It is wireless, the rubber is in bad condition, the case is good though. One rumble motor need to be soldered, the triggers needs to be pushed hard to get them to max and it is dismantled. It comes with the receiver and all parts. I have no idea on price, so open for offers if anyone is interested. Shipping must be covered by buyer, and tbh it can be a bit expensive from here. Sent from my 16th using Tapatalk
  15. For those doing slims, or at least as slim as most guides show (cutting beneath the dvd drive), 4x70mm screws fit well to secure the top if you remove the tips. Just remember to remove the tips, even if the first one you try works well...... Sent from my 16th using Tapatalk

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